• Teen Wolf Fandom: I really love the dynamic between Stiles and Derek. They would make a really interesting couple and bold couple who could both compliment and learn from each other.“
  • Jeff Davis: "That’s nice.” *couples Derek with basically a female version of himself who has no real backstory or characterization. Keeps Stiles pining after Lydia like a sad puppy*
  • Teen Wolf Fandom: “I really love how the relationship between Stiles and Lydia is finally developing. There seems to be a real connection and friendship there.”
  • Jeff Davis: “Yes, everyone here loves Stydia.” *couples Stiles with the only character on the show he has no real chemistry with and continues to hook Lydia up with the newest well muscled alpha males*
  • Teen Wolf Fandom: “At least we have Scott and Allison to distract us from all the other relationship fuck ups.”
  • Jeff Davis: “Yep, they’re the core couple of our show.” *kills off Allison and couples Scott up with yet another new character almost immediately after*
  • Teen Wolf Fandom: *Likes the direction they began taking Jackson’s character*
  • Jeff Davis: *Sends Jackson off to London never to be seen or heard from again*
  • Teen Wolf Fandom: *Loves Isaac’s character*
  • Jeff Davis: *Sends Isaac away and replaces him with a dozen other new characters who have the emotional depth of a white tube sock*
  • Teen Wolf Fandom: *Loves Danny*
  • Jeff Davis: *Disappears Danny into the void where most of Teen Wolf’s semi well rounded and enjoyable characters go to be forgotten and gives us yet a dozen more tube socks*
We did always have a sort of idea for Season 6 in the back of our minds. There were rumblings about it. So we’ve been thinking about doing it two different ways; planning for what could be a series finale but also leaving things open for next season. And it actually wasn’t until I sat down with Dylan O’Brien - who obviously we have to work around his movie schedule - [and] we talked about what Season 6 could be that we solidified things. You’ll see the story we’ve come up with. I think it’s going to make everyone pretty happy. Pretty scared and terrified at the same time. So I can say Dylan O’Brien, Stiles, does not die at the end of 5B.
—  Jeff Davis on what’s to come in season 6 (Seat42F)

Jeff Davis tells THR that Stiles’ guilt over his deadly fight will “push him and Malia apart.”

Is this the last we’ll see of Valack, and how does his book affect Lydia’s path? How soon will we learn about her possible history with the Dread Doctors?

Definitely not the last you’ll see of Valack. We’ll learn more in the second half of season five about how he gains a level of control over Eichen House. This episode also points Lydia in the direction of figuring out what happened to her in the operating room during her surgery and whether or not it was actually a memory or something stranger.

How will Kira deal with the ramifications of her electric reaction at Eichen House?

Kira will begin to pull away from Scott and her friends, believing that she may be doing more harm than good. This season is all about power going haywire for Kira.

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That’s ongoing, and a big turn happens in episode 8 actually. […] The Desert Wolf is coming back into our story and we should announce who the actress is pretty soon I think. Cause we’ve shot with her and it’s going to be fun. It’s going to be - there’s a big backstory that also involves, I can tease this, Talia Hale. Derek’s mother. So the Hale’s will come back into the story at some point.
—  Jeff Davis on Malia’s quest to find the Desert Wolf (x)
  • me:I can't wait to see what happens to lydia!
  • jeff davis:I know! parrish has such an interesting storyline!
  • me:no... okay, but at least we'll get to see kira come back and deal with her kitsune powers!
  • jeff davis:yes! we will spend lots of screen time watching liam experience manpain while hayden dies!
  • me:I don't think you're understanding! what's going on with malia and the desert wolf? and braeden?
  • jeff daivs:YOU'RE WELCOME! Theo's abs WILL be returning as a series regular in 5B!