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Hazuki's Twitter
  • Hazuki: If yummy food actually had high value in nutrition and a low calorie amount this world's balance would collapse I guess... Why is it that when you eat tasty food you get fat, it's like calories were made to be a punishment for this kinda crime... I am thinking while eating a hamburger steak. God?!
  • Hazuki: Guys did you notice? It's already been a month since Shinkiba on April 18th.
  • Twitter User: There are also tons of healthy meals that taste good! *\(^o^)/* Japanese food for example! Like sushi.
  • Hazuki: Aren't you shocked by how many calories sushi actually has?
  • Hazuki: Look [pic where he googled, apparantly it's 624 calories per portion]
  • Twitter User: LOL you really are extremely fussy about such things! You gotta have fun while eating ♪
  • Hazuki: You're right, life is better when don't care about such trivial matters and just eat what you wanna eat. Even if you get fat.
  • Hazuki: *posts pic of red bull and some desert on insta*
  • Hazuki: The photobooks are ready. The part being sold at the live has been delivered. Gonna sign them now ♡ #700booksfornow
  • Hazuki: Like this [pic of some signed books]
  • Tatsurou: Signing with [kanji like] Hazuki seems annoying to me!
  • Hazuki: 1 sign takes 3 seconds
  • Tatsurou: I also need 3 [pic of a turd and his name under it]
  • Hazuki(about 3 hours later): I signed all 700. Look forward to it!
  • Twitter User: Is the signing session also over in 3 seconds?! 😭😭😭
  • Hazuki: If you tell me I'll also be writing your name, also I'm gonna write slowly 🐢

From Tokyo Chaos 2016, broadcast on Nicovideo in December 2016.


14:10ish, Tatsurou
“960min is too long. We did 690min previously, and that was very long already, this time it’s going to be even longer! I thought we could use the footage from last time and just add however long is still needed but nope, all new.”

“I brought five volumes of the Golgo manga with me, but it doesn’t look like we get any real breaks so I don’t know if I can read them at all haha. Maybe while the other members are talking 8D”

What Tatsurou has there is a mini-ipad case with wallet, this will be sold at the Budoukan lives. It will really only fit ipad minis, so he is worried it might not sell well…