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  • Editor 1: How are we gonna portray that littlefinger is shifty?
  • Editor 2: It's season 7, surely they've figured that out by now.
  • Editor 1: Yeah, but just in case they forgot I'll stick in a shot of him creeping behind a pillar in a darkly lit room just to really hammer home his shiftiness

So d&d gives the quote “ when snow falls and white winds blow… ” to Sansa. A quote which essentially summarizes Arya’s quest for a pack. At this point I can’t help but wonder why they even bothered to hire someone to play Arya. They could have just opted out her character. At least in that way they wouldn’t have insulted Arya who is such an enigma and also could have saved some money. I just can’t stand to see almost half of her storyline being transferred to another character. I think it’s very rude to completely deconstruct a character’s storyline and to reduce her into being the ‘muscle’ of the story. I am feeling sick and I am uneasy about what d&d is going to do to Arya in s7. GRRM please deliver us from this apocalypse that is GoT.

Oh my lord the drama in the tags because Sansa “stole” Arya’s line in the trailer apparently? People are literally unironically playing Littlefinger IRL. Why you gotta pit these girls against one another and fight over who is more
/Stark/ and loyal and whatever? The POINT is they need to put aside their differences and band together. It’s not about celebrating and hero-washing one sibling at the cost of the other. Don’t do that!
The true tragedy is that because of the war etc they have been forced to survive alone because it was actually ‘me against the world’ (especially for Arya and Sansa) and they truly believed they didn’t have their family anymore. Now they finally have their family back (sob) but before they can be a real family they need to unlearn some of the lone wolf shit. BECAUSE individually they are all weaker than what they can be if they are on the same team. This is a lesson all of them need to learn.
But I’m happy here with my Team Stark Kids vs LF theory, im gonna be right, I’ll reblog that post again when that episode comes out and feel some petty joy.