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If anyone’s wondering why I’m struggling to get chapters out quickly of late, it’s because of THIS little old lady.

She yells at me constantly.

She storms into my room and gets mad if I shut the door.

She isn’t satisfied unless I’m holding her.

What can I say? My writing progress is held captive by 10 pounds of fluff.

I'm just going to say this:

Stay away from fanfic writers.

First they seem amazing and cute and omg wheN THEY REPLY YOUR ASKS IS JUST AHDJSMFMSMFNS ❤❤then you become friends with them, you talk and share a lot… Even weaknesses. And congrats, you have now gave them the power to destroy you with their talent and make it look like an accident.

They’re dangerous.

Especially those who begin with S and rhyme with @spellboundsangria. Believe me…She’s the most dangerous of them all. Cute, adorable, caring, loving, warmhearted, patient, taLENTED, understanding… She’s terrible.

Don’t make friends with her. Don’t talk to her. You see her, you turn around and bye. Don’t tell her when your birthday is because she’ll write an awesome fic for you and you’ll read it over and over again and then feel proud because, just like you did, everybody loved her amazing writing and even sent feedback appreciating her overflowing talent.

Just…don’t go near her.

(cuz she’s my sweet fluffy pancake)

Damn, That’s the Wrong Brother (Mime)

A/N: Happy birthday @fuenciado ! It’s not the “Adopted by PTV” fic we talked about in Sweden but it’s almost as absurd. You love Jaime and you love Mike so it only made sense for me to write a fic where Mike and Jaime like each other. Here you go Rii, 4,3K words of Mime :DD


“Omg fuenciado is real!!”

“look how close to each other vic and jaime are sitting!!”

Mike was looking through the comments underneath the latest picture on the band’s instagram. It was a picture of all four of them, sitting together on a couch. At first he had planned to look if people had commented him in any way, and had found a few comments saying stuff like “hottt” and like. But soon his eyes started to pick comments from people who were talking about Vic and Jaime, and it made his thoughts go to a direction he had been trying to avoid.

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It’s @rii–flect‘s birthday!!!!

Another year of memes and crushing on every animu character under the sun has passed yet we still the same sins, as a present for making it to grandma age your waifu wishes to get married have fun

In all seriousness I’m very lucky to of known such an amazing girl for so long, you deserve the world and beyond <3