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“If I kiss you once it’ll only make me want a hundred more.” Luke?


Recently, you and Luke had been making a habit of ending up on the lumpy couches in the various green rooms prior to any shows. It was a versatile piece of furniture; you both could become comfortably tangled together during a nap, say upright to listen to Luke strum a few random songs, or simply laughing away from a few gentle touches against the ribcage where each of you were ticklish.

“Luke, seriously I’ll end up kicking you if you keep tickling me.” Your threat was hardly intimidating since your cheeks were flushed pink from laughter, and your hair a bit frayed around from scrambling to get out of his reach.  Luke smiled at the response, wiggling his fingers in the air as though he was about to continue, but surprising you he merely engulfed his long frame on top of you, leaving you laughing when he went limp. “I can’t breathe.” You feigned, fingers finding their way into his wavy locks of blonde hair. 

“That’s tough, babe.” You rolled your eyes as he stifled a lame chuckle against your shoulder. He rolled his face onto the side of his cheek, glancing upwards at you, his smile ever evident. “I can’t think of someone who’s cheeks look as good as yours when you’re blushing like that.” 

“I don’t like looking like a cherry, you know? It’s kind of embarrassing.” Luke scoffed indignantly, and used a hand to cup your face, thumb gliding slowly along skin he enjoyed kissing. 

“I don’t know, I think it’s cute. Makes me want to kiss you.” You glanced down at the familiar boy, half of your mouth curved into a smile at the gentleness of his voice. “In fact,” Luke began, propping himself up on his elbows, as you did nothing to stop the close proximity he began to put between your lips and his. Though they never met, as the door cascaded open and the tour manager called out that there was fifteen minutes until showtime. 

“Smooth.” You giggled as Luke pouted from the interruption. He then rolled his eyes, about to push himself right back towards your lips, before you now became an obstacle by pushing your hands against his shoulders. “No, stop. If I kiss you once it’ll only make me want a hundred more.” Luke’s eyes seemed to sparkle at the the prospect, but he didn’t push further, instead sitting upright on the couch beside you. 

“That doesn’t sound like a bad thing.” He admitted with a smile and a shrug. The two of you cast your eyes to the now open doorframe as Calum and Michael passed by telling Luke to hurry and save it for later. “I’m gonna see my girl in the crowd tonight, right?” 

“Of course.” You smiled as you turned to look back at him. Having not expected Luke to be as close to you as expected, you nearly stuttered backwards, but his hand caught you and tug you forward for the long kiss he felt he needed before the show starts.

“Sorry to make you want a hundred more, but I’ll pay up afterwards, angel.” 

when it turns out ur right but n o b o d y listened to you so u about to hit them with the line “I told you so.”

both luke and leia were clearly children on leashes. luke, because he would follow any stranger who so much as smiled at him and wanted everyone to be his friend and be happy and was saying ‘hi’ to everyone. leia, for, well, the opposite reason. bail organa strapping leia in her less-than-becoming-for-a-princess-leash because if left to her own devices that little girl was going to kick anyone and everyone.