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Mo̕rt̛a̵l ̢k̀ing̵s̀ ar̵e ͡ruling ̀c͡as̛tle͠s.͠..

W̶él͡c̷ome ̀to my ̨wo͡r͡ld ̧of fun҉…

L̕i̶a͜rs͠ ̛s҉e̷tt̸le ͢i͟ntǫ ͜s͞o͝cke̵t͢s͠.̨..

F̸li̕p the̶ sw̴i̶tc͡h͘ ͡a̡nd̛ w͏a̸t̕ch ̛t̶h̴eḿ ҉R͟U̵N̸

So, I had been just working on the first gif…and then I had the idea to add Anti and Dark into the song :) Hope you enjoy!

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                           A Z R I E L — C A S S I A N — R H Y S A N D

First Cassian and Azriel appeared in the doorway. The High Lord’s general and shadowsinger—and the most powerful Illyrians in history. They were not the males I had come to know. Clad in battle-black that hugged their muscled forms, their armor was intricate, scaled—their shoulders impossibly broader, their faces a portrait of unfeeling brutality. They reminded me, somehow, of the ebony beasts carved into the pillars they passed. And then Rhysand appeared. He had released the damper on his power, on who he was. His power filled the throne room, the castle, the mountain. The world. It had no end and no beginning. No wings. No weapons. No sign of the warrior. Nothing but the elegant, cruel High Lord the world believed him to be. His hands were in his pockets, his black tunic seeming to gobble up the light. And on his head sat a crown of stars.