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So my teacher mentioned today that water in movies often symbolizes something sad, like it could be rain or lakes but even a fountain can be the symbolizing water sources, and I was like: Sounds cool! And that was that.

UNTIL I got home and watched the third snk ova, where there was this scene with Krista at a lake so I remembered what my teacher told us. And I also remembered another certain blonde, which stands at a lake, AND FUCKING MORNS HIS DEAD BOYFRIEND. LIKE I COULDN’T MAKE THIS UP, DEIDARA LITERALLY STANDS AT A FUCKING LAKE, THINKING ABOUT HOW HE MISSES SASORI! NOW IF THAT ISN’T LOVE THEN I DON’T FUCKING KNOW


Whoever built my mind needs to redo the wires and find better balance because I’m leaning all over the place. I’m tilted and sideways and so fucked up—this isn’t even half of it.

happy belated birthday, garrison abbey!! ♥


aerial ethereal challenge: day four ~ moodboard (the kotova family)

 “You mean all those nights I drove around New York City, searching for you? Helping you with your humework, assignments, making sure you had lunch, spotting you at the gym when I should’ve been training– is that not giving a shit?” He’s still strict, severe. He has trouble softening for them completely, even when Timo is crying. 
                Timo buries his face in his hands again.
                Luka crawls over to his little brother and he wraps his arm around his shoulder. Then he meets Nikolai’s gaze. “Thanks.” My heart fills. “For choosing us.”
               I engrain Nikolai’s expression for life, a look measured in deep, familial love. As though the galaxy parted, just for one moment, to show another blindingly beautiful universe. He responds with a Russian sentiment, sounding tender.
               Katya whispers, “I can’t even imagine…”
               Timo lifts his head. “I can,” he says to Nikolai. “I couldn’t…I needed you. Growing up, I needed you.”
               “And you had me,” Nikolai says lowly. 
Timo exhales deeply, his eyes traveling over the pics. And then he looks to me and back to Nikolai. “I need you to not worry about me anymore. I want you to live the life that you gave up for us. Can you do that?”
                “I didn’t give up my life,” Nikolai explains. “You’re a part of it, Timo. The good and the bad. You’re not keeping me from living, brother.
When I grow old and gray, I can only hope to have a family as passionate and faithful as theirs.


“i envy you Eren, no matter how hard it gets…you always know what you want”

“Historia…you’ve become strong…i thought that you were weak, but…it was the other way around”

Eren/Historia -->> ||thoughts about each other