“Leo was so tired. He has his head on my stomach and asked for a sandwich. The assistant asked, ‘What do you want on it?’ and Leo said, ‘Oh, Kate will tell you.’ And Leo just kind of fell asleep. And I did know exactly what he wanted’ this cheese and no tomato and no pickle. I absolutely knew. And I thought, God, that’s really weird that I know this person so well.’ It was brilliant.”


It’s funny when I feel left out, or in the cold, and everyone’s focusing on me. On stage, it’s so much about the music that I feel comfortable. But being the frontwoman is not an easy job, it’s something I’m really proud to be getting better at; performing really well, singing really well and speaking to the crowd – that’s the part I’m most nervous about, like “What do I say that makes me sound cool?”


i. somebody to love - queen // ii. i’m into something good - the bird and the bee // iii. hey leonardo (she likes me for me) - blessid // iv. good girls go bad - cobra starship ft. leighton meester // v. foals - spanish sahara // vi. did i mention? - descendants // vii. strange love - halsey // viii. all of me - john legend // ix. walking on sunshine - katrina and the waves // x. beth - kiss // xi. sally’s song - the nightmare before christmas // xii. out of the woods - taylor swift // xiii. home - glee cover// xiv. just give me a reason - pink // xv. tiny dancer - elton john


I had to grow up sooner than most people had to because when I was 7 years old I became the man of the house. I’ve always felt older, like, I’ll give you an example. When I go to a party and see people my age, and I see what they’re doing, I think, Fuckin’ pathetic. You guys are acting like fucking losers with your fucking shots and everything in your fucking life is online with your fucking Snapchat fucking filter with your dog ears. I don’t know, I just feel older.