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noshitnoms  asked:

I wanna try writing crossover fic but I don't really know what the pitfalls and problems are. Any open advice on the topic?

Wow, okay.

So I’m going to start off by saying that most of my recent crossovers have been sheer crack fic, so… I’m a bit out of practice with serious fic. I’ve been nothing but self-indulgent in recent years, so let’s see what I can do.

Note: I’ll be focusing on my preferred form of crossover, which is characters from one fandom encountering the world of another. Fusion fics (e.g. the Hogwarts AU) are their own category.

None of these are hard-and-fast rules, but they provide some… context, I guess.

The most common pitfall is favoritism.

Like, there are other pitfalls, of course, like going incredibly OOC or denying a character realistic development in favor of shoving them into a ship, but that’s the sort of thing that you will find in any kind of fic. As far as crossovers go, though, you’re looking at favoritism in regards to fandoms themselves.

This probably seems pretty obvious? But it’s everywhere. And I think you already know what I’m talking about and how to avoid it, but I’m going to go in depth anyway:

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mizukixtsukiyomi  asked:

Pssst~ can I have a soft yandere of Conner with Kagome with the prompt: "I just want you to be mine!" <3 Love you and I needed some Conner right now hehe

Congrats on graduating, boo~❤ I’m excited to see where you are heading in your future endeavors! So, this is especially for you, my lovely girl❤btw this turned out to be way too long sfhlskf;;; so it’d be under the cut, so sorry for the mobile users if it wouldn’t open!

Yandere prompts are here, and for more general (and tamer, if desired) prompts, here. However, I have currently 6~ in my backlog, so I’ll be working through them first. And as always, thank you @yoursalwaysfics for saving my skin!

She was gone again.

It was pathetic, Conner realized, that he had been hanging out in front of her apartment, twisting with his set of keys, thumbing one in particular, for a bit too long. He must have been standing out there for perhaps half an hour now. Defeated he thumped his forehead against the wood of the door, his mind twirling with uncertainties.

He had been there for so long that an elderly woman, an nosy neighbor of hers, popped her head out of a door and asked what in the world was he doing. After Conner gave his vague yet curt answer, the woman took pity on him and asked if there was anything she could do for him. He waved her off, giving a weak chuckle that everything was fine.

Conner supposed he should be fortunate that neighbors were familiar with him considering he came over often. Otherwise they’d call security on him, for being a creeper.

Even they, virtually strangers, didn’t miss how he gazed upon her, a little slip of the woman. No one were oblivious to Conner Kent’s longings of a Kagome Higurashi. Yet, Kagome Higurashi happened to be completely blinded to his affections.

As of now she was going out on a blind date a friend (of hers, because no one in their shared circles would’ve a right mind to do that to him) set up for her. It tore at his heart that Kagome felt a need to find her affections elsewhere, with some other men. Hell, even women and everything in between and nothing, weren’t any better. Kagome would’ve accept her significant other regardless what gender they are—that was just the type of person she was.

So, what was wrong with him?

Was there something about him, Conner Kent, that she didn’t like?

If she did, then Kagome never said a single word of it and happily shared her time to spend with him. Hell, she gave him her spare key because he was at her apartment more often than he did with his own place. Innocently enough Kagome never thought to wonder why Conner spent so much time at her place—much less sparing a single complaint of his clothes clogging up some space in her tiny home.

Conner wished he hadn’t accidentally eavesdropped on Kagome and caught her answers to a curious Artemis all of those weeks ago.

“Soooo do you like Conner or no?”

“Yeah, I like him, why?”

“Just liked him?”

“He’s a good friend?”

“Girl, as Karen would’ve say, you’re blinder than a freaking mole.”

“Huh? What are you talking about?”


Hearing Kagome saying she only liked him as a friend, hurts.

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The Flash 3x17 Sneak Peek “Duet” (HD) Season 3 Episode 17 Sneak Peek - Musical Crossover Supergirl

Man, if you’re going to construct conspiracy theories about how various media properties are secretly intended to take place in the same universe, at least go all out. Don’t explain to me why Mad Max takes place in the same universe as The Hunger Games; explain to me why Battlestar Galactica takes place in the same universe as Inspector Gadget.

lightsaberwieldingdalek  asked:

I'm a huge fan of crossover fanfics, in any fandom. Do you have any recs?

Foreign Recruit

Heir of Fire

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Naruto of the Shikon

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The Great Escape




Karmic Balance

As Time Goes By

This Is Gospel

red sky in the morning (sailor take warning)

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Seeing and Observing

A Million Second Chances

Justice for All

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