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Yukke’s Line Blog Translaion

Tomorrow is MUCCs 20th birthday!
2017/5/3 19:27

Yesterday we had an open radio session in iias TSUKUBA from the afternoon. Since I like the shopping mall, I was nervous the whole time. [t/n.: Iias Tsukuba is a shopping mall]. Thanks [for listening/attending] !

Then we left for Ishioka. I ate my favourite minced beef in the Oguno butcher shop, while the owner passed on some folklores.

And the night at last! A shop I never tried before, an Ajihei!

We get along well witht the owner, and had a nice chat.

A short time later… as I was looking around in the restaurant I spotted a man with huge nose…
(huh…I saw that nose somewhere….who’s that guy…seriouslz imposing…huh..wait a minute..)

Aaaaa, it’s Satochi! Yes that’s Satochi, from whom I seperated just 30minutes ago!
I was surprised. He was surprised. We both were surprised.

And to gather my spirits for tomorrow I ordered roasted pork fillet!

It was delicious! I became super healty!

Oh, yep. The whole town is full with Daisy!

They have a live in the livehous tomorrow!

Let’s do our best, both of us.

Let’s go! Go! Go!

Let’s prepare!

Yukke’s Line Blog translation

Ishioka hometown ambassador, Mito ambassador letter of appointment receiving ceremony!
2017/5/1 19:22

Experiencing it for the first time, I was excited and nervous. With the major of Mito and Ishioka! What a great picture!
Well! Since we become ambadassors we wish to spread wordwide the charm we find in Ishioka, Mito and Ibaraki overall. I can’t wait to start it, so let’s hope we will be succesfull!

We even got business cards!

Right after that we exchanged business cards, since I’m a business card exchange virgin, my face turned bright red. Business card, business card, business card, such a nice echo. Make me feel powerfull.

The collaboration wall with Mito, Ishioka and MUCC is also pretty cool, right?

After the ceremony, I, the freshly choosen ambassador became the lonely Fukuno near the prefectural office.

I went to an azumaan! [t/n.: kind of a restaurant]

The soba was really tasty, and the tempura also! And what about the kaibashira you ask? [t/n.: literal translation is: adductor muscle of a bivalve] It was also delicious!

And it seems like we will be on NHK news! Don’t miss out!
Me? I also talk a lot….

Weeell!!! Let’s do our best as ambassadors! (◎∀◎//)

茨城県立県民会館、MUCCさんの20周年ライブに出させて頂きました!YUKKEさんの衣装、髪型(長いけど)です。MCでおっしゃられていましたが、似てるとよく言われていました😊紗幕の奥は実はわたくしでした(笑)はじめましてさんも、お久しぶりなみなさまも、ありがとうございましたm(__)mそしてMUCCさん20周年おめでとうございます!スタッフさん達にも親切にしていただいて感謝です。非常に良い一日になりました☺️ 2017.5.4

Yukke’s Line Blog Translation

NicoNico Super Session 2017
2017/4/30 00:32

Good evening, it’s Yukke.

Our first super session. Yesterday, after we finished the rehearsal I was wandering around in Makuhari with excitement.

Lonely Fukuno was wandering around aimlessly, holding a juice made sour by the Makuhari ion, and tasting so good, so good.

Peacefully welcomed today.

What a splendid day.  Nervousness, excitement, and fun!

I’m really thanful that we can participate in such various events. It may be the strong point of MUCC.

We snapped a photo with our partner in crime, Psycho le Cému. We didn’t took a photo together since 15 years, so I’m really happy for this one.

After all, I couldn’t touch Aya’s breast since 15 years. When Seek saw it he looked broken, I don’t know what kind of a relationship they have.

Also thanks for the VAMPS members!

It was also nice to experience the warm and fun atmosphere, created by the audience.
If you liked us, then don’t miss our Budokan concert in June!

I wish to come next year too!

And I made seasoned seafood from the Manila clam, that I got the day before yesterday.  The taste moved me beyond limits.

We are back in the studio from tomorrow! Let’s do our best!