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theyunjaelibrary  asked:

Top 5 moments that made you thinks OMG YUNJAE IS REAL!!!!

aw shit ok here we go. buckle in kids cuz this is gonna be a loooong ride!

1.  touching under the table

dbsk are at some broadcast and yunjae decide to feel each other up

junsu, deciding to help our boys, tells them to knock it the fuck off

and they do………………… and junsu is super extra proud of himself … for like 2 seconds

and then….

…immediately realizes his mistake. because let’s be honest, maybe we wouldn’t have even noticed (yeah right!) if junsu didn’t do that lol

2. mkmf

all of mkmf jfc!

the hand holding

the whispers

more hand holding

and of course to top it all off, a cinematic hug

3. jaejoong serenades yunho

he actually sang this line to yunho from Hug on live broadcast

what is with that eye contact!?? #nochilljoong

and yunho’s face is 50% AREYOUOUTOFYOURMIND and 50% pleased

4. they read yunjae fanfics

i mean…….

if you’re reading your couple fanfics………..

oh i’m sorry, mpreg fics…………

(i see you blushing jaejoong!)

and your only take is…..

idk bro

5. no gain

jaejoong wrote No Gain for junsu

the song has a line: “Baby you know I can’t forget”

and yes out of all the others this is the least “proof-y” but i love this anyways and you can fight me!

video of jaejoong singing that line sent me into the 6th dimension


People keep on telling me that the “couple-talk counselling” done by uri yunjae president yoochun-ah is one of the biggest proofs of Yunjae’s “romantic” relationship. But for me more than Yoochun’s hints, Changmin’s advice to JJ made it all the more believable, and to top it all…..  JJ’s reaction of course :). Here is a confirmation that the evil maknae noticed something strikingly similar to what Yoochun noticed and is genuinely giving his thoughts and advice to an overtly spoilt but overtly sensitive JJ. The possibility that JJ might have accused Yunho of not giving him enough attention or claiming that he cared more for Yunho that Yunho cared for him, might not have gone unnoticed to anyone close to the two.

BTW, JJ’s reaction when Changmin says JJ’s gf shouldn’t be too nice… BUHUAHHAHAHAHA. Both of them knew whom Changmin was referring to. :P