I’ve already accepted that this is probably gonna end with Teru being like ‘haha sorry Kageyama-kun I just wanted you to feel good about yourself’.

But you CANNOT convince me that Teruki “Thinks It’s Acceptable To Wear Red Shorts Over Black And White Camo Pants” “Can Only Think About How Amazing Mob Is While Being Blasted Off Like Team Rocket” Hanazawa was actually lying about anything he said.


Whoniverse: Class - I’ll take you to the very end of this world.

Ziam time is a fun time every time

YOu guys! YOU GUYS. So, tomorrow is obvs Part III of Our Thrilling Marilyn Monroe Murder Mystery Day (I made that up but it felt right and it felt important to give it a Wednesday day), but I think we should also try something new, because this fandom has been super balls lately and I dunno about you, but i would prefer to also cry and poorly caps lock spell about Zayn and/or Liam. So if you’re on board with me, send me some shit - videos, gifs, a “remember when Zayn/Liam/Ziam did this thing and we all cried about it” (and 1d day anon, you’re wish is my command tomorrow cuz we gon’ do that). Also, its casual and you totally don’t have to send me anything I can just cry here about ziam by myself Nuhbigdeal (but it’s more fun to cry together).

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sherlockshuck  asked:

A) OMG Percival and Gwaine B) Please do a Helnik/Zelvar domestic AU with kids

a) not in that fandom, sorry b) here you go ♥ it’s long ofc. i shamelessly love prompts about the future that i can get sappy and cheesy with??? so thanks for this!

  • this is some time way into the future
  • like i said with kanej, a minimum of ten years after ck
  • and nina makes sure they’re definitely on the same page about how they would raise their kids first, particularly if they have a girl because…matthias was raised ignorant let’s be real
  • they’d have the nicest house
  • a towering three story made of scalloped shingle sidings and patterned stone. it’s embellished with those classic finishings like gabled roof, conical tower, broad porch, ornamental spindles, white trim.
  • no one else in the area has a house like this, they had it custom built, inspired by something they saw in passing once
  • matthias has his concerns when he sees the finished product, “it…looks like a cake?? please tell me the whole point wasn’t so it looks like a cake!”
  • inside there’s a lot of white and sleek lines and small pops of color in the accents
  • but basically they regret all the white because not only do they have a dog, they end up having twins
  • and once they’re toddlers, little grubby hand and paw prints are all over the white marble day in and day out
  • matthias runs around the house after them with cleaning products, wiping down everything they touch
  • they laugh at him
  • he thinks they roll around the dirt on purpose just to track it in the house and watch him in a cleaning frenzy
  • nina flops on the couch mid morning, “how are they this energetic? the day just started! i blame you for this.”
  • “me? what did i do?”
  • “no children of mine would ever be morning people. it must be in your genes.”
  • “i don’t think that’s how genes work.”

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@the-malevolent-muffin replied to your post “Consider: Kanda having problems with sensory overload for the first…”

Remember during the Alma arc when the Noah attacked, Kanda suddenly grabbed Road and Allen was like “You could move that whole time??? Wha,” and Kanda said “Shut up it took me a while to process the situation.” I feel like he does struggle

Also I know that’s a shit summary I can’t quite remember but I hope you know what I’m talking about lol 

I never thought of it that way! I assumed that he