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Sometimes I feel like Luhan’s attraction to CL is more obvious than Chanyeol’s to Dara. Seriously.

Lol, I can’t help but fangirl everytime I see CL dancing with Tao and Suho


credit: bicondovas - the last three gifs

exo-s-not-my-style - the fifth and sixth gifs

pinkoholik - the first gif

ohmandoo - the second gif

choikangtabi - the fourth gif

2n3xoh3re - the third pic

Here's a CL confession for ya

I admit I have a little giggle whenever I read confessions about how CL has ‘changed’ - as if they personally knew her before, or even know her now to be able to say that. And guaranteed in that same confession you’ll find these 5 words: “I’m not a hater, but…”.

I have three words for all you people.

Maybelline New York.