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anonymous asked:

What would you say are some of Jason's less appealing qualities?

Oh good lord we’re gonna be here all fucking day. Alright, let’s get started;

  • He’s predisposed to violence. Can he handle situations any other way? Sure. But will he? Probably not.
  • He’s emotional to the point of being childish sometimes. Has absolutely no chill, and if he’s really emotional about something, there’s almost no chance he’ll even glance at logic or reason.
  • He’s an asshole. He is–he isn’t always, but he can be and often is. 
  • Can be very defensive, and when he is defensive, his protocol is “the best defense is a good offense” meaning he’ll lash out at people. He’s much more perceptive than he generally gets credit for, he knows exactly what to say to make someone hurt, will pinpoint the worst possible thing you could say to that person–and he’ll fucking say it. Whether or not he actually thinks those things, he’ll say it because he wants to create distance and in his mind the best way to do that is to make people hate him. He’s very good at it.
  • However, he’s very hypocritical about this and if you do the same thing to him, that’s it game over you are shut out for basically the rest of eternity.
  • Believes in second chances in theory, in practice he’s actually not very good at offering them to people who’ve hurt him specifically. Even if they didn’t mean to, even if they didn’t know they were doing it, instead of telling them and talking about it, he’ll shut down and that’ll be the end of that.
  • In fact, he’s bad at talking about anything that matters. It’s like pulling teeth getting him to talk about anything. Especially where feelings are involved–sure, he’s a highly emotional person but god fucking knows he does not wanna talk about it.
  • Spent several years making most of his money off the import and export of drugs despite hating them and being very prone to killing dealers. The hypocrisy is real.
  • Prone to self pity about being alone despite the fact that he in fact sabotages his own relationships–prime examples of this are with Barbara and Roy. Literally, those relationships would have continued to be healthy and good for him and probably even triggered some good old fashioned personal growth, but when people get too close he panics and destroys the relationship so dramatically, that most people would not bother to try and fix it. 
  • He’s prone to torturing people, this is canon knowledge, generally speaking if they’re the kind of person you could torture intel out of, he’ll do it and he doesn’t really care.
  • Incredibly suspicious of authority figures no matter how on the level they might be to the point of this causing a lot of problems.
  • Has a lot of mental health problems he won’t do anything about even though help has been offered. 
  • He’s straight up difficult to get along with. He’s prickly and unpleasant and often willfully so. He’s not easy to get along with if he doesn’t want to be and even sometimes when he does. 
  • He will deviate from plans, making him something of a liability. If he thinks that the non lethal route is going south, regardless of how much he may have sworn not to use lethal force, he’ll do it. And he won’t be sorry about it. 
  • Is exactly the kind of person who has googled “How to apologise” at least once in his life. Can’t do it, doesn’t know how, and again, is kind of like pulling teeth. 
  • If you give him an ultimatum where an option is to leave regardless of how reasonable the other option is, he will in fact choose wrong. Always. Without a doubt. He is always looking for an exit from most relationships and interpersonal conflicts. Any chance you give him for an out, he will take it, he’s flighty as fuck. 
  • He has zero concept of backing down–even if he realises midway through a conflict that he’s wrong and that he needs to stop, he won’t. He’s very much an in for a penny, in for a pound kind of person in the worst way possible. Please see: the Under The Hood arc. He could have backed down, but he won’t ever even if he knows he’s wrong, because he hates admitting he was wrong. So he will literally self destruct and take people down with him to avoid doing so.
  • In a slightly less sinister point: he’s a neat freak, it’s a problem, he’ll probably alphabetize your spice rack if you let him.

Disclaimer: Admittedly all of these things are true and there’s probably several other things I’m not remembering but he isn’t willfully most of these things–some are definitely conscious actions, others are not.