edits: cm punk

Wholesome and chaste dreams I’ve had about attractive male celebrities

Dwayne Johnson trying to teach me how to drive.

Chris Evans + blackjack. I’m the dealer, he left a nice tip.

Davey Havok offers to babysit my little sister while I run to the store.

Jim-jam adventure with Benedict Cumberbatch, in cave.

Multiple Leonardo DiCaprios and I reenact scenes from Shutter Island and Inception.

Donnie Yen suggests the county fair, wins all the games.

Richard Armitage drops in for family dinner unexpectedly, is ridiculously charming.

Road trip to Vermillion Cliffs with Norman Reedus.

Lee Pace and I paint each other’s faces.

Scooby Doo style ghost hunting with John Boyega.

Jason Momoa gives me a calf massage.

CM Punk graciously agrees to distract the crowd as I sneak out of a turbulent political rally.