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so i have this headcannon that when ward is caught, he’s brought into interrogation and hill can’t get anything out of him, so she’s like “i think i know someone who’ll get you to talk” and ward’s all cocky like “and who would that be?” and the door opens and nat walks in and she’s like “me. agent eyecandy”

and ward’s like thinking: fuck. i fucked up. i fucked up i fucked

Agents of Midnight Walmart Runs

The team realizes that they’ve brought practically nothing to the motel and are forced to make a quick run to Walmart.

Set after the events of episode 1.20 “Nothing Personal”.

Based on a post by http://agents-of-frickle-frackle.tumblr.com/

Read it here at AO3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/1568525

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Fitz On the Spectrum

I wrote this huge long piece of meta on why I see Fitz as being on the autism spectrum but the words just weren’t working so I erased it. I’m going to try again in a semi-outline form and see if that helps. To begin with I’ll say that it is highly unlikely that they’re writing him like that on purpose, but I guess part of the reason why I see him as being on the spectrum (what was formerly known as Asperger’s before they came out with DSM-V) is because I see a lot of myself in him

Fitz’s stated hatred of change

Of course people don’t like change if it upsets what they’re used to or removes some privilege that they used to enjoy, but all SHIELD agents had to deal with some major change post-Hydra reveal, even if they were Hydra all along. Their new fugitive lives are uncertain, but Fitz of all of them seems to have the hardest time adjusting.

Fitz’s reaction to Ward’s betrayal

Going along with the adjusting to change thing is how the team reacts to Ward’s betrayal. No one likes being betrayed, particularly when your day-to-day activities are based on trusting each other with your very life, but Fitz has a fairly extreme reaction, at least compared to others on the team. If anyone I could see Coulson freaking out, given his team leader status, maybe Simmons because of Ward saving her life, but it’s Fitz who physically lashes out. Sure he’s had his moments with Ward, but I don’t think enough on their own to cause that kind of reaction. (If you’re curious, I could see May physically lashing out, but not in front of the others. Maybe later she’d go punch a wall or something.)

Simmons as Fitz’s ground wire

This goes a bit with the above point about change. Whether you want to ship them romantically/sexually or not, Fitz clearly has a very deep connection to Simmons and is disturbed by the notion that their connection might change or weaken. It’s a very human thing to not want to lose a friend or become a third wheel, but it feels different with Fitz, particularly given the statement by the actors that the characters are just good friends/almost siblings. That doesn’t mean that the show runners can’t tease a romantic or sexual relationship, but it can be read a bit differently. To me Simmons is someone that grounds Fitz, that lets him know that through all the jarring aspects of living in an allistic world, there is something (in this case, someone) that he can count on as safe and constant. Her occasional slight touches (like the knee touch at the pool) can also reinforce this. It’s not uncommon for people with ASDs to dislike touch in some way, and while my experiences can certainly not be held as some kind of standard, I know that though generally I don’t like being touched, even by friends, there are a few people from whom I find touch extremely reassuring and grounding.

Fitz unable to let some little things go

This particularly comes to mind with the sandwich. Logically some part of Fitz knows that the sound or smell could attract dogs or people, but it’s his and Simmons made it for him. Goes a bit with the above point about his connection with Simmons being of prime importance. If someone else on the plane had made him a sandwich, regardless of the type or how good it was, I don’t think it would have quite the same impact.


There’s the danger of falling into the trope of the socially awkward but highly intelligent person having autism thing, but socially awkward and highly intelligent also applies to Simmons and I don’t see it in her at all. Of course no two people on the spectrum are exactly alike, but it makes some sense to me. My thoughts are still a bit jumbled about it, and I know that one can paint many accurate seeming pictures of characters depending on what kind of lens you view them through, but yeah. Thoughts.