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Character: Spencer Reid x Reader

A/N: I got reply to Just A Dream about doing more of it. So I decided to a sequel just like I got asked to do for Pick One.

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Reader is still having dreams about Spencer. One night while on a case and asleep her hotel room she dreams about Spencer.


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Miami, Florida

It was a hot night down in Miami, Florida. The police department had all its windows open to air out the building. Fans were blowing in every room. You were guzzling down the rest of your bottled water. Emily walked into the room as she tied her hair up in a ponytail. Collapsing down into her chair she groans. It’s been a sweaty, hot, and rough week. With losing another girl to the unsub and the unsub going into the hiding, it was getting harder and harder to close the case. It felt like hell on earth and the temperature was only rising. Oh how you longed to be swimming in the ocean or in a cold pool.

Grabbing a file folder off the table you closed it and began fanning yourself. You catch a glimpse of Spencer loosening his tie. You could see the beads of sweat rolling down the sides of his face. His curly hair was a mess. It started to become frizzy and a little wet from his sweat. You tore your eyes away once the conference phone started to ring.

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I just need JJ freaking out about Emily missing because she loves her and the fact that Emily has gone missing so many times. I mean the Doyle thing where she just left the team to save them when they ended up saving her, “dying” and then coming back, now this whole Scratch taking her. If the writers don’t have jj freaking out then the last 12 years of cm have been super confusing .

milkandcookies528  asked:

Could you do a drabble where Luke asks Morgan permission to propose to his SO (who is bff's with Morgan and has been at the bau as long as Emily)? Thnx.💕💕💜

The Proposal

Luke hummed to himself in attempt to ease his nerves, anxiously drumming his fingers against his desk. Never before had he been so scared about speaking to someone.

He had been in the 75th Ranger Regiment, now he chased down serial killers and he had stared down the barrel of a gun countless times. Yet, here he was petrified of Derek Morgan.

The thought of proposing to Y/N was already terrifying. But, he had decided that the best way to go about it was to ask Morgan for his opinion. He knew how much he meant to Y/N. His blessing would be important to her and, therefore to him.

“Hey Alvez!” Derek shouted over to him, grinning as he approached Luke’s desk. “We couldn’t have met at a more sociable hour?” He glanced around the dimly lit, deserted bullpen. The rest of the team had gone home - with Garcia taking it upon herself to take Y/N to O’Keefe’s for a ladies night.

It had been the perfect opportunity to talk to Derek.

Firstly, if he didn’t approve or got angry about the idea, there wasn’t much he could do in public (never mind in the FBI offices) to seriously hurt Luke. Secondly, it was still private enough that they would be far away from prying ears (especially since Garcia had vacated the building).

Luke coughed nervously trying to clear his throat. Derek shot him a look of concern. He had taken an instant liking to Luke when the team had first introduced them. So, he had been delighted when you had announced that the two of you were dating. Alvez seemed like a good guy, one that put a smile on your face and who Derek trusted to protect you.

He had seen how the former ranger looked at you and it reassured him to know that there was someone on the team who would always have your back in the field, fulfilling the role he no longer could.

“Are you okay man? You look like you’re going to pass out.”

Luke shook his head, waving off Derek’s concern.

“I want- marry- proposal- ask permission.” He blurted out, stammering nervously as he mixed all his words together.

Derek stared at him in bewilderment, placing a reassuring hand on his shoulder. “Slow down there. Just take a deep breath and tell me what’s up.”

Luke sighed softly, running a hand through his hair as he decided to bite the bullet and ask. “I love Y/N and I  want to spend the rest of my life with her.”

Derek raised his eyebrows, attempting to keep the knowing grin off his face.

“I know how much you mean to her and how close you guys are. So, I wanted to ask for your blessing before I proposed.” Luke finished quietly, looking up to try to gauge his reaction.

A moment of silence passed between them before Derek burst out laughing.

Luke just stared in astonishment as the former agent wiped tears of laughter from his eyes, before preceding to tell him that he had already known about Luke’s proposal plans. Garcia had called him to give him a heads up. Apparently, she had been keeping a close eye on his internet history, dropping subtle hints about your dream proposal by making pop-ups appear on his screen.

All his computer trouble over the past two weeks suddenly made sense now.

“She didn’t want to tell you because she knew that you wanted it to be a secret. She also told me you would want my blessing.”

Derek clapped him on the shoulder playfully, grinning at his dazed expression. “I couldn’t be happier for her man. She couldn’t find a better guy.”

Parent’s Like Us

Luke knew he was an idiot. Why would even think about using bananas to feed his newborn child. But in his defense it was in the middle of a football game. One that he had been planning on watching for weeks. He had already told Penelope about it. But of course Penelope had to go into the office that day leaving him with a fussy baby.

“He could’ve choked!” Penelope said cradling Miguel close to her while she whisper-screamed at her husband.

“I’m sorry, I wasn’t thinking.” Luke said solemnly.

“Oh, well sorry fixes everything right? Well i’m sorry that you’re going to have to sleep on the couch tonight.” Penelope said rolling her eyes before storming down the hall into the bedroom her and Luke shared.

Luke cringed when he heard there bedroom door slam. He faced palmed himself and sank into the couch which would become his bed for god know how long.

Luke looked over at his son, study his little features. His skin was light olive color, that definitely came from him. His eye’s on the other hand were his mother’s, a light brown. Both Penelope and Luke had brown eyes, but Luke’s were so dark they almost appeared to be black. Other than his eye’s he was a spitting image of Luke.

Luke ran his finger Over Miguel’s cheek, admiring the softness. A smile crossed his face as he remembered the day he was born. Penelope had been in labor for almost twenty-four hours. Penelope had kicked him out twice, screaming about how it was all his fault. But each time she had let him come back in. His smile faltered after thinking back to what he did last weekend. Penelope had forgiven him, but he still hadn’t forgiven himself. For the past week he had been spending every moment he could with his son.

“Are you coming to bed, soon” He heard Penelope ask from the door frame.

“Yeah, just give me a minute” Luke said never taking his eye’s of Miguel.

Penelope sighed. He had been doing this every since the incident. Even after she she forgave him. And as much as she loved watching him spend time with Miguel, her bed was getting cold without him.

“You know just because you blink, doesn’t mean he’s gonna disappear. Trust me I know. I’ve tried, when you’re out on case he’ll cry for hours.” Penelope said walking up to her husband and placing a hand on his back. She flashed him a warm smile when he looked over at her, hoping to bring him out of his mood.

“I could’ve killed him you know. Did you know that over 12,000 kids a year are taken to the hospital for choking? Do you know how many of them don’t make it?” Luke asked his eye falling back down to his son.

“Ok, when did I marry Reid?” She asked playfully. When he didn’t respond she tried a different approach.

“Okay baby, look at me.” She said grabbing him by the shoulders.  He reluctantly looked at her.

“We are new parents, ok? New parents do stupid things. Some stupider than others, but that’s what they do. And when we do stupid things we just have to rely on each other to fix things. Plus babies are pretty tough, and just think of how tough Miguel his. I mean he has to be he has us for parent’s!” She said adding that last part in to make him smile. It worked because the smile she had grown so accustomed to appeared on his face and made her heart swoon.

“You always know how to make me smile woman.” Luke said before pressing a light kiss onto her lips.

“I know something else that will make you smile.” Penelope said smiling seductively.

“Is that so? What is it?” Luke asked teasingly.

“Oh, Mon cher you’ll have to come to bed, to find out.” She said wiggling out of his embrace and down the hall.

“Goodnight Miguel.” Luke said after placing a kiss on his son’s forehead.

Dedicated to wonderful and forever beautiful @itsdawnashlie

The Knights of Kwantiko--Finale

Previously On…


Part 10

In the days following the defeat of the vicious Scratch beast, the residents of Kwantiko banded together to help restore the kingdom back to its former glory. Neighbors came together to help rebuild those homes that had been destroyed in the fire, and the King and Queen had opened the castle to those who were currently without homes. The renovation process went significantly faster with the assistance of, not one, but both of the powerful wizards. With their magic combined, the destruction brought on by the dragon was repaired almost effortlessly, as if the massive beast had never darkened the kingdom’s doorstep in the first place.

Additionally, Hotch’s two young apprentices quickly showed that they had been trained well by putting their magic skills to good use. After Lady Allyson’s magic arrow brought the beast down, Jack and Henry quickly made their way down to the battlefield to lend their healing powers to the wounded soldiers. By the end of the day, those who had been injured were nearly fully restored—Emily had been a tricky case, but the boys managed to bring her back in the end—and King William could not stop expressing his gratitude to Hotch the Wise for all of his help.

However, the biggest surprise to the kingdom came when the king called the sorcerer to the throne room. Originally, he was to be brought before the royal family to be put on trial for his crimes against the crown, crimes that would undoubtedly lead to him being locked up somewhere that his magic could never hurt anyone ever again. Yet, in light of what had happened with the dragon—and at the princess’ request—the meeting went a little differently.

“Rossi the Cunning,” King William began, “your reign of terror over the kingdom ends today. The crimes you have committed against the crown both now and in my father’s reign have deemed you a enemy of Kwantiko. Your recent kidnapping of Princess Penelope and attack on our Three Brave Knights are grounds for you to spend the rest of your days rotting away in a dungeon, somewhere where your magic can never darken our doorstep ever again.”

King William paused, glancing first at Queen Jennifer and then at Penelope. The princess flashed him a smile, turning her attention towards the sorcerer.

“However, we cannot deny that our kingdom owes you a great debt,” the king continued. “Your magic was a significant asset in our defeat of the Scratch beast. And for that, we will forever be grateful. Whatever you ask of the crown, it is yours.”

This announcement was met with surprised murmurs and shocked whispers from those in the throne room. While many of the court couldn’t deny that they wouldn’t have been able to defeat the dragon without the sorcerer’s help in convincing Hotch the Wise to come out of hiding, they also knew that if he hadn’t kidnapped the princess in the first place and forced the Three Brave Knights to abandon the kingdom when the beast came, they could have taken down the monster before it had a chance to cause so much destruction.

As the murmuring grew louder and slightly angrier, Princess Penelope waved her hand for silence, coming down to the front of the throne.

“My kingdom,” she began, conscious of the fact that her voice was beginning to shake slightly. “I can understand your anger and your frustration. And I know that the sorcerer has caused our kingdom trouble in the past. But let me tell you, while I was in his captivity, he did show me kindness. He helped me to realize that I don’t truly understand magic and the price that it takes. And when our kingdom was in its darkest hour, he could have easily left us to burn and die, but he didn’t. Not only that, but he brought our most powerful ally out of hiding. And for that, we owe him.”

She made her way down the steps and approached the sorcerer, a soft smile lighting up her beautiful face. “You told me that dark magic was never something you truly wanted to practice. I know what your true passion is and I would like for you to be able to practice that passion from now until the end of your days. Will you consider staying on and being the head chef in the royal kitchens?”

Rossi looked temporarily surprised, as if he hadn’t been expecting anything less than being imprisoned for the rest of his life. Not only that, but though he had previously scoffed at the idea of being reduced to nothing more than a mere kitchen servant, now, the thought of doing nothing but cooking for the rest of his life filled his heart with a happiness that he hadn’t felt in a very long time. As if the last of the dark magic was steadily edging itself out of his system.

“My princess,” he began, taking her hand in his and planting a gentle kiss on it, “I would be honored.”


Within a fortnight, Kwantiko was practically back to its old self. With the help of Hotch and Rossi’s combined magical powers, the renovation of the neighboring towns went quickly and smoothly. Young Jack and Henry were instantly loved and adored by nearly all of the women in the town as they used their growing magic skills to help and assist in any way that they could. Although, that was only when they weren’t sneaking into the castle kitchens to grab snacks. While they were initially worried that they would be upsetting the sorcerer by coming in to his new domain, Rossi took a quick liking to the boys and even offered to show them how to create truly amazing food. In fact, he developed such a quick bond with the young apprentices that it was soon deemed his named be changed from Rossi the Cunning to Rossi the Caring.

In addition to being honored for their skills and their bravery, the Three Brave Knights changed their name to the Four Brave Knights. In a special ceremony, Emily of House Prentiss was knighted and named Lady Emily, Knight of Kwantiko. Because her identity as the Black Knight had only been revealed to the small rescue party, she was able to surreptitiously shed her second persona and the story of the Black Knight was able to remain a mystery for many years to come. Ser Spencer offered to help keep that myth alive by inscribing tales about the brave warrior to grace the shelves of the castle library for many generations to come.

Nearly a month after the dragon’s defeat, the entirety of the kingdom was celebrating for a new reason as Princess Penelope and Lord Kevin were married in the Great Hall of the castle. Queen Jennifer and Lady Allyson sobbed tears of joy throughout the whole ceremony, and even Ser Derek had to fight to keep his emotions at bay at the sight of his closest friend finally wedding the man of her dreams.

The festivities lasted nearly a week. The halls were filled with music and dancing, everyone decked out in gorgeous attire. Emily and Derek were quick to show that not only were they skilled on the battlefield, but also on the dance floor, so much so that Penelope actually tore herself away from her newly married prince to dance with her beloved knight. Even Allyson was able to finally coax her brother and his two left feet out onto the floor to dance for a few songs—and though the young scholar would attempt to deny it, he actually did enjoy himself.

As for Hotch the Wise, the defeat of the Scratch dragon was finally able to give him the closure he needed over the loss of his beloved Hayley. Additionally, Rossi’s return to the Light was able to convince him that his magic could still be used for good. And so, at the insistence of the realm’s newly crowned Queen Penelope, he agreed to come out of hiding and live in Kwantiko as the official royal advisor. Jack and Henry were exceptionally excited at the fact that they were now going to be living in a castle with all of their new friends.

King William and Queen Jennifer couldn’t be happier at the state of their kingdom. They knew that under the rule of the beloved Queen Penelope and with the protection of two powerful wizards and four of the bravest knights in the realm, Kwantiko would never again know darkness and despair.


“…and they all lived happily ever after,” JJ finished in a soft voice. She glanced down at the bed beside her to see that little Henry had finally managed to doze off, his face buried into the side of his pillow, his Spiderman figure clutched tightly in his hand.

JJ smiled as she brushed his blonde hair out of his eyes and brought her lips to his warm forehead. “Sleep well, my little prince,” she whispered as she edged herself off of the bed, leaving a glass of water on the nightstand in case he got thirsty. She walked over to the bedroom door, turning around once more to glance at her precious baby boy. She smiled and flipped off the light, quietly closing the door behind her.

As she entered her own bedroom and gratefully crawled back into bed, she was pleased to feel Will’s arms gently wrap themselves around her, pulling himself close to her, kissing the nape of her neck.

“Is he doing okay?” Will asked in a sleepy voice.

“He’s got a fever,” JJ replied. “But I gave him some medicine so he should be good for the night.”

“Let me guess: he wanted a story?” Will asked with a slight giggle. He knew their son was a big lover of stories, especially when his mommy was home to read to him.

“He did,” JJ said. “A brand new story. About a king and a castle.”

“A king
and a castle?” Will repeated, sounding so much like their baby boy that JJ couldn’t fully hide a laugh. “Well, that’s certainly something new.”

“I hate to tell you this,” JJ began, “but I think I may have given him his new favorite story.”

“Well, darn,” Will said, burying his face in her blonde hair. “How on earth am I going to top his new favorite story?”

JJ smiled as she rolled over, laying her head on her husband’s chest. “It’s okay, I can tell it to you.”

“Oh really?” Will asked, sounding delighted. “Well, I would certainly love to hear it.”

“Okay,” JJ replied, snuggling up to Will as he ran his hands through her hair. “Once upon a time in a faraway land, there was a mighty and powerful castle. And in this castle lived a mighty and powerful king…”



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