It has been a joy returning to my little succulent & cactus thimble pins. I love orders like this that help me revisit some ideas of mine.

These can be pins or you can opt for them to come without so they can be used as decor pieces. I like to imagine that they’re house plants for fairies. ✨

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Another day another prank, both of The Princes easily finding their ways through their reclaimed home hoping to christen their new home by pranking someone in at least once in each room. Due to the stress of their upcoming demotion on the line of succession they were celebrating by pulling their biggest prank to date. Their new Queen had been agonizingly past due for the past two weeks and the entire Kingdom was on edge, so their plan was to lesson that by laughter.

Everyone was carrying on normally until their calm was broken by an ear piercing shriek following a loud crash and the panicked shouting of the two Princes. Thorin was the first to investigate as the Company and Dis sprinted after him, throwing pen the massive heavy doors seeing the room covered in feathers and his Nephews groaning on the ground pulling out of the costumes they had forced themselves into, both gripping their bloody noses as you, Their Queen, were leaning over clutching the edge of the massive turned over desk with your hands panting with a puddle at your feet breathing out slowly with a faint squeak. Their eyes all widened as yours met Thorin’s as Bilbo rushed to your side lifting your arm around his shoulders and helping you slowly waddle to the crowded doorway saying, “It’s alright sis, easy now, let’s get you upstairs.”

The Princes climbed to their knees, “We didn’t know it was her, Balin’s usually the one to get the one to fetch the records.” Each checking their noses if the bleeding had stopped.

Thorin growled as he reached your side glaring at the boys, “We’ll discuss this later!”

You let out another pant gently swatting his shoulder, “You’ll do nothing of the sort, two weeks I’ve been poked and prodded, forced to down all of your Dwarf concoctions to hurry this along, they’re the only ones to manage it.”

Thorin let out a rumbling breath as he gently lifted you, glaring at the boys again before turning to carry you upstairs for your labor.

“Do you wish me a good morning, or mean that it is a good morning whether I want it or not; or that you feel good this morning; or that it is a morning to be good on?" 

It’s a beautifully chilly Sunday and I’m wrapped up in blankets with a good book and even better coffee. A most excellent way to pass the time, if I’m any judge. 

What’s on your Sunday agenda?