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The Nope Runs in the Family
  • Jaune: What if I'm a failure at being a leader?
  • Ruby: Nope!
  • --------------------------------
  • Yang: Ruby, is that you?
  • Grimm: *growls*
  • Yang: Nope!
  • --------------------------------
  • Ruby: Uncle Qrow!! It's so good to see you!! Did you miss me?! Did you miss me?!
  • Qrow: Nope!
  • --------------------------------
  • Baby Yang: *exists*
  • Raven: Nope!

reasons why nick burkhardt is the most underrated fantasy series protagonist ever:

  • gets shit done
  • looks like he hasn’t slept in twenty-eight hours but 
  • still hot as fuck
  • super chill with the fact that half of Portland thinks he gonna behead them and murder their children
  • doesn’t constantly complain about his problems
  • has this lil smile that’s super cute
  • treats women right
  • basically has spidey senses
  • will straight up kill a man but it’s still super chill