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Sa wakas nakita ko rin tong dalawang to. Tuwang tuwa ako sa mga reaksyon nila nung nakita nila ko eh hhahahahahawhahahahaahhah si mika pagka dating ko palang omg daw tas niyakap agad ako tas ang smol ko daw luh mas maliit sya saken di ata umabot ng 5′ to e hahawhahaahahwhahahahahaha tas si nica naman nakita ko sa kabilang table tinititigan ko tas pag tingin nya saken napa mura nalang siya sa gulat eh hhahahahaha tas pinuntahan nya ko para ihug tas nilait niya yung height at boses ko puta hahahahahahahahah priceless ng mga reaction niyo eh love you both @earthtonica @moodlekoodle

To the C who I guess I loved,

I’ve now come to realise that we won’t ever get the chance to start again, no matter how in love I am with you. We can’t go back to being friends, to telling each other things we’ve never told each other before because now, it doesn’t feel right. 

You’ve moved on. 

We were having a disagreement, and you came out with it. Just out of the blue. You told me you really liked her, but you doubted yourself. 

I was happy for you, well, I pretended to be. You’ve played a massive part in my life C, the least I could do is pretend to be happy for you. A little part of me was, but the rest of me was breaking apart.

You said you were on and off for ages, but… we were too, so does that mean you were on with her when you were off with me? If so, what the fuck? You talked about a future with me, did you do that with her too? 

You must really like her, because you made plans to see her last weekend. We had plans to meet once. To talk about us. No sex, no kissing, not even any physical contact but I never showed. Maybe if I did, things would be completely different.

I lied when I told you I wanted things to work out with you two. Well, kinda. You, out of anyone I know, you deserve to be happy, but… I guess I just always had this idea in my head that you’d be happy with me, and not somebody else. 

You always said you’d rather another guy that deserves me has me, and for what seems like forever I thought that might’ve been you, but maybe I was wrong. 

Maybe I always loved you and you were just lonely.

I don’t know what to do anymore. I feel more lost than I ever have been and I don’t know what to do anymore. My emotions are nothing but a blur and I don’t know how to cope. 

For now, I guess I no longer love you.

K, the girl who’s mind is a blur.