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starstruck on the red carpet - part 6

Pairing:  Tom Holland x Reader

FeaturingEvery Avengers: Infinity War Actor

Summary: As a journalist, you’ve been assigned to interview the actors of Avengers: Infinity War for your first job and on the red carpet you realize someone couldn’t help but stare at you the whole time.

Warning: This story has a slow progression, which means it will be focused more on feelings and character developments, I like to keep my stories detailed and imaginable as much as possible. I used the prons ‘’she’’-‘’her’’ in the story but you can imagine it in every way you like! Thank you!!

Words long1362

Chapters: 6/? 

Completed: No

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You didn’t realize you were still holding his hand..

His hand.. well, it was warmer than yours.

“O-oh, sorry!” you chuckled, letting go of his hand, “It’s just..” you waited. You should tell the truth.. that you are an interviewer. You shouldn’t be lying to him..but.. it also was exciting to imagine what would’ve happened if you were an actual actress.. no, don’t lie to him. “It’s just that i.. admire you very much. It’s really amazing that I got to chance to meet with you.”

At least that wasn’t a lie.

“Mr Holland.. we should go. The interviewers are waiting.” The lady said. “Coming.” Was all his reply, he kept looking at you though. He smiled, “I’m very flattered. I hope we can meet again and continue this conversation where we left.”

..and he walked away smiling, waving slowly.. You smiled at the gesture and waved back.

You felt the room going colder as he left. It still wasn’t cold.. but it felt.. warmer when you were talking with him.

 Oh.. and now.. it was time to panic

You covered your face with your hands, smiling like a kid.. What.. did just happen. You paced around the empty hallway, remembering every little detail of the last 10 minutes.

“Okay.. Y/N.. Be a little mature, you’ve just met with someone.. even though he is.. the Spider Man.. he is a human too.” You kept mumbling to yourself as you walked to the interviewers’ room without even realizing.

“Y/N? Oh, I’m glad you’re back.” You’ve heard Elijah saying.

“Oh, yes.” You said, still smiling. 

“Alright, you look completely different. What happened?” he raised an eyebrow.

“Well..” you started, and told what happened to Elijah, without skipping a second.. not even a bit.

“Wow.” Was the only word that came out of his mouth.

“I know.” You replied as you sat with him. There weren’t any interviewers with you anymore. They must all be interviewing. It was 7 minutes after all.

“So Tom Holland..” he said as you nodded to him, “..thought you were an actress.. and admitted that he was watching you?” he asked. You looked right through his eyes, your heart was beating really fast again. “..and you didn’t freak out?”

“I know!” you silently yelled. “But what bothers me the most.. is that I went along with it. I.. should’ve told the truth. I really feel bad.” You mumbled, looking at the floor once more. “Well.. to be honest.. it wasn’t clever at all but you must be lost in the moment.. so no one could blame you for that.”

He was right.. you were lost in the moment and the fact that you’ve just me with one of your favorite actors, but still, you felt bad. “I know.. But still, it do-”

“Oh! They’ve sent me the updated list!” Elijah smiled, the.. updated list?

“What is.. that?” you asked, watching him pace around the room.

“It’s.. uhm.. I asked the moderator to send me the guests lists and their appointments.. you know.. who is free and that.” He explained.

“But why do we need that..? Blake already is interviewing.. with.. you know, Chris and Robert.”

“Exactly!” he agreed, “..but still, we can appoint another one.”

Really? We can do that?!” you beamed, getting up. “Yeah!” he laughed, “Of course we can! We can’t give up just because he got our one.”

You managed to smile, looking at the phone he was holding. “Let’s do that.”

You still had a chance, you still could do this.

“Okay..” Elijah looked at his phone, scrolling. “Chris and Robert has.. 9 appointments on the line.. so that’s a no-go.” He said, waiting for you to reply, and you nodded, “We could wait but it could get canceled if it’s time for them to leave.. So.. Scarlett and Mark has.. 6 people on the line.. oh.. this one has 3!” he said, checking to see who it was. 

“3? That’s great!” you said, you could totally wait for that.

“It’s Chris Hemsworth.. and..” Chris Hemsworth. You already interviewed him so it wouldn’t be as stressful as it would be. “Oh. We might want to skip this.” He said while scrolling. “Noo, no, why? It was our best chance.. And I already interviewed Ch-”

“It’s Chris and Tom. Tom Holland. You know, the one who thinks you’re an actress.”

“Oh.” You paused.

 Interviewing Tom.. it definitely would be hard to explain everything.

You didn’t lie that much but still.. you went along with it. “Ugh.” You sat down, it was the best chance you had and now you couldn’t even choose that.. because of you.

“I.. I don’t know.. but that’s our best chance.” You whined to Elijah, he paused scrolling, “Hey.. saying no won’t make you bad or anything. Don’t pressure yourself.”

You knew.. you knew that saying no wouldn’t make you bad. But you just couldn’t throw this opportunity either. It would be.. as if you let Nathalie and everyone else down.

Take it, it’s our best chance.. I’ll figure something to say.”

“Maybe we could.. Uhm.. you know, get Blake to do the interview?” you offered as Blake got out of his break time, Elijah looked at you, “Really? That’s what you want?”

“Why are you two still waiting?” Blake asked. His voice sent shivers through your body. You didn’t like the nullness on it. “We.. Uhm..” Elijah spoke, “We were waiting for our appointment.”

“Oh?” Blake raised an eyebrow. “You could’ve just texted me.” He replied. Okay, Y/N, now, don’t let Blake take this one either.. speak for yourself. “We.. were, planning t-”

She. She is going to interview this one.” Elijah’s voice hit you.

What? Why did he suddenly say something like this.. Okay.. calm down.

“She is giving up big to make this interview.. and you already interviewed Chris and Rob. So let her take this one.” Elijah said. “ Oh. Why did his voice.. had a demanding feeling?

Okay.. it was the time where you should step in.

“Giving up big?” Blake teased, “I would love to let her do it, but this is work.. and I’m representing our company here.. and besides, What could she even be giving up? Look at her dress, does it look like she gave up something to wear that? No.”

You stopped.. was this really happening? Elijah took a step forward, he looked.. intimidated. “Oh you piece of-”

“The E&A? It’s your line on Chris Hemsworth and Tom Holland’s set.” A woman’s voice suddenly broke the moment.

“Let’s go.” You heard Blake saying to his cameraman, as he started walking.

No. You took short steps, and held his jacket. He paused.. no, he froze.

“Blake.. I won’t mess it up. I promise. I know you have tons of work experience.. but I’ll try my hardest as well. A lot of people helped me. And like you said before, this won’t be enough to pay them back.” You paused, as he turned towards you, “..but it will be enough to show them I’m trying.”

It was a loud silence, of his eyes, looking directly at you.

“Don’t mess it up.”

You nodded, “I promise I won’t.” You somehow still managed to look at his eyes.. and then.. you broke the eye contact. “Elijah, we should go.”

Your senses came back to you. You still didn’t know what to say to Tom.. but you kept walking… Maybe because of Blake, or Nathalie.. or maybe because you wanted it as well.

You entered the room, it was dark except for the middle part. On the middle area, there were 2 big posters of the Infinity War. An empty seat.. a place for the cameraman.. and two Hollywood actors sitting across the empty seat.

Chris Hemsworth was the first one to turn towards you, you paused at the door.

You saw him smile.

“Oh! It’s you once more!” he recalled the first interview you had with him.. his voice sounded so.. friendly. “I’m glad you came actually.. It’s nice to see a kind face around.”

..and with that, Tom turned towards you too. You saw his smile fade as he realized it was you.

..and your eyes met once more.

Hello! Sorry for the short (3 days) break, I didn’t even know I was updating this every 2 days! I realized it only now.

Anyway, I know this episode doesn’t have much.. I’m sorry, I promise the next chapter is going to be the real deal! I know I’m giving out so many details to make it look like it’s realistic, I don’t know if anyone likes it or not, to be honest.

Thanks for the never-ending support! It always puts a smile on me.



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81, 87, and 30 please

You were sitting in Tom’s trailer, cross-legged on the couch facing him, as he mirrored your position.

The official beginning of production for the new movie you two were starring in began tomorrow morning, and Tom offered to run lines with you to help ease your nerves.

As you finished reading through a scene, you rubbed your arms rapidly, trying to get rid of the goosebumps that had formed. “Jeez, Tom, your trailer is like an ice box.”

“I’ve already tried to get it fixed twice, but nothing’s worked yet.” he frowned, suddenly getting up and padding over to the opposite corner of his trailer, where a large heap of clothes was piled.

He pulled out a dark green sweatshirt and tossed it at you, “Since it’s cold, you should take my jacket.”

You smiled as you pulled it over your head, wrapping your arms around yourself and basking in the newfound warmth.

Tom giggled as he sat back in front of you, a little closer this time.

“What? Is green not my color?” you joked, furrowing your eyebrows.

He shook his head, “No, no, you’re adorable in green. It’s just…” he trailed off, instead reaching out and running his hands down your hair. “Your hair’s all static-y now.”

You rolled your eyes, trying to physically keep your face from turning a shade pinker. The warmth on your cheeks indicated that you had failed.

His hands stopped at the back of your neck, and he stared into your eyes. He leaned slightly forward, his eyes silently asking if this was okay.

You closed the gap and pressed your lips against his. Before anything got too heated, the door to his trailer swung open.

“Wow, that was unexpected.” Harrison said sarcastically, rolling his eyes. 

He quickly shut the door as Tom launched a pillow towards him.

“Now, where were we?” he laughed.

My worst fear for ‘Infinity War’.

I’m very excited for infinity war, but I fear for Loki. My worst fear is that: Thanos will invade the Asgardian’s ship, and defeat Thor in a fight (hence why he is on the guardians’ ship in the trailer) and kill all the people of Asgard. Loki, who is now, maybe desperate to find his brother, or most likely is just desperate to save himself, gives up the tesseract to Thanos and says he will work for him, but due to his failure to serve Thanos in ‘The Avengers’, Thanos just takes the tesseract and decides Loki is of no use to him, therefore immediately killing him off after he hands it over, i.e. Loki is dead within 5 minutes of being on screen. Like honestly, this is such a plausible storyline but I think Loki is such a loved, and complex character that it would be sad for him to have such a boring death. This is what I think about when I’m awake at night honestly.