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If anyone’s wondering why I’m struggling to get chapters out quickly of late, it’s because of THIS little old lady.

She yells at me constantly.

She storms into my room and gets mad if I shut the door.

She isn’t satisfied unless I’m holding her.

What can I say? My writing progress is held captive by 10 pounds of fluff.

I'm just going to say this:

Stay away from fanfic writers.

First they seem amazing and cute and omg wheN THEY REPLY YOUR ASKS IS JUST AHDJSMFMSMFNS ❤❤then you become friends with them, you talk and share a lot… Even weaknesses. And congrats, you have now gave them the power to destroy you with their talent and make it look like an accident.

They’re dangerous.

Especially those who begin with S and rhyme with @spellboundsangria. Believe me…She’s the most dangerous of them all. Cute, adorable, caring, loving, warmhearted, patient, taLENTED, understanding… She’s terrible.

Don’t make friends with her. Don’t talk to her. You see her, you turn around and bye. Don’t tell her when your birthday is because she’ll write an awesome fic for you and you’ll read it over and over again and then feel proud because, just like you did, everybody loved her amazing writing and even sent feedback appreciating her overflowing talent.

Just…don’t go near her.

(cuz she’s my sweet fluffy pancake)

ドラゴン画廊・リー on Twitter

5 out of 10 VA awarded have/had major role in DBS. How…scary lol

A little translation of the dialogues above:

Goku: I’m second to you even in my voice?
Beerus: I’ve voiced 16 characters in one title.

FYI, he did this in the Yatterman movie

Anyway, congrats to the two 🎉🎉

Amazing that these two had played in this movie fighting each other. “Battle of Gods” indeed XDDD