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Smut prompt: fuck buddies that realize they've fallen in love


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*first time writing real smut in way over a year. Yikes.*

It was usually in his bed that they ended up. She has a roommate and that makes things more complicated. Today they barely make it into his apartment before his hands begin to strip her of her clothing. Her dress unzipped with little ceremony before his mouth leads a trail from her neck to between her breasts. She bites her bottom lip, feeding her fingers into his hair, knowing that this is only the beginning of the evenings events.

She’d never had a better lover. She was sure it was because with Killian, she was finally able to set herself free. There was no pressure: no feelings to muddy the waters or make her second guess each action she made. They weren’t trying to impress each other, merely using each other to scratch that intimate itch.

Her bra is left in the hallway, his hands cupping her breasts, teasing her nipples into hardness as she undoes the buttons of his shirt and spreads her palms over his chest. She loves his body: the dark hair that leads down his stomach, the curve of his biceps when he is fucking her, the feel of his ass cupped in her hands as he comes.

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Acquainted with the Night (9/16)

Summary: In a bid for the power born of true love, King Arthur binds Emma to the broken blade Excalibur.  Unbeknownst to him, Killian Jones is bound to the other half, having given himself over to the darkness in order to exact his revenge on Rumpelstiltskin.  He frees Emma from King Arthur’s control, sparking the beginnings of war between Camelot and Misthaven, and a quest to rid her of the darkness.  (No Curse AU)

Rated: M

Warnings: Blood, violence

Words: ~7800

Chapter: Prologue, One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve, Thirteen, Fourteen, Epilogue

Notes: Eternal love and thanks to @ripplestitchskein​ and @unfolded73​ for their help with this fic.  Credit to @seethelovelyintheworld​ for the lovely banner.

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Chapter Eight

Emma tried not to look at him, and she tried to shut him out.  

She imagined the darkness might taunt her, tempt her to leave him behind.  But it only thrashed against whatever magic coated the dagger in Killian’s back, the sensation scraping against her bones.  The voices keened loudly in her ear, a mournful sound that nearly brought her to her knees.  She knew, if she fell, neither of them would get back up.

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listen up kiddos

It’s summer and I don’t have a job yet so I need to edit videos to train.

So any song suggestion for this couples or shows and i’ll put it in the list ™

- Bellarke 

- Evak

- Enjoltaire (movie or 25th musical or modern au with tarjei sandvik moe as enjolras and tyler young as R)

- Lukas + Phillip 

- Malia + Stiles

-Or just a sad song that can be used with a lot of shows because I am a sucker for sad multifandom which I can edit:

- the 100

- skam

- teen wolf

- eyewitness

- ouat

- captain america (stucky cof cof)

- harry potter

- Doctor who (RTD era tho)

- Shadowhunters


Phira’s Fic Rec Project: I Will Choose You, Always

(@xerxesrises​, I don’t have a Tumblr link for this story. If there is one that you’d like me to reblog instead, just give me a shout!)

I am absolutely in love with @xerxesrisesI Will Choose You, Always, which is a super wonderful 4x22 canon divergent fic. What if there was more time before Zelena’s wedding? What if Emma, Henry, and Deckhand Hook, still trapped in the Author’s AU in Operation Mongoose, ran aground on a deserted island?

It’s just so enjoyable to watch as Emma struggles to know how to act around Deckhand Hook, knowing that he is and isn’t the man she loves. And Hook’s development is brilliantly done. I absolutely love this fic, and if you haven’t read it, I hope you give it a shot!


Blunders and (happy) Beginnings; CHAPTER 3; ~ 2, 400 words; FF.NET || AO3

Thanks so much to everyone who left me feedback, it helped a ton in getting me to whip up this chapter in an afternoon!

Verdicts passed and vows made in the wee hours of the night seem to dissipate much like the morning dew when enough sunshine has shamed them back into the realm of those late hours when our defenses are so much lower and our tempers so much easier to excite.

Whether Miss Swan realized that, and counted on it as she made her way down to Lady Ingrid’s breakfast table, is something of a mystery. But one thing is for sure – she must have worried herself about being the beacon of attention into a state far beyond what was required, for Miss Anna Froster probably couldn’t have contained herself from taking over that role even if asked to do so. And, thankfully, no one made such a request.

And thus, while she went on about Hans Islingtons’ rather handsomeness and rather tallness that Emma (and probably everyone else because people characterized by their tallness then to have that effect on others) had observed the night before, her aunt was free to enjoy the glow on her cheeks and the eagerness of her quick, and often unfinished, phrases and had only to ask her, from time to time, to take a breath and a bite and so got to enjoy her hearty appetite as well; her sister got to enjoy much the same things with much more composure and some reserve, while at the same time contemplating the exact number of days she had to wait to start probing Emma with questions about Captain Liam Jones so as to minimize the chances of her friend’s teasing her for it; and Emma got to breathe easily for the first time since she had woken up and decided on pretending that the previous evening had been much like any other evening, and thus got the chance to forget for a bit her own self and to immerse herself in Anna’s obvious giddiness and Elsa’s which she was probably thinking everyone oblivious to.

“I have decided what we shall do today!”

Elsa’s surprise had more to do with Emma’s enthusiastic tone than the words that had come with it. Emma was no stranger to knowing precisely what she wanted to do and leaving the fewest opportunities possible for others to intervene with her wishes or control how she spent her time in any way.

“Have you now? Aunt and Anna have been not five minutes out of the door in their badly veiled pursuit of further intelligence about Mr Islington and you have already formed a scheme for us as well?”

“If you must know, I was hard at “scheming” while we were at breakfast and Anna was describing the precise shade of Mr Islington’s eyes for the fourth time.”


“I swear, this will be my sole commentary on that “predestined meeting, scribbled in the stars”.”

“And yet.”

“Oh, well, my only two then. Would you like to tempt me away from quoting your sister by learning how your time will be occupied today?”

“Am I to be nothing but a listener in this story of my immediate future then?”

“ I suppose you can contribute some of your stoic brilliance as well, if you would just uncross your arms and stop pinning me to the wall with those fine eyes the exact shade of-“

“Oh, do save us both and just reveal your wicked little plan, will you?”

Miss Froster had perfected a particular visage for those exact situation, a perfect arrangement of her features that communicated to Emma that she was listening carefully and agreeing to nothing as of yet. But she did let her arms drop to her side (for all the good that it did when they next came to rest firmly against her hips at Emma’s pronouncement).

“We are to intrude on Mr and Mrs Nolan and take the bothersome captains staying with them off their hands.”

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CSBB Snippet

Here’s a snippet from a CSBB work in progress for you to enjoy!

“Aye, well when you put it like that,” Killian smiled in appreciation to the boy’s words, glad that Henry was understanding and accepting of the marriage just like the Nolans were. “All I can say is thank you, mate.” The pirate didn’t like to think about what would have happened if he didn’t have their blessing to marry Emma. She was his future, and everything he wanted in life was found in Emma. His life had been empty for the centuries he spent chasing down vengeance for his first love by trying to kill The Crocodile.

“How does it feel to be marrying a princess?” Henry questioned as the two took a break from working on the invitations.

“To be honest it’s quite a surprise lad, pirates don’t usually tend to get married,” Killian admitted and took out his flask, drinking a few sips of the rum it contained. From Emma’s constant persistence, Killian did start cutting down how much he drank, although he didn’t see what harm rum could do. He had been drinking it for centuries. However, for Emma, Killian was willing to do anything. “But it’s wonderful, your mother means the world to me and I’m honoured that soon I will be able to call her my wife, and I her husband.”

His response was exactly what Henry hoped to hear. “Except you’re different now, you’re not exactly a pirate anymore,” he pointed out with a small smirk. However, Killian was more than quick to correct him.

“Actually lad, I’m still technically a pirate,” the captain remarked, patting the boy on the back. “But the good kind,” he grinned which caused Henry to chuckle. After all, Killian did still have his beloved ship and dressed like a pirate what with his variety of rings and necklaces.

“You’ve got a point there,” Henry wasn’t going to argue, especially since he agreed with his future stepfather. “And hey, in a couple of weeks you’ll be a pirate prince.”

Captain Hook, the pirate prince? With the proposal and now the wedding arrangements, the thought hadn’t crossed Killian’s mind. Marrying Emma would make him royalty. Him, the man who was abandoned as a child into a life of servitude, a former lieutenant of the Royal Navy before becoming a pirate, was soon going to be regarded as a prince. Well, a pirate prince. “Bloody hell, I never thought of it like that,” he confessed. “Regardless, I’m marrying your mother because of the love we share, not for the title I’ll receive after the union.” Killian expressed honestly. “Now come on, she and your grandmother would have expected us to finish most of the invitations before they get back.“

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The tags I follow are so dead

I haven’t seen it this dead ever. No other hiatus was like this. Bodes poorly for season 7 certainly.
I’ll watch but just because I’m a glutton for punishment I suppose.

But we really have nothing to speculate on. Nothing to be excited about. So I suppose that makes sense.

I miss season 3 it was so exciting and the future full of such possibilities for CS. It’s sad looking back and seeing how they squandered such potential. We had such hope back then.

This last season being the worst waste of potential of them all. Instead of dealing with the traumas of post darkness and death we got double Regina and nonsensical angst.

There was plenty of drama to be had with existing history for these characters without half season separations and grandfather murdering.

Just learning to navigate a relationship after all that happened in season 5 would be all the drama and angst needed.

After last season did it make sense for Emma to keep secrets? For Killian to keep secrets? To do things behind each other’s back? No, they should have been past all that.

It was a very frustrating season, particularly since it’s the last for CS essentially. They could have given us so much more than we got. All those episodes where Colin and Jen barely exchanged a word if that.

I guess they just didn’t know what they had in CS.

If this show is about hope, it’s about hope being squelched under a weight of dreck and sadness, eternal angst with very short bouts of happiness interspersed.

This show is about draining every last bit of hope from the fans until they just wish for it not to be completely destroyed in the end.

@ouatfanfan said: I wasn’t being funny. And I looked into the original. Seems to me there is one big difference that I was wanting to read about. The OPs was about a catholic priest going against his vows in a smut fic. The second story was an Anglican priest that wanted to enter into a courtship but was respecting HIS vows enough to wait until it was proper. Completely different in my perspective. Not that I don’t like smut fics or that I couldn’t like OPs story but I found the idea of seeing courtship not smut. To be more appealing in this case. I’ve seen enough smutty priest Killian fics. That Anglican twist and courtship was intriguing.

That actually wasn’t the biggest difference. As clearly indicated by the anon message I received, there was a similar use of music as a theme. If you’ve read Take Me To Church you’ll know I use music heavily in it, particularly in relation to Father Jones. The songs he’s listening to are not just willy nilly thrown in there to show my love of 80′s rock (which is strong), but tie directly into whatever he was going through at the time. 

There was also the fact that Emma was given the same background with Walsh as in TMTC, as well as Killian being a runner and one third party came to me mentioning that a pictures of a fireplace mantle scene instantly reminded her of a similar one in TMTC. Not to mention Emma worked for him.

Separately none of those things would have been a problem. I don’t own the rights to music being used as a theme, Walsh cheating on Emma, her working at a church, Killian being a runner, or family pictures being on a fireplace. But when you combine them in a Priest Killian story - you’ve got a problem. Same way if someone took the idea of a famous Killian and Emma pretending to date and had this large theme of Emma baking cupcakes throughout like Nowforruin​ did in The Trouble With Faking It. Themes are just as important to a fic as an overall plot.

It goes beyond that though, and I explained that in my original post and won’t be repeating myself. 

I’m glad you found it intriguing and maybe an original idea for it will along that you’ll be able to read, but I will not apologise for protecting my work in any shape or form.