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Week Ending June 5th, 2017

  1. Gal Gadot +5
  2. Chris Pine
  3. Cole Sprouse
  4. Sebastian Stan
  5. Tom Holland +3
  6. Chris Evans +9
  7. Jensen Ackles −5
  8. Lili Reinhart +4
  9. Patty Jenkins
  10. Ariel Winter
  11. Katie McGrath −10
  12. Alycia Debnam Carey
  13. Sasha Velour +4
  14. Kylie Jenner
  15. Misha Collins −8
  16. Tom Hiddleston +3
  17. Alexanda Daddario
  18. Bella Hadid
  19. Kendall Jenner −3
  20. Emma Watson −6

The number in italics indicates how many spots a name moved up or down from the previous week. Bolded names weren’t on the list last week.

Originally posted by beardedchrisevans

  • The Carter household just got a little bit bigger. Multiple sources have confirmed to Us Weekly, People and E! News that Beyoncé has given birth to twins. 
  • The newborns arrived earlier this week, according to Us Weekly’s sources. That now makes three children for music’s power couple, Beyoncé and Jay Z, whose oldest child, Blue Ivy, was born in January 2012. Read more. (6/17/17, 11:06 PM)
So here’s the thing...

First off, this is NOT directly related to the Sebastian fan encounter from today, this is an ‘in general’ post. 

I’ve seen some folks asking where to find Sebastian or other celebrities in places that they’re often seen. And I don’t just mean like a general area. They want streets that they’re often seen on.

Most fans, have done a very good job of respecting them and not sharing where  they were when they met someone, which is fantastic. Others not so much.

Please, PLEASE, if you happen to meet any celebrity, whether it be Sebastian, or Chris in an area that they frequent, PLEASE do not tell people where this is. 

Why? Because it can totally disrupt their lives. Many people will purposely go to an area just to try to find them, and if that happens to be around where they live, you’re not only disrupting their private time, but also their lives because how can someone be comfortable near their home if suddenly their fans are all over the area just trying to catch a glimpse? Also, how uncomfortable would you be if random people just flocked to where you frequented just to see you based on your job?

The film/television/music industry is VERY demanding, and time consuming and celebrities get VERY little time off and what little they do get off is precious, hell I work in the film/television industry and its demanding even just on the crew. So please, respect them by not flocking to where they may be, and by not telling others where you saw them if you do. 

If anything, as fans we should be trying to help protect them and their private lives. If you happen to run into them, that’s great! I’m happy for you, but PLEASE don’t go looking for them and PLEASE don’t spread the word of where you saw them if you did. 

I hope this didn’t come off as mean or something but I see this so often and it’s stuff like this that stops celebrities from wanting to meet their fans and maybe even hate their jobs.