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Behind the scenes of One More Chance!

I love behind the scenes videos because I’m always fascinated about how they work things out, plus OMC is a gorgeous video so that’s a plus.

I’m so glad to know Donghae participated on the video production too. Shindong bullying him with silly answers though and the coffee though XD

I love when Shindong explains things, he’s always so detailed, but funny at the same time. Then we have Leeteuk, MCing like always (?) I think that tone just became an essential, inseparable part of him tbh XD He looks gorgeous though.

Heechul being passionate, of course, not only is he a big fan of the song but he’s always so hardworking, and he looks gorgeous! Yesung looked so serious though omg After bullying the hell out of everyone during SJR this is kind of funny.

Eunhyuk and bad jokes, he deserves the rain (?) I’m joking though, but everyone helping with their cellphones was really funny XD and I can assure you I’ve seen that much rain, recently my city flooded due to it lol he was so angry about it tho lol he should totally get his revenge

Kinda surprised we didn’t get Siwon since he has been showing more on the latest episodes but well… can’t do much about it I guess

Hey… at least Yesung didn’t fart this time (?)