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Disney Ladies in their Hogwarts Houses (as voted by my followers): Gryffindor

Keep in mind that this is entirely subjective, and many of these ladies display traits from other houses, but I limited it to one house to keep it simple. I apologize if your fave isn’t included, and if you’re curious about the results/reasoning behind some of these choices, take a look at the poll results post. 

“You might belong in Gryffindor,
Where dwell the brave at heart,
Their daring, nerve and chivalry
Set Gryffindors apart”

Can we talk about Tonks for a moment?

I have this thought in my head that Tonks was genderfluid.

That growing up she would change from a boy to a girl when the mood suited her. She never got upset that people always used female pronouns with her, as long as they understood that some days (or weeks, or months) she would look, behave, and feel like a boy.

It continued throughout her time at Hogwarts. She demanded she be called by her surname only, because “Nymphadora” was so decidedly feminine and she wanted to be the one to decide what gender she was — or if she even had a gender at all.

Initially some professors tried to stop it, mostly out of concern that she might be bullied. However once they realized that not only could she hold her own against said bullies, but that her gender neutrality helped to open dialogues that were desperately needed the professors gladly let it continue. She didn’t think it strange to be someone’s boyfriend or their girlfriend. Or just their friend. She was all three and welcomed the discussions it created. Without realizing it she opened the door for other “non-traditional” relationships to be publicly accepted within the walls of Hogwarts, making it a safe space for others.

As an auror she proved to be invaluable. During training many instructors were frustrated by her ever-changing appearance until they realized how useful it could be. She could go undercover in an instant and never hesitated to alter her appearance or gender. She helped the magical law enforcement department as well as other aurors better their ability to disguise themselves thereby helping to lessen the crime rate drastically.

With Lupin she was able to read his moods. She knew when he needed to have brightness and color and light, and when he needed her to be quiet and calm. She realized early on that sometimes he needed her to be a boy and to hold him and love him as memories from happier times flooded his mind. That Remus loved her no matter what she chose to look like. And her heart rejoiced in knowing she wouldn’t have to give up that part of herself to be with the man she loved.

She used her appearance to help break the ever-constant tension within the Order, especially with those who were younger than her and not yet haunted by loss and fear. And she coaxed smiles from those who fought in the first war and reminded them with her gentle colors and sparkling eyes that there had been a time when they all laughed freely. She let the needs of others denote who she would be that day because it wasn’t just about her, and that someday she wouldn’t have to alter her appearance like that because they would all have the happiness they deserved.

And then she could go back to being just Tonks. Sometimes a girl, sometimes a boy, and perfectly happy being both or neither.

Sooooo… Snape apologists have once again proven that they are not only incapable of admitting that their fave did fucked up shit (like join a fictional terrorist organization out of bigoted conviction), but that they are also incapable of actually understanding how canon works.

If JKR makes Remus say that Snape never lost a chance to curse James and that they were rivals, Snape never lost a chance to curse James and they were rivals. No “but Remus was a friend of James and so he was lyyyyyyyyyyying, Snape never did anything!”. That’s not how it works, asshole.