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I started this sketchy thing up a LONG time ago when I did up Portal Ms Frizzle. Really, if I had the time, I would just write a book for it lol for funsies. I was trying to copy the style, but it was just a quick little exercise.

But THAT would be one heck of a field trip huh? The one were Arnold definitely should’ve stayed home and yes, Phoebe, we know they probably never let you use Portal Guns at your old school.

Chapter 2- Unusable Draft Intro
Chapter 2- Unusable Draft Intro

Hello, patient podsky fans! Popping in with an update on the state of things behind the scenes for episode 2. :-D

First of all, let me tell you about the audio clip up there.  It’s actually an unusable intro draft that Matt (our sound editor/the voice of Space Core) put together a while ago.  It’s unusable because of copyright laws.  D'OH! But it’s so great that we wanted to share it with you anyway. :-)

Now! When we released episode 1 we said that we expected episode 2 to be ready sometime around the end of June.  Clearly, we’re a month past that now.  The fact is that we’re still waiting for a few people’s lines to come in (notably Wheatley’s. Harry’s a busy guy.  I think we can all agree that it would be difficult to produce chapter 2 without Wheatley! XD).  But they’ll come in, don’t worry. I don’t want to give you a new ETA just in case something else comes up, but I’m still going to say… sometime soon-ish!

In the meantime, enjoy Matt’s sadly unusable draft intro, and dream of the chapter to come! ^_^

GLaDOS' voicemail
GLaDOS' voicemail

Oh. It’s you. I’m really busy right now. Please leave a message. I’ll get back to you.

I threw this together, it’s not very good, but when it’s recorded and played when you get voicemail it sounds significantly less choppy. Feel free to use it!