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So I have this headcanon that Helga Hufflepuff was a trans woman, and all the other founders knew and were totally cool about it. Rowena was really helpful with transitioning spells and developing magical hormones and potions to fill in her chest. Godric was obviously really headstrong and emotional and blustery about defending her honor, and challenged anyone who said anything disparaging to a duel. But Salazar was actually her closest friend during her transition, because he was struggling with his bisexuality at the time and understood the stigma. She supported him and talked him through his bad days, same as he did for her, but she could never get him to be comfortable coming out, because it went against all of his purity ideals. He pulled further and further away due to his shame and self-hatred, lashing out mostly at her. She was the saddest of all when he finally broke away entirely and turned on all of them.

Headcanon: Scorlily

Lily Luna Potter was a Slytherin through and through. No one doubted that she belonged in the house of the cunning and ambitious. Because that was what she was. She wasn’t afraid to use her charm to get something done, and she wasn’t afraid to trick people into helping her when she needed them.

But she wasn’t evil. She was deceptive at times, sure, and the best darn liar in the whole Potter/Weasley family, but she wasn’t evil. 

She wasn’t mean either. She might have done just about anything to get what she wanted, but she wasn’t mean about it. In fact, if she wasn’t such a Slytherin she could have been in Hufflepuff. 

She was kind, hard working, polite, extremely loyal, had intelligence that rivaled that of her namesake, and she valued her friends and family over anything. 

But the main reason she was in Slytherin was because she wanted to be different. She wanted the world to see her as her own person. 

Scorpius Malfoy was a Gryffindor. He was brave, loyal, a trifle reckless, and he was a gentleman. Oh how the ladies, and some lads, swooned when he walked past. He treated everyone like they were important, no matter how annoying the rest of the world thought they were. 

He was also a prankster. Him, Albus, Louis and Rose made a pranking team that would have given the Marauders a run for their money. No matter where you went, you would find some trace that the four had been there. 

They pranked everyone. From Louis’ sister Victoire all the way to little Collin Creevey II, who was a first year the year the graduated, everyone got pranked. 

Except one person. 

Lily could spot a prank coming from a mile away, something she learned from her many years at her favorite Uncle’s shop, and no matter how hard the four tried they couldn’t get her. 

They tried and tried, but nothing worked. Nothing caught the calm, collected redhead off guard.

Nothing until seventh year at least. 

It was at a Quidditch game, Slytherin against Gryffindor. Lily and Scorpius were both captains of their respective teams, and as they were shaking hands Lily swore she heard Scorpius muttering something in her ear, but she couldn’t quite tell what. She didn’t get a chance to ask though, because the next moments the balls were released and they were off. 

Lily, a Seeker like her father, flew as far up as she could, pausing in her normal spot to search. 

Scorpius, a beater, hit a ball her way and then flew over to stop it from hitting her. When he did, he leaned in and this time Lily was sure she heard something and it unnerved her. 

So there she sat, slightly confused, still looking for the Snitch, when she saw it. Grinning triumphantly, she dived down, but her path was cut off by none other than said Malfoy, who smirked at her anger face. 

“Mad Potter?” He asked in a joking tone, earning nothing more put a low growl from the girl. But before she flew away, he caught her robe, pulled her back and whispered ever so softly. 

“Marry me, Lily Potter?” Now it was no secret that the two of them had been dating off and on, and anyone could see that they loved each other, except for Lily. She never believed in true love, even though her parents were happy. More specifically, she never believed she find have true love. For years, she watched her friends get their hearts crushed, their lives destroyed, all because they loved a man a little too much. She never wanted that. 

So she never committed to anything. At all. Often she would say the only thing she truly loved was her phoenix because Sol would never run away. 

Hearing Scorpius Malfoy ask her to marry him, it made her freeze she’ll admit. Not because she didn’t want to, she really did love Scorpius, but because she was afraid to get her heart broken.  So she sat, frozen on her broom, in total shock. 

The win was an accident. The snitch practically flew up her sleeve and Slytherin won. The cheers of her teammates brought her back to life, and without a moments hesitation she flew to Scorpius as fast as she could. 

He was hovering in the air, smirking at her, his beautiful blonde hair blowing in the wind. 

He didn’t bat an eye when she jumped from her broom to his and whispered into his ear. “Yes.”  

He just smirked and flew down towards his friends. No one knew it, but he was more proud of how much he shocked Lily than of her saying yes. 

He knew one day they would be together, they would always be together. 

He never thought he would shock her. 

And he never did again. 

The Lonely Prince

I have a lot of sympathy for Sirius. 

Dumbledore was clearly loved by many. He was like a grandfather to Harry, he gave Remus a chance to have a normal life and he saved Snape after the worst decision he ever made. He really went out of his way to help people. Dumbledore earns a lot of respect and admiration. 

Meanwhile, Sirius is left in Azkaban for ten years, regarded as a criminal and given no trial. No one pushed to give him a chance to show he was innocent. Sirius had to escape from home, escape from Azkaban and then escape being caught when he should not have had to run. The only one who truly believed in Sirius was James, his only support after running from home, and he was gone. 

Dumbledore wasn’t there for Sirius, and Sirius just had to sit there as everyone admired him like no other when he knew he was abandoned. Even after Azkaban, he is just left isolated in the house of his nightmares.

Sirius is not just the criminal or the disowned heir, but the boy who was left alone. 

Yet, despite everything, Sirius kept fighting. He earns my respect. 

Sorry for bad quality, but this it the somewhat-decent Dramione sketch I’m posting for Natwizard. :) Natalia’s lovely and has a great blog for fangirls of all kinds. 

Never finished drawing the rest of their bodies, but drew this months ago and from what I remember, Draco and Hermione were just leaving a coffee shop. Typical coffee shop AU. c: