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Yunjae speaks volumes without saying a word.

In Yunho’s video he is looking at his cell phone thinking of someone who is not there. Jaejoong with the hat - he’s marking the place of someone (taller) who is not there.

Both Yunho and Jaejoong know what the red phone booth symbolizes to fans. In Yunho’s video just the cell phone alone would have gotten the point across. Jaejoong had the whole of Vienna to shoot scenes in. He could have chosen a bus stop. To deliberately include the red phone booths in their works makes me a grateful fan for them showing us what they cannot say.

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Jaejoong: “Sometimes, when I look at the mirror, I feel like kissing my lips”

Yunho: “But really, his lips are beautiful, aren’t they?”

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Now i understand why Jaejoong called Yunho a perv one time , LOL , but the way Yunho stares at Jaejoong is really muscular and intense , It makes me so jittery and i wonder what Jae must feel when Yunho looks at him like that ,

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6th Anniversary YunJae MKMF 2008

“Even if I’m a boy, I feel nervous when I’m hugging him.” –Jaejoong

“Yunho has a bad habit of hugging me by the waist. I feel violated.” –Jaejoong

“When Yunho hugs Jaejoong, it makes him feel romantic.”

“When Jae looks at you, you feel this pulse through your whole body because his eyes are so big and his stare is very powerful.” –Yunho

“During an award, my hands were cold and Yunho held out his hands to warm mine.”–Yunho