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Dress Shopping  (Tom Holland Imagine)

Warning: none really, but some real cute Tom

Summary: Tom invited you to your first red carpet but you didn’t have anything to wear. So you and Zendaya decided to go dress shopping and Tom decided to come along.


You, Zendaya, and Tom walked into a dress store and right when you walked in, Zendaya was already grabbing things for you to try on. Tom had found a seat outside the dressing room knowing that this would take a while. The store wasn’t crowded cause it was pretty late and it was raining outside.

“Oh my gosh, look at this dress y/n. It’s going to look so good on you. Go try it on.” Zendaya said as she pushed you towards a dressing room, Tom just scrolling on his phone right in front of it.

You tried it on as you hear ‘Wild Thoughts’ come on the speakers and hear Zendaya yell “OH, THIS IS MY JAM!” You started laughing at her. You finally got the dress on and it was literally so long, that you actually couldn’t see your feet. You walked out of the room slowly, trying not to trip. Zendaya and Tom started laughing. You looked at them with your arms crossed against your chest.

“Okay okay maybe, a little shorter dress?” Zendaya said in between laughs. You nod your head in response as you also start to laugh. You looked over to Tom who was still dieing of laughter. He finally looks back up to your serious expression.

“Oh my, i’m so sorry. You look beautiful.” Tom tried to say with a serious face.

“Shut up” You chuckled and walked back into the dressing room.

*like an hour later*

Time passed by and you had tried on so many dresses. You just couldn’t find the perfect one. The one you were wearing right
now was too bright for your liking. You walked out and saw Zendaya shake her head at it too. We heard her phone go off and she excused herself to some other part of the store to go answer it.

“So…. you look kinda bored.” You said while looking over at Tom. He had his head resting on his hand. (Look at the gif at the top if you want cause it’s perfectt)

“I don’t know what your talking about. Every guy wants to spend hours watching a girl try on dresses” Tom said.

“Alright sassy pants. Why don’t you just leave then? The dress could be surprise for you tomorrow” You told him.

“Well… i have to make sure you get the right dress. Ya know? One that looks just right on you. I don’t think it’s gonna be hard tho, you literally look good in everything.” Tom says and looks down at his twiddling thumbs. You start to blush. Right before you could respond, Zendaya was back.

“Bad news (y/n), they want me at the photo shoot a little earlier than i was suppose to be there.” Zendaya said.

“No problem, you go, i’ll be here with her.” Tom said as he got up to hug Zendaya.

“Yeah… It fine Z, thank you so much for the help though.” You say and give her a hug goodbye.

“No probably bby, see ya guys later” Zendaya says and pulls up her hoodie to walk in the rain to her car.

“And then there was 2” You and Tom say in unison. You giggled. Tom just looked at you with a smile and you just smiled back.

“Um… ima go look for more dresses” You say as you break eye contact with him. You walk away before your face turns red again. You looked through some more dresses as ‘Let Me Love You’ by Mario, came on. You began humming and then singing.

“You don’t believe his stories. You know that they’re all lies…” You sing as you feel a pair of hands grab your waist. You jump at the sudden touch and turn to see Tom.

“Bad as you are, you stick around and I just don’t know why.” Tom finished your lyrics.

“Tom you scared me.” You whispered so the old lady working there didn’t get mad.

“Opps, sorry. I just heard you singing. And i also, found you this…” Tom says and shows you the dress he picked. That was it. That was the perfect dress you had been looking for.

“Wow.. Tom, that’s so..” You said.

“Ugly? I can find another one.” Tom said and began walking back but you grabbed his hand. He looked down at your hands and smiled.

“No, it’s perfect. Let’s go try it on.” You say and rush to the dressing room, still holding onto his hand. He sat back in his seat as you went to go try it on. It was beautiful. It was a black on top and an ombré mix of purple black and white on the bottom. It was flowy on the bottom which made you wanna keep spinning in circles. It hugged your curves, which you loved. You walk out of the dressing room. You clear your throat so Tom will look up from his phone. His head raised and he just looked… speechless.

“So….” You said.

“It’s..um.. you look, uh. Beautiful.” Tom said as he still looked you up and down. You did a spin as he watched you and you both began to laugh.

“So is this the one?” Tom asked as he stood up.

“Yup. Let’s go buy it.” You said after you walk into the dressing and change back into your clothes. Tom had his hand on your lower back as you walked together to the cashier.

“I’ll pay.” Tom said as he pulled out his wallet. You stop him.

“No, you don’t have to. It’s okay, i’ll pay.” You say. Tom proceeds to take his credit card out.

“It’s the little I can do for the girl that’s going to be my date to the red carpet.” Tom says as he smirks.

“Oh am I?” You ask in shock.

“Of course. With you in a dress like that, you can’t be any other guys date.” You say and the lady at the cashier ‘awws’. You smile at her then look at Tom and just shake your head with a chuckle.

“Okay Thank you, have a good night” Tom says to the cashier as he carries the bag with the dress. You step outside into the cold night. It stopped raining but it was pretty windy. You started walking towards his car.

“Um, thank you. Not just for the dress but for also spending the night with me. I had fun.” You say while you stare at the ground.

“Anytime. I actually had fun too.” Tom says as you sneak a look at him. But he was already looking at you.

“Hey, um. Since we’re here already… together. And i’m guess you’re hungry too. Do you wanna go to dinner with me?” Tom asks as he scratches the back of his neck.

“Of course i would” You said and saw a smile arise on Tom.

“Really?” He asks as if it was a surprise.

“You did pay for my dress. Which reminds me, i should probably pay for dinner” You say as you see Tom pull out an umbrella. Although, you were both already soaked.

“Ha. Like i’d ever let that happen.” Tom chuckles and holds the umbrella over you two. He intertwined his other hand with yours.

“Let’s go.” He said and you walked hand and hand past London shops in the November rain.


anonymous asked:

Do you think Tom and/or Harrison would be ok having a rabbit as a pet? I know they both have dogs, but I'm just curious as to whether or not they'd be cool with having other animals besides dogs as pets.

I mean idk them personally so I wouldn’t really know. But I’m sure they love all animals so why not a rabbit? Of course I’m not so sure their dogs might like the little creature. My friend’s rabbit was attacked by her boyfriend’s dog so…