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This is something I’ve been thinking about for several months, and I’d finally like to throw the idea out there. 

Would anyone be interested in supporting/buying an art book featuring art and short stories created by members of the Buffy community on Tumblr?

I would be contributing both art (in the style of the header of this post) and writing, and am looking for other artists/writers as well as people who would like to support the project by purchasing it.

I would be orchestrating this project by creating the layout, getting the books printed, distributing them, etc.

At my local print shop it would cost ~$25 CAD to print a full-colour, 50 page book with softcover binding. My suggested price for the completed book is $30 USD, and a backing of $60 USD would sponsor 1 story or piece of art. (Character/ship/situation of your choosing.)

Please consider reblogging this post to get the word out! If there is enough interest, I will set up a Kickstarter - really hope this works out! And if you would like to contribute to the book, please get in touch with me, @lesbidar, via IM! Thank you so much! 


Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Giles #1 (of 4)

Joss Whedon (W), Erika Alexander (W), Jon Lam (A), Dan Jackson ©, Steve Morris (Cover), Arielle Jovellanos (Variant cover), and Jenny Frison (Ultra variant)
Joss Whedon! Erika Alexander!
On sale Feb 28
FC, 32 pages • $3.99 • Miniseries
From Joss Whedon and Erika Alexander comes a series that returns Buffy’s Rupert Giles to high school! But this time—as a grown man living in a teenage body—Giles will be a student instead of a teacher. At an inner-city LA-area school, when a mystical influence is detected and teachers start to go missing, Giles enrolls to investigate. What he finds is more than vampires and demons; something unusual and frightening is happening here. If Giles can get through one day as a student, he’ll have a chance to find out who, what, and where—but high school is still hell, y’all.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer & Angel’s contrasting endings.

Sunshine is beautiful. It is life giving, renewing and means new beginnings. It can also mean happiness, youth, new beginnings, wealth and original ideas. Overall, it is seen as a positive force. Sunshine feels and looks good, so we embrace it. 

Buffy The Vampire Slayer ends with the sun shining. The slayers have been ‘awoken’, and the battle in the Hellmouth is over. We don’t know what’s next for Buffy Summers- yet judging by her smile, it can only be positive. She’s got her life ahead of her. The ending to this saga is heartwarming and feel-good, as well as leaving the viewer with a sense of triumph.

Rain is more bittersweet and melancholic. Some theorize that rain is the tears of God, men- and even angels. Rain is grim and hard to understand, but ultimately nourishing for the earth. Despite how grim and impactful rain can be, it is worthy of our understanding.

Angel ends in rain, during the night. LA has never been darker, the forces of Wolfram & Hart are out to kill them. If rain symbolizes pain and hardship, then it’ll never stop raining for Angel. He must keep fighting, and the fight will never end for him. It’s a tense, powerful ending that stays with the audience for days. It’s not a cliffhanger- but merely reaffirms what the series is about. If Nothing We Do Matters, Then All That Matters Is What We Do. 

Buffy The Vampire Slayer shows a fight that has been finished. Angel shows a fight that will never stop.