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Can I Keep You? by wearing_tearing

Rating: Teen and Up

Word Count: 16005

After practically being raised watching Buffy, The X-Files, and Ghostbusters, Stiles liked to think his reaction to seeing a shimmery shadow resembling a seventeen year old boy floating ten inches above ground and glaring fiercely at him wouldn’t be to let out a high pitch scream, try to karate chop him, and then, when that obviously didn’t work, throw a basketball at him.

A basketball that just went right through the boy’s stomach.

or, the Sterek Casper AU.

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I'm looking for the fic where Stiles is pining after Derek. Some of Derek's friends come over and one of them is a girl who has a huge crush on Derek. I think Stiles train the rest of the pack and leaves during training because the girl wants to train with Derek. I read it awhile ago but I can't find it.

Another hero anon recalled this one :D  -Emmy

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Possessiveness, Miscommunication, and Jealousy by Moonbeam (luvsbitca) 

(51,789 I Teen I Complete)  *sterek

Some people from Derek’s life before the show come to visit and none of the pack are happy about it, especially when one of them starts picking on Stiles.

Part of the Growling ‘Verse.

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i’m looking for a tumblr fic (i think) that appeared on my dash this evening, the summary was something like this: stiles and scott lived together and then derek moved to the same neighborhood, and i guess boh derek and scott were alphas and were like competing who could woo stiles better??? or something like that? do anyone know this?? thank u so much!

We didn’t come across it. Any help guys?

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Can I request sterek college au fighting for the only left handed desk in the room (all out war) ps ily 💛

“I’m sitting here!”

“So? It’s not like you need it!” Stiles drops Derek’s bag on the floor and shrugs.

“Who says I don’t need it?” Derek crosses his arms over his chest, raises an eyebrow.

“Please,” Stiles scoffs, “I’ve been watching you since the semester started. I know you’re not left handed.”

There’s silence and when Stiles looks up Derek is staring at him, eyes wide.

Oh crap.

Stiles blinks. “I said that out loud, right?”

“Yeah.” Derek nods, picking up his bag slowly. He stares at Stiles again, the tip of his ears going pink and swallows. “I think I’m gonna,” he waves around, “let you have the desk.”

Stiles watches him turn around and after a moment just thinks ‘what the hell’. He’s already made a fool of himself and Derek didn’t tell him to fuck off, so maybe he could - try?

“And,” Stiles blurts out, “maybe later I can get you a coffee? To apologize for all the staring?” He tries and smiles when Derek turns around.

“Maybe.” Derek answers and Stiles’ stomach drops. “And tomorrow I can take you for dinner. To apologize for stealing the only left handed desk?”

Stiles licks his lips. “That’s a deal.”

Red Witch

by rootbeer (AO3)

Pairing: Derek Hale x Stiles Stilinski


Word count: 34k

Rating: Teen and Up Audiences

Summary: The red hair of a banshee. The red eyes of an alpha. The red hoodie of a mage. The red of fire burning.

Derek Hale has been a prisoner to the hunters since they burned his family alive. But now someone has come to save him: skinny, defenseless Stiles–147 lbs of skin and fragile bones. Turns out, sarcasm isn’t his only weapon.

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(just snesual kissing… and some foreplay. Also not my artwork, but my story)

“D-Derek… please your… your nails.” Stiles moaned out as he the panted feeling his partners nails travel to his sensitive nipples. He continued to pant more and more as Derek’s stubbly facial hair went up and down his neck as he left the younger male with hickies.

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I've been looking for this fic for a while and nothing came up so there is a chance it was deleted because I read it ages ago, but its about stiles and derek already in a established relationship but the pack thinks stiles is bottom, but then derek gets turned human somehow and his healing takes longer so he starts limping because he is unashamed bottom!derek and then I think some pack feels?

Love Hurts by runningwithdinosaurs

Everyone seemed to think they knew exactly how things went down in Derek and Stiles’s relationship.

But here’s the problem: as a human, Derek didn’t heal instantaneously anymore.

As a human, Derek limped.

- S

Inktober 2017 day 14

This was initially supposed to be a response to a prompt but… i’m not 100% happy with how it came out so i might revisit the prompt. Might revisit the concept too - ngl love the thing in Sterek fic where Derek tucks his nose behind stiles’ ear. 

Stiles didn’t like going to the gym. He barely did anything there anyways, but even then, he was lazy, and he only went when Scott would force him there. Jogging on the nearly broken treadmill, or lifting baby weights while counting spotting Scott’s lifts out loud. The campus gym was run down and no one frequented it anymore but the two of them. And then Derek Hale showed up. 
He was well over six foot tall, pushing what Stiles confidently assumed was two hundred and fifty pounds, and he fucking /reeked/. They rarely interacted, especially when the guys scent started turning even Scott away from the gym. Stiles was so hypnotized by that fat hairy ass he often got peaks off when the guy was squatting, that he couldn’t bring himself to fall back into his hermit routine. So he’d show up, give Derek a wave as he worked out, and snap secret pics like the one above to jerk off to later. Stroking his cock dry in his dorm room, too close to spit on it again as he remembers tugging his headphones out of his ears back at the gym, only to find out what that grumbling noise was, going rock hard in his work out shorts when he peaked over at Derek doing sit ups- the other man lifting a leg each time he sat up, to blast loud nasty farts out into the open. The rank of them wafting over to Stiles soon after, and he came without touching himself. Wet cock smacking against his thigh and making him shiver as he grew sensitive, but was too chicken shit to leave before Derek did- cum stain on full display. 
Maybe one of these days he’d notice that Derek would tug his shorts off to the side when Stiles wasn’t looking, shake his fat uncut cock at the boy, and edge himself until he knew Stiles was losing his cool and was going to peak again. He was waiting to get caught, waiting to see if Stiles would be interested.
One day. Hopefully sooner rather than later. 

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4 + sterek?

4) Who initiates the forehead touch™?

Stiles does. see, Derek has a very strong tendency to avoid eye contact when he’s feeling vulnerable or guilty. this is one way for Stiles to keep him from closing off like that, his way of saying “don’t look away from me, i’m right here for you and i’m not going anywhere.”

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In June 2009, MTV announced that they would be adapting the 1985 film Teen Wolf into a new television series ‘with a greater emphasis on romance, horror and werewolf mythology.’ On July 21, 2016, the cast announced at Comic Con that season six would be the final season.