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Demon bros falling for an s/o whi is basicacly the child of an angel and a human? This is called a nephilm, and they are basicaly forbiden by heaven


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  • In the beginning, he’ll probably be repulsed
  • And tolerate you because he has some sort of plan for you
  • He doesn’t particular care for you
  • Although he admits your beautiful
  • Eventually he begins to think about it
  • Realises he doesn’t care as much as he once did
  • He’s defied his father, left Gehenna, watched every anime in existence, is an open fan of Boku no Pico…whats he got left to loose?


  • Would never happen
  • Your an abomination in his eyes
  • Your the most vile creature to ever exist
  • And he will obliterate you
  • He considers it a kindness at the very least
  • Putting such a horrible creation out of its misery
  • He won’t stand in the same radius as one for longer then a minute 
  • So theres no way he could end up falling in love with one
  • He’d rather kill himself before he could let that happen
  • Even though he wants to die anyway…my emodemonboi


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  • Amaimon was raised with the believing that these creatures are filth
  • So thats what you are too him
  • However he does seem to like you
  • And this confuses him
  • He doesn’t particularly realise he ‘like likes’ you
  • Amaimon is clueless about love anyways 
  • So he’d probably just ignore you
  • Not associate with you at all
  • Wouldn’t bat an eyelash if you were slaughter in front of his eyes


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  • Same as Lucifer
  • Your nothing but trash to him
  • Your worthless
  • If he doesn’t tear you apart on the spot, he may bring you to his father
  • So that he can do the honours 
  • They may even carve out your heart with their claws and have a stove spirit make you into a feast
  • Thats if they aren’t too sickened by you to consume you 


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  • Honestly has no idea what a nephilim is
  • So your gonna have to explain it to him
  • He’s so excited
  • But super surprised
  • And beyond happy
  • He can’t believe angels are real
  • Let alone God
  • Even if he’s literally the son of Satan
  • He sort of relates to you, your both considered abominations by certain parties
  • Your both children of Gods
  • He just hopes that once he’s worked up enough courage to ask you out you don’t go all Shiemi on him


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  • At first he’s unsure and wary
  • Just because you’ve got heavenly blood doesn’t mean he trusts you
  • He wants to trust you so bad
  • He is religious after all
  • Yukio of course, knows what a nephilim is
  • Probably asks you a ton of questions because theres little information on them other then folklore and such
  • Once he gets to know you better and you earn his trust, he may develop feelings for you 
  • Although you gotta make the first move because this boi is stupid af tbh
  • Like he has girls throwing themselves at him, but he’s still so shy
  • He might ask for your help in expanding his ‘satanic abilities’
  • Or he might even use you to try get what he wants
  • Idk he’s in a really dark place rn…

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 graphic by: @flower-of-assiah

Dirty low res aoex manga-style sketch of Amitiel and Raziel (first time showing you guys what he looks like lol)

They’re my Ao no Exorcist OCs from my Fic Angel Fire and they’re both salty af despite being archangels (well the blond bitch Amitiel has no empathy so she’s basically a demon).

I need time for this and I have none because work that’s why TT__TT

Ao no Exorcist © Kato Kazue

Art © Me

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Hi love! Could you do head canons on what it would be like for yukio to raise a kid? (Whether they're related or not and the differences between if they were related or not)

I’m gonna do this as not related, let’s just say he’s raising some kid for whatever reason? I’m gonna put the kid at two, also I’m gone put Yukio as a little older like late teens early twenties.

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  • At first he didn’t want to
  • His initial thought was to put the child up for adoption 
  • It wasn’t his fault that this kids parents got possessed by a demon
  • It wasn’t his fault they were too high level to get rid off without sacrificing the humans as well
  • It WAS Mephisto’s fault though…because he’s the one who assigned Yukio as their young sons new carer
  • He wasn’t quite sure how to look after this child at first
  • He was a busy exorcist, so he didn’t know how to manage being a father now as well
  • Not that he considered himself a father at this point, he was barely a guardian 
  • Yukio set up a room for him in the room he used as his office in his apartment
  • He just let the child watch TV, and play with his toys, and then feed, bathe, and put him to bed when the time was right
  • The kid always nagged him to play with him, but he would push him away and tell him he was busy
  • He tried to act as nice as he could around the child, smiling and such, but his stressed out nature always came through
  • Then one night, when the put the kid to bed, he refused to sleep without a story
  • Yukio tried to get out of stat first, but gave in
  • So he read the child a story
  • During this time, he remembered how Father Fujimoto would read to him and his bother when they were little
  • He remembered how great of a father he was to them
  • He raised this kid had no-one in the world, all of his family was dead, but he was given a second chance
  • When Yukio looked down he realised the kid had fallen asleep on him and he couldn’t help but smile
  • Overtime Yukio became less stressed, and even a little happier
  • It was like this kid helped him relax
  • Instead of becoming even more stressed by the situation, he embraced it, and thus let out his inner child, un-stressing him a little
  • But he still was busy, and focused a lot more on his work
  • Until one day when they were out in True cross City, and the child saw an ice-cream stall, it was one word that changed his life
  • “Can I get an ice-cream daddy?”
  • Once the kid was old enough to go to school, Yukio loved helping him learn
  • Wether it was learning his numbers, or his hiragana or whatever else, Yukio loved teaching him
  • He was always willing to help out with school projects
  • When he wasn’t teaching, he was most likely prying his son away from uncle Rin who’ll probably corrupt his young mind
  • He doesn’t realise he’s doing it, but he’s raising his hid to be like himself
  • The kids the top student in his class, which makes Yukio insanely proud
  • Although he notices certain traits in the kid
  • Which he wonders if he inherited them from his biological parents
  • He notices he has a low attention span
  • And he’s amazing with animals
  • That little birth mark on his wrist in the shape of a cloud
  • Plus they don’t look that much alike
  • And all of these other things that makes it obvious he isn’t his son
  • Though Yukio doesn’t care, because whenever someone asks, he always introduces them as his son
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