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Normal maps I’ve been working on for the past few days using skysight as a base. Thorad (the nord) is using the normals at weight 100, while Azaimar (dunmer) is using the normals at weight 22. Female version is being developed as well, just a bit tricky because of boobs

I also recently moved my mod folder on accident and placed it back, so my long load order is now fucked so it will be a while before I can post more skyrim stuff

Thorad belongs to @mrsnakestone


Some of the stuff I created for my SWTOR character has been put to good use for a Skyrim character that I created a long time ago. The skimpy is for fun, but I’ve include a shot of her in the armor she’s actually playing with at the moment. 


Name - Rowena Ebnhardt
Race - Nord (Wolf-Blood)
Primary Weapons - Spear/Shield, Longbow

I’d drawn out a rather elaborate backstory for her that a few people had asked back when if I’d ever write it. Now that I know I can actually write, I’m so tempted to!

Blurbity blurb - 

Rowena was born into one of the last remaining true wolf-blooded packs in Skyrim. Reclusive and elitist, the pack refused to take part in “outsider struggles” for fear of exposure. No war. No exploration. No fraternization with outsiders, especially their weak-blooded “bitten” brethren. She lead a sheltered existence as a child, and was raised with the expectation of continuing the pure bloodline. A rebel at heart, she ran away when it became clear that there was no avoiding being saddled with an arranged match chosen for her by her parents, the pack leaders. 

She struggled to survive on her own, completely unfamiliar with how the world worked and eventually she stumbled into Riften, half-starved and penniless. That’s where she met Brynjolf, who took her under his wing and showed her a new sort of family. Thick as thieves. It was also where she met Thrynn, the completely run-of-the-mill and most definitely not wolf-blooded man who stole her heart. Nobody knew what she was save for him. 

She was completely happy. She had a family and a place to belong. And then she ran across them. The Companions. Wolves. Like her, but not like her. Impure. But that didn’t matter to the kindred wolf spirit bound to her soul. The wolf sensed one among them that was stronger than the rest, stronger than any from her pack. Vilkas. And-how-she-hated-him. Enemies from the first, but drawn to each other in ways that couldn’t be fathomed. She tried to resist, but how long could one resist their own soul? And what about the man she loved in her heart?

rose-of-pollux  asked:

I have never played Skyrim, but I understand one thing, that there is a Grandpa Dragon and anyone who tells you to harm him is wrong, wrong, wrong. Am I correct in this assumption?

Pretty much! Paarthurnax is the second oldest dragon in Tamriel and very firmly on your side. And yes, anyone who tells you to kill him deserves to be bitchslapped.