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Better ~Casper~

The rain fell peacefully outside, the sound filling your apartment. A small sigh left your mouth as you finished making tea for yourself and your boyfriend. A small smile came to your face as you watched the steam rise from the mugs on the counter after you poured the freshly brewed tea.

Picking the mugs up, you carried them back into the livng room. The lights were dim in the room, the light being enough though to see your surroundings. You could make out the back of your boyfriend’s head, a smile coming to your face. Walking around the couch, you sat down beside him holding out one of the mugs to him.

“Thanks.” He smiled brightly at you as he took the mug and took a sip and placed it down ono the coffee table.

“You’re welcome.” You smiled back as you did the same with your own mug and sighed

He smiled as he turned to you, opening his arms to you in invitation. You laughed quietly as you moved and snuggled against him, your arms slipping around his waist as his arms wrapped around you protectively around you. He moved to where his back was resting against the arm of the couch, you now laying partially on top of him.

“I don’t want to crush you, Casper.” You laughed quietly as you looked up at him, your glasses resting on the bridge of your nose.

“You won’t squish me.” Casper chuckled as he moved his hand and pushed your glasses up for you, “You know… I never understood why you insist on keeping your glasses… Contacts would be easier.”

“Oh, don’t get me started.” You stated and laughed, “You always lose your contacts… You don’t make them seem easy at all you know…”

“Hey, I can’t help it but either way they are nice to have.” He continued as he started to play with your hair, your head resting on his chest lightly, “They are really comfortable.”

My glasses are comfortable though.” You shrugged.

“What if they get a scratch though?” He asked.

“I can still see with them.” You smiled, “Unlike if you tear a contact though…. Then it’s useless.”

“I can always get more though.”

“True, but I also can get another pair of glasses.”

“Ah… That is true..” he sighed, “I guess we just have different tastes when it comes to seeing.”

“Seems that way.” You nodded and looked up at him, “but I think I like you better without glasses.”

“And I think I like you better with them.” He smiled as he leaned down and kissed you sofly, a smile coming to the both of your faces.


Hooray lol I finally found time to type this out on my computer.. Hopefully this short little scenario isn’t as bad as I think it is… I hope you all are still patient with me~ I don’t have any requests so I may start a series as I am at a lost for the one I started…. My apologies