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Investigation of a murder This is NOT the biggest tour of Grand Cube Osaka
2017/9/10 21:55

Heeeeey! Thank you for yesterday, the first day of the tour!
I was very nervous, but I really enjoyed the show! This was the first time we played here, the room looked so wide from the stage, it was awesome. The whole place looked like it was shaking!

It was interesting to play together so firmly with the piano and the stringed instuments for the first time. During today’s autogramm giving event [t/n.: literally business card exchange] a lot of you told me about your impressions of the yesterday live. I’m glad, as it seemed you liked it.

Next one is the 16th! Kishidan banpaku! Then Ishioka on the 18th! The Ishioka festival takes lace from 16th to 18th! There are so much to look forward!