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Why SAO abridged (By Something Witty Entertainment) is amazing.

Avid anime fans would know about sword art online, a few years back it was considered one of the best anime to come out in that time. The animation was stunning and the community was all for it. But after the fad began to decline, people began seeing the faults in the show, by that I mean everything about it. Aside from the animation, the show was as bland and generic as it could possibly get! The main character was a mary sue, the love interest was boring and a damsel in distress despite being a skilled fighter. The plot was boring, and it tried to be emotional and failed.

Then this abridged series came along. It took the plot of the show and made it hilariously interesting! The show brought a personality to the main character, they made him an unbearable asshole and yet made me still like him. There was a point to the emotional moments in the show. There was comedy, tragedy, a genuine romance, great spins on the boring characters that make them infinitely more interesting.

If you have ever watched sword art online, I recommend watching this. There are only ten episodes produced so far, but it is amazing and definitely worth a watch.