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take a chance on me…

my trade with dcs for zosan month!!! happy birthday you fool, you’re my best friend and I’m so happy I get to run ongirifortwo with you ;o; ❤ ❤ ❤  zosan has been so wonderful to experience with you, and I wanted to make something to match that feeling. I love you!!!! ❤

happy zosan month, everyone!!

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Mika Kudahi!!!
For those who don´t know her, she´s mod´s one piece oc.
She´s part of the Hane Pirates, but has a small conection with Strawhats, specially with Zoro.
Unlike most of One Piece characters, she has already reached her dream; becoming a pirate with…someone special (her capitain).

She´s a swordswoman, uses mutoryuu and ittoryuu techniques, and is a haki master (specially busoshoku haki).
Has huge admiration for Zoro and…maybe a crush(??
Inside her body runs fangirl blood.

Yeah, basically I want her to be Zoro´s guest, I want you to ask her and I want you to know her! Little by little.
Of couse she won´t appear in all anwsers, this is still a Zoro askblog and you can ask him freely without Mika´s intervention.
I don´t know how much will this last, but I hope you have fun ~~