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anichibi-fangirl  asked:

How do you feel about about BakuKami (Bakugo x Kaminari)?

i don’t really have an opinion on it. 

Toshinko, Kacchako, and Todomomo are the only things i ship in MHA (and it took me months before i gave in and shipped them). i’m completely neutral to everything else. overall, i prefer friendship/platonic stuff over romantic and it’s why i got into MHA in the first place b/c of the focus on those kinds of relationships

so.. yeah. no real opinion on it, sorry to say

anonymous asked:

Well wHy cant you just post the fic nOw??? I mean plenty of people are up an- no dude i just love you your writing angst and klance and i cant find any fics

Sorry! I’m trying to keep the time that I post these day-to-day consistent.

Thank you so much, though! This is really sweet???

And… you can’t find any fics? I assume this means you’re looking for more writing and can’t find it if not feel free to come back and specify. They should all be tagged with ‘fic’ ‘fanfic’ and ‘my writing’ on my blog but if you want an easier approach all of my stuff also gets posted on my AO3 account.

tag urself: the playlist concepts based on things i’ve felt in the last few days edition

1) it’s that time of the day where the sunlight drowns the room with soft and muted orange-pink hues. the wind flows through the curtains carrying the smell of vanilla candles and lavender flowers to you. you’re curled up on top of silk bedsheets, overwhelmed by the feelings of longing for a lover.

2) you’re in a convenience store where the buzzing fluorescent lights throw you into a haze. you’ve lost track of time - is it 3AM or 12AM?? who knows (not you). you feel like you’ve entered another world where nothing really exists as you wander the aisles looking for what you initially came in to buy.

3) it’s late at night and you’re in the car with your friends driving into the heart of the city, not really having a specific location in mind. the street lights reflect in your eyes and as the windows are rolled down, the weight of the world lifts off your shoulders. the wind whips through your hair and you feel alive.

4) you’re sitting on a swing in the playground at the edge of the beach. the sound of children laughing and waves reach your ears. there’s a basket filled with fresh peaches, strawberries, and your favorite book next to you. the sun shines brightly above you in a blue sky, decorated with puffy white clouds.

theanimeotakublr9999  asked:

hi! I want to know your honest opinion about kiri//baku, do you think they will be canon and do you think kirishima is gay? I have a feeling that they may be canon.

i think it’s overall a cute ship and it’d be one of the best for Bakugou given their relationship, but i don’t personally ship it. 

i don’t think Bakugou will end up with anyone by the end of the series, because the entire focus is on his character growth and being the best. none of his interactions with any character has been coded romantically (like Izuku and Ochako’s have been, for example, with scenes like “Why does my chest feel like that?” in regards to Ochako’s growing jealousy, and Izuku’s nervousness about being around her and talking to her, and them blushing around each other, etc).

he might end up with someone, but i don’t really see it happening as of now, since his character arc is just about becoming a better person, overcoming his insecurities, and growing as a person. whenever the topic of romance comes up, he’s usually out of panel or out of view because it’s just not part of his character arc.

imo, they’ll probably just end up as really close friends by the end of the series. Horikoshi doesn’t really add a lot of romance or romantic relationships in his works (such as Oumagadoki and Barrage, his previous two manga). there’s usually one central one, and the rest are purely friendship/platonic.

i might be wrong of course, i’m not Horikoshi, but from what i see so far in his writing and his works, that’s what i believe.

and in regards to Kiri, personally, i think he’s bi while overall preferring men. but that’s a personal opinion and we don’t actually know what his canon sexuality/romantic orientation is, and anything i say in regards to that is just a personal opinion based on my observations in canon, it doesn’t make my views canon at all. that’s all up to Horikoshi and he hasn’t said anything as of yet in regards to the character’s orientations, so the fans are each free to make whatever assumptions they wish

(also, and this isn’t in reference to you in particular, but i feel like it needs to be said: it doesn’t really matter if a ship is canon or not. fans can still enjoy whatever ships they like regardless of canon; that’s why fan content exists, after all. canon is canon, but fans are free to follow it or ignore it according to what they enjoy.)