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Reactions to their s/o saying she feels bad about them having to spend money on her please

Shu:  So would you rather not have me give you any more gifts then?  Fine I won’t pay for any gifts or dates.  It’s all on you.  What’s with your face?  That’s what you wanted right?  Haha you can stop pouting now I was just playing with you…don’t feel bad I wouldn’t do it if it wasn’t a hassle.

Reiji: You don’t like me spending money on you? Well excuse me for playing the role of a gentleman. Feel free to buy all this stuff yourself, since you prefer me not being polite. No? That’s what I thought. Now let me do this, it’s my choice. And I expect a “thank you” as well.

Ayato:  Why are you so worried about it?  Don’t you see the huge ass mansion Ore-Sama lives in?  I have enough money to buy myself a yacht and a penthouse but I decide to spend it on you.  Instead of complainin’, feel grateful!!!!!

Kanato: Instead of complaining, why don’t you just accept my gift like a good dolly would. I’m doing it because I love you, and I expect the same from you *kisses her cheek* Good, now take the damn gift!!

Laito:  Oh you’re right Bitch-chan~ Why should the man who’s a lot more rich pay for the dates?  That’s simply terrible and torturous!!! Fufu~ I’m just being sarcastic Bitch-chan I don’t mind spoiling you at all!  It’s cute that you’re so concerned though nfu~

Subaru: Why don’t you like it? I’m doing it cause I wanna… And it’s not like money is a problem for me. Just don’t worry about it, okay? Let me do this… I wanna make you happy. I just wanna be a good boyfriend. 

Ruki:  Hmm? It’s not a problem Livestock.  Who do you think pays for all their brothers’ things. I have more than enough money to indulge you.   I have no problem with it unless you have bad behavior.  But since you’ve been such an obeident Livestock for the past while, I don’t mind spending on you.

Kou: M-neko-chan. don’t worry about it. Not meaning to brag, but my career results in a lotta money for me. So whatever you want, it’s yours, whatever makes my little kitten happy! Just make sure you pay me back later, if you know what I mean *winks*

Yuma:  Hahaha you think this is my money?? Honestly Sow I just get a huge ass allowance from both Ruki and Karlheinz so it’s technically their hard earned money. But even if it wasn’t I wouldn’t mind paying for you. Just be lucky I love you dork.

Azusa: Hm? No really…its no big deal….I promise…I just want you happy….but if spending money on you doesn’t make you happy…I won’t do it…whatever you want *kisses her cheek* but I wanna…buy you this necklace at least.

I hate the kind of fans who think you have to love ALL of a group’s music in order to be a fan. I’m sorry, but I’m not going to force myself to like releases that I dislike. Like I’m not going to force myself to like EXO’s EX'ACT album when many of the songs aside from Monster and Lucky One sound like something you’d hear as background music in a clothing store.  

I just want to point out something for a moment here; I agree that having full written information on canon muses is important. But I also want to point out that NOTHING is more frustrating than putting all that effort in, and knowing that most of the time it won’t even matter. Why? The people it’s there for– namely, those outside the fandom– typically don’t bother to look any further than seeing a fandom name they don’t recognize, and insta-reject. Finding exceptions is downright exhausting.

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What kind of underwear do the boys wear? Boxers, briefs, boxer-briefs? And are there any specific designs or color??? Thank you 💗

Shu: Any pair of boxers or boxer briefs.

Reiji: If you look in his dresser, you’ll find mostly black briefs organized and folded.

Ayato: He mostly wears boxers, preferably in red. But he has a specific pair of boxer briefs with basketballs on them.

Kanato: Briefs. He prefers the soft cotton ones.

Laito: We all know he wears leopard printed…. panties? And sometimes he goes commando.

Subaru: Boxer briefs. He doesn’t care what color.

Ruki:  Boxer briefs in a boring grey color.

Kou: Briefs in flashy colors like yellow and pink

Yuma: Boxers preferably in orange

Azusa: Silk velvet soft briefs made from the gods of the Hiimalayas

i find it hilarious how all these people come forward on confessions about ‘thirsty female muses’ & complain because 'female muses arent the only ones who do it!!!!’ but if it’s such an equal issue, where are all the confessions about the thirsty male muses who force themselves onto & just start groping female muses? where are they? don’t worry, i’ll wait.            

“I don’t like reading at all, but I love to write!”