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“For a decade I had a singular mission: to make it to the WWE. To become a professional wrestler. I had done that. I had accomplished what had at times seemed unattainable, but what was I going to do now? I couldn’t rest on my laurels and be satisfied with simply ‘making it’. When you finally live out your biggest dream, the next step must always be: Dream bigger.

On a blank sheet of paper I wrote ‘My Ten-Year Life Plan’ in giant letters.”

officialajmendez: Yesterday my husband surprised me with the best early birthday present ever, my other life partner. As I sent some emails, still in my pajamas, looking like hot morning garbage, a familiar voice rang through the hallway to my office. I looked up from my computer and saw the heavenly vision of @CelesteBonin, fresh off a plane, and yet somehow looking like cartoon birds in a Disney movie got her ready that morning. Without thinking I instinctively mounted her. Then I looked in her eyes and said “Why are you so pretty? I forgot how much I hate you.” - AJ #bestpresentever #mytwohusbands

officialajmendez: #CrazyIsMySuperpower Tour Week 3. You just never know what’s gonna happen at these book signings. Last night as I signed my brain baby birthed from my brain womb, I was delighted by the sight of my ACTUAL BABY BOY birthed from my wrestling womb! I was sure he was just going to break my sternum again while demanding the months in child support I owe, but he actually just came to surprise and support me! Like the goddamn marshmallow he is. Thanks @wwebige, I’m the proudest Momma. - AJ


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