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Series Preview
Part 1

Description: And just like fire, you burned everything along your path.

Word Count: 2,594

Warning: Smut (slight degradation okay I got carried away)

Pairing: Kim Jongin (Kai) x Reader

Author: Admin Xiufairy ㅅㅇㅅ

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Originally posted by intokai

Your mission should’ve been the only thing on your mind. A month into your task and you hadn’t even set eyes on your target - you classified that as a fail. You walked down the halls, your heels clicking in sync with your movements. Everyone’s eyes were on you as you continued, they always watched you.

You stepped into your office, closing the door behind you.

A month ago you’d been sent to South Korea by the American government. There was someone there that they wanted, and you were the best option - not only because  the client was male, but because you had the best rep in your section.

You acclimated well to new settings and this one…this one was more intense than possibly any of your other missions. You hated making friends along the way - only to leave them to burn in the fire you left behind. You were wanted dead in nearly half the countries in the world.

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