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Resbang 2017 1st author check-ins are due today

Attn: registered authors

Instructions for how to send in your check-in and artist preview summaries are in the email we sent out last week.

You have about 9.5 hours left remaining to get checked in before disqualification! 

To the artists: be expecting an email and summaries to preview tomorrow!

after my beloved Chinchilla Snowflake (Flöckchen) died last week…I was pretty sad. And his friend Miko was lonley (black chin)….so my sister and i brought two baby-chins…Cloud (Wölkchen) and Crumble (Krümmel)…

Im still sad but the two of them are so cute…and Wölkchen looks so much like Flöckchen…

LOVE ALL YOUR PETS! They are so great fellows and friends!