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My Creations ↠ Hogwarts Houses Pt. 2

1) The issue with Kylie Jenner is that she does not realise how much influence she has on young girls and continues to deny that she had work done on her body. She just needs to own up to some things .

2) There is nothing wrong with makeup but when you constantly send messages throughout the world with your unrealistic face and body goals, something is wrong .

3) Don’t come at me with the excuse that it’s her choice and freedom. We wish the world was that simple. People are doing stupid things because it is their right? Freedom? Choice? I call that bull. Just because it’s your choice and I know it’s bad, I can’t and won’t respect it.

Edit 1: 4) Being sexualised and at such a young age is not admirable.

5) She appropriates black culture and is willingly ignorant.

P.S. At the end of the day, what girls are learning from her are superficial things. You want to deny this truth, you can.

Edit 2: P.P.S. I really wanted to add something. I know how influenced Kylie is because of her family, but sometimes I just think that you can’t make that excuse all the time because today we have so many resources that tell us what is right or wrong. Just because you are ignorant about something doesn’t give you the pass to use the “family - influenced pass”. I also understand that she felt the need to be something she isn’t, but when you have that money, can’t you choose a better lifestyle or something which doesn’t make you feel pressured? What irks me is that she complains about feeling pressured by everyone but at the same time does the thing she “realises” is not good. She is so hypocritical. I also understand that life can’t be changed that easily but I have never seen her make the effort. It all feels so shallow.

It took me a while to post this because I had to edit the text…that’s always what holds me up. Full story under the read more

Here we have the presidents son out walking his dog with his 2 guards in tow
Umbra’s after making things awkward with a total stranger who whips around ‘oh em gee your dog got further than any date ive ever had’ and of course Noct is mortified D:
Ignis and Gladio are just like 'Dog?!?! what’s wrong with you??’

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“You’re alive,” she whispered. “Really alive.”
With a slow wonderment he reached to touch her face. “I was in the dark,” he said softly. “There was nothing there but shadows, and I was a shadow, and I knew that I was dead, and that it was over, all of it. And then I heard your voice. I heard you say my name, and it brought me back.”
“Not me.” Clary’s throat tightened. “The Angel brought you back.”
“Because you asked him to.” Silently he traced the outline of her face with his fingers, as if reassuring himself that she was real. “You could have had anything else in the world, and you asked for me.
She smiled up at him. Filthy as he was, covered in blood and dirt, he was the most beautiful thing she’d ever seen. “But I don’t want anything else in the world.

City of Glass, chapter 20 

phil’s sleepless night notes:

that was the least convincing video i have ever seen and here is why, and how he definitely screwed up:

the bag of espresso beans doesnt even appear to be opened:

the room is absolutely tiny, and where he sets his camera to show us the pictures is in fact the back wall of the room
notice how he moves out of his room as quickly as possible, and never once shows the other side of it

phil states that he JUST went into the room to update games, and the game says:

meaning that he just started updating it, at 20:21. 
whats weird about this?
well, its supposed to be nearly 3 AM and he can sleep but no, its actually 8 PM. it’s not even past midnight. (we know this for sure, and I’m not saying it was all staged but…)
also notice how he never once shows windows, or clocks, only times he edited in

here’s the reflection on the ball hanging from the ceiling. timestamp: 6:48

if it’s 3 AM, then it definitely should not be this bright. (you can even see a supposed window on the right) i think these are all just more hints, because there is no way he could have missed that many things while editing.

phil say’s he’s going to bed, so he goes upstairs, because thats where his room should be, but then walks downstairs again, for no apparent reason. why would he go upstairs just to go into the office for a few minutes?
i think that he went up stairs to film the part where he’s in his room, then went back downstairs to go to sleep in their room, and simply switched up the order of the clips (or maybe its the other way around with their room upstairs and his downstairs, but you see my point)

here’s my theory:
what if he only uploaded this so that we start to talk MORE about the sleeping together theory
if he wanted to have us stop talking about it, then he should have done anything BUT this, and I’m sure he knows that

all in all, the video was so random. he wasnt awake at the time he claimed, and was pretty much anywhere but his room. 
he’s trying to prove he sleeps in his room by making us aware of how tiny it is, how does that add up?
essentially, the entire video is fake, and there’s 2 possibilities:
1. he  posted it because he knew we would talk more about it, and thats exactly what he wants; there’s no way he didn’t do this on purpose
2. he tried so hard to prove us wrong that he did this video last minute and never even realized all of the things he tried forgot to edit out. 

Wanna-One Kang Daniel Prince!AU (Part 1)

For anon; I don’t really know much about royalty things so bear with me lmao. You can find part 2 here. Enjoy! (You + Kang Daniel)

A/N: Edit above is not mine, all credit to the fan who survived long enough to finish making this! (sorry I don’t know who made it, if anyone does let me know and I’ll give credit)

  • Okay so let’s make up a fictional country
  • And in this fictional country, there is a royalty system; and the prince is guess who Kang Daniel
  • Doesn’t have many actual responsibilities as of now because mostly the King and his assistants take care of everything
  • Daniel’s job is basically to not fuck up in public and to uMMM u know carry on the dynasty 👀
  • He’s still in college but doesn’t really talk to anyone other than his close friends that he’s known since middle school
  • (like a F4 thing from Boys Over Flowers LOL)
  • His parents (the King and Queen in case that wasn’t clear rip) actually told him to not really talk to other people because they were afraid Daniel would be taken advantage of
  • But never fear Daniel has his good ol comrades: Ong and Jaehwan
  • Those two also had some kind of connections to people in positions of high power, whether that be through business, music, etc.
  • Despite how powerful they are, they surprisingly aren’t all that bad of people; all of them are pretty nice even if they slack off sometimes on their schoolwork lol
  • But people generally think of them as unapproachable (which they kind of are, because they’ve known each other since forever and trust one another wholeheartedly)
  • Anyway Daniel bodyguards and people who escort him to school, but that got awkward so he insisted on being by himself at least while on the school campus
  • Girls (and guys) flocked around them 
  • How convenient, a bunch of handsome people all hanging out together. Makes for some good pictures
  • You kind of… distantly knew Daniel, but obviously not well
  • One of Daniel’s older friends who wasn’t in college, Jisung, was your cousin
  • Daniel and Jisung’s parents were friends, but the two connected very well lol
  • Jisung and Daniel were practically like family despite their age difference, so you used to hang out with Jisung at the Kang’s palace when you were young b/c Jisung was in charge of babysitting you a lot lol
  • You three would do Cute Things™️ like play board games and play tag and draw pictures and giggle 
  • The King and Queen always liked treating you all to foods and buying you games; they even installed a swimming pool in the palace so that you three could learn to swim together there
  • But ever since Jisung started going to middle school, the time was greatly reduced for the three of you to hang out
  • (I’m thinking ages around… Jisung being 12, Daniel 6, you 5 or something. up to you lmao it doesnt matter)
  • So you pretty much had no contact with Daniel for many years
  • But now, you were both in the same school
  • Of course this probably wouldn’t change much because obviously you hadn’t known or talked to him for many years
  • You were shocked at how… well he grew up
  • He was really tall now, and really handsome,,, and also really off limits lol
  • You saw him again for the first time in your math class, you were a couple classes ahead so the both of you were in the same class even though you were younger
  • You had seen him on tv and in photoshoots but you had no idea how much better he looked in real life, which was really something considering he looked perfect in pictures as well
  • He didn’t seem to recognize you though, which made perfect sense since you guys hadn’t met in years
  • Maybe he’d remember my name?
  • But when the teacher called for attendance in the math class that day, Daniel showed no reaction when you got called
  • You had to admit you were disappointed, but it wasn’t a big deal
  • You thought you wouldn’t be like all the other girls, fawning over Daniel, because you knew what a n00b he used to be, but here you getting all embarrassed over how attractive he was lol
  • For the rest of the semester, you just kinda stared at Daniel from afar, never approaching him or giving him gifts or anything because you thought it would be weird for you to do that
  • He was always just giggling and fooling around in class
  • He was one of those students who wasn’t that amazing at school but was charming and happy, making the teachers and other students love them anyway
  • Would always participate in class with wrong answers, and bicker with the teacher jokingly
  • Only a certain type of person could do that LOL and it wasn’t just because he was the Prince, he was genuinely a fun guy
  • When the winter holidays rolled around, though, things changed
  • You read on the news that the palace was looking for a potential spouse for Daniel, so they could ensure the continuation of their dynasty
  • And just a day later, you got a call from Jisung, asking if you could come over to his place
  • He told you that the royal family was having a New Year’s ball, and asked if you wanted to go instead of him because he already had plans
  • You had nothing better to do, so you said it was fine lets not kid yourself you wanted to see someone
  • Jisung, being the lovely cousin he was, had already ordered a dress for you :’)))
  • Jisung the OG Fairy Godmother
  • For the next couple of days, you were just a ball of nerves; you had never been to one of these parties before
  • Jisung went every year, but you never went because typically people under 13 couldn’t go (unless you were royalty)
  • You pretty much hid in bed and googled how to act at parties until December 31st rolled around
  • You did your own makeup and hair, which was… difficult but you ended up satisfied
  • You didn’t look extravagant, but you were pretty
  • You arrived at the palace, and pretty much just stood there awkwardly because you had no friends and no escort at the party
  • But food is always a reliable friend so you headed over to that area
  • And you found… a whole tray of different kinds of cheese. You instinctively squealed at all the cute little cubes
  • You stacked up enough food to fill you with happiness and sat at a table by yourself, in the corner, slightly in a blind spot from the rest of the party
  • A perfect hiding spot !
  • As you looked around, you started feeling kinda weird
  • Everyone at the party was so FANXY (dean if ur reading this i love u)
  • You were also wearing a quite expensive dress but everyone there oozed this aura of class and sophistication
  • ANd here you were building a jenga tower out of carrot sticks
  • Oh well. You didn’t know what you had to gain out of being at the party; you came out of curiosity to see the palace again and Daniel, but you hadn’t even seen the latter yet
  • All that happened so far was the pain of your feet in the high heels you were wearing
  • You leaned down in your chair, taking your heels off and massaging your feet, the tablecloth sort of covering your head
  • You were just rubbing away the pain when you heard two familiar voices
  • “All of the women here are just… not what I was hoping for,” a woman said
  • “Yes, it would be nice if we got to see if they were actually good people instead of just them trying to say what will impress us,” a man replied
  • “Daniel doesn’t deserve someone who just wants to take advantage of the throne. The princess should be someone with a good heart, not someone with good makeup artists” 
  • Without thinking, you exclaimed “Oh yeah, that’s such a good perspective, I totally agree with that,” head still under the table
  • You heard gasps behind you, the people were shocked
  • Hmm, maybe I can talk to these people so I won’t be alone anymore
  • You tried to get up, banging your head in the process, and said “Oh, I’m sorry about that, nice to meet you, I’m (Y/N)”
  • And thEN you looked up… to find staring at you the King and Queen
  • sdklfjksldjfKLJSDKEILFDKSJKlsd WTF NO
  • “Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry for interrupting you, uhhh thank you for serving us so well hah” you mumbled out, starting to run away
  • And then you realized you hadn’t put your shoes on yet, stopping in your place
  • The King and Queen were still standing there, staring at you
  • You walked back to your shoes, and started to put them on
  • “Leaving my shoes behind? I guess I think I’m like Cinderella or something”, you tried to joke, making an awkward smile
  • You started to cringe, about to run again, but then you heard laughs
  • The King and Queen were totally cracking the fuck up at your bad joke
  • Was it really that funny? uh okay i guess whatever works???
  • “What’s your name again?” the Queen asked through her laughter
  • “Uh it’s (Y/N), are you guys hiring for a royal jester position or something”
  • They started their laughing fit all over again, before the King suddenly stopped
  • “(Y/N)? Isn’t that the name of the little girl who always used to come over and play with Jisung?”
  • “Uh yep that’s me all right, Jisung gave me his invitation this year to come on behalf of him, he was busy”
  • The King and Queen gasped and then both hugged you, just like they had in old times
  • “You have grown up so well! Do you still enjoy cheese? I remember the chefs always had to restock every time you and Jisung came over,” the Queen said
  • “Uh. Yeah I still like cheese I guess, haha..”
  • “Oh my goodness! Have you met Daniel yet? I’m sure he’d be so excited to see his old childhood friend! Let’s go meet him now, (Y/N)”
  • oh god no nog no no nson on o no no no . n on no awkward nono no no
  • “Oh gosh no that is totally all right I’m doing just fi–”
  • “What do you mean, you’re sitting by yourself like a loser, you probably know nobody here” the king laughed out
  • … bruh
  • The royal parents escorted you to see Daniel, earning looks from the rest of the people at the party, as you internally freaked the fuck out
  • oh my gosh he has been in my math class the entire year he would think it is so weird that i’m approaching him now oh god and his parents are here too they’re making such a big deal about this–
  • “Okay (Y/N) just wait here, we’ll find Dan and bring him in, just wait”, the Queen said, plopping you down on a fancy couch in one of the other rooms of the palace
  • The Queen and King walked out, giggling to themselves as they searched for Daniel
  • “I think she’d be a really good choice for Daniel, she was such a fresh breath of air!”
  • “Yes, and they’re both friends! How adorable,”
  • Time passed by in slow motion as you sat in the room by yourself
  • You got up and started pacing around to attempt to calm your nerves
  • You hadn’t even seen Daniel the whole time you were here, and now you were going to be alone together? He would find out that you were in his math class the whole time and then that would be super weird
  • You picked up random objects in the room and looked at them, as the butterflies in your stomach stirred up some tsunamis
  • You were in the middle of looking at all the books on the shelf, when you heard footsteps walk into the room
  • You whirled around, and found yourself making direct eye contact with Daniel, in a black and white checked suit (the same one as in the picture hehe)
  • “Uh, hello?” Daniel’s deep voice called out to you
  • “…Hi,” you meekly responded, tucking some hair behind your ear
  • Jeez (Y/N) why are you so nervous…
  • “Do you want to sit?” Daniel motioned to the couch, walking over to it himself
  • This was the most serious you have ever seen him, and you were shocked by it
  • “Uh yeah, so I guess your parents told you but apparently we used to be childhood friends, I’m (Y/N), Jisung’s little cousin, we used to play togeth–” you started to explain, before Daniel interrupted you
  • “I know who you are.”
  • You finally met his eyes, taken aback by his strong gaze
  • Is he mad? Wha–
  • “Why didn’t you say hello earlier? In math class?” he continued
  • Well this managed to turn more awkward.
  • “Oh…” you started, fiddling your fingers, “I thought you didn’t remember me, so I thought it’d be weird to talk to you again,”
  • You glanced up at him, only to find his eyes curved into cute little crescents, his deep laugh finally escaping his mouth
  • “Jesus, I can’t believe we both thought the same thing. I thought you didn’t remember me. I was hurt, (Y/N)!” He exclaimed, playfully shoving you
  • You sat there in shock, as Daniel started rattling off stories of what you two used to do, ruffling your hair (messing up your hard work, although he barely noticed that)
  • “You remember me?” You quietly asked, letting your thoughts loose
  • “(Y/N), Jisung talks about you all the time, even if I wanted to forget I wouldn’t be able to, you crazy cat”
  • You looked up at him and couldn’t help but blush
  • He was so pure and happy, and it made you feel wonderful
  • The two of you just sat there in the room for another 30 minutes, chatting about old times and how you’d been for the past… many years
  • You hadn’t talked in years, but for some reason the both of you just connected well, genuinely interested in what the other had been up to
  • Too soon, it was time for Daniel to go back to the party and do some wishes for the New Year
  • “I’m so glad we met again, I was honestly so lonely at the party because I don’t know anyone, even your dad called me a loser”
  • “I’m actually pretty lonely at these parties too; Seongwoo and Jaehwan usually have their own commitments to be at today, I’m glad you’re here, (Y/N)”
  • You smiled at him, the both of you kind of inching towards another for a maybe hug, but you guys just did some awkward movements and ended up in a weird handshake
  • Daniel scratched his face, embarrassed, and said he would see you later, running off back to the party
  • You sat back on the couch, laying down sprawled everywhere, letting what had happened in the past couple of hours sink in
  • Did that really just happen?
  • You excitedly thought of all the things the both of you had to talk about, feeling fulfilled that the mystery between you two had been sorted out
  • You were so happy that your childhood friend that you cherished so much was not lost forever!
  • If you didn’t have a crush on Daniel before, you definitely did now.

Part 2

A/N: So I was planning for this to be done in one shot, but it turned out more intense than I had anticipated LOL

Hopefully this will be wrapped up in the next part; I really enjoyed this concept! 

Traiterous Heart (In A Heartbeat fanfic)

So, I’ve watched @inaheartbeat-film and holy shit, it’s so adorable, I pretty much melted into my chair. So, ofc, here’s some fanfic, and ofc it’s fucking long because I cannot, for the life of me, write short things. Enjoy :) part ii will be coming soon as well. 

None of the characters belong to me. Also, I made up background characters for storytelling purpose. 

read here on ao3 

prompt me! my fandom list is on my blog. 


part 2 here

Sherwin’s mommy wears daddy’s heart on a necklace, and his daddy wears mommy’s heart in the pocket of his shirt every day, and Sherwin thinks this is how it’s supposed to be. 


Their kindergarten teacher reads them stories about a knight and a princess falling in love, their hearts jumping out of their chests and holding hands after the knight saves his princess from the evil dragon guarding her, and Sherwin listens to their teacher explains that hearts know true love. 


When he’s in 1st grade, his auntie gets married to her boyfriend, and Sherwin is very happy when he watches her walk down the isle, her heart jumping up and down on her shoulder while her fiancé’s heart waits anxiously next to him. When they embrace at last, Sherwin sniffles and hides his face in his mommy’s skirt. She smiles down at him and pets his hair. “One day, when you’re all grown up, and your heart has picked a nice girl for you, mommy’s gonna cry at your wedding, too.”, she tells him sweetly, and for some reason, Sherwin’s chest feels a little weird. He isn’t sure why, and as soon as he’s got ice cream at the reception, he forgets about it anyway. 

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The Starks (Peter Parker x Stark!Reader) Chapter 2

Relationships: Tony!Father x Reader!Adoptive daughter           

Peter Parker x Reader

Um I need to say that This story was planned last year so it won’t match with the plot of Spiderman Homecoming. Just a fanfic you know….

Let me know if you want to be tagged!

+) minor edits made because i got confused with when American high school’s over. (in Korea school’s over around 6 o’clock p.m.)

Chapter 1


[Name] picked up her bag and headed to the kitchen. It had been a crazy week. Going shopping with Pepper, getting to know other Avengers, learning rules of the Tower, things like that. She entered the kitchen and everyone were there, enjoying their breakfast.

“Good morning, [Name].” Vision was the one to greet her first. Everyone turned around to do the same. [Name] returned their greetings and sat down next to Natasha.

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malec fics I’ll probably never write but someone definitely should and also tag me so I can read them, edition #2:


  • “I think we should get a divorce.” Alec and Magnus have been married for years but they’ve been slowly drifting apart. They both work too much, they barely see each other anymore and when they do, they fight over petty things. A divorce is probably the best solution at this point. The spark has faded. But neither of them has ever been one to give up so easily so they decide to give it a last shot. Because relationships, they take efforts, right? And maybe there’s a way for them to reignite that lost spark. A story about how to fall in love all over again.
  • (that’s a lie, i’m working on that one with Jackie but when i put it in the draft, i wasn’t, i swear to magnus babe… oops.)
  • Jurassic World AU. The Morgenstern Global Corporation, whose heir Sebastian helps design the dinosaurs, has reopened Jurassic Park for five years now, with little to no incident to account for. Alec Lightwood has been the park’s operations manager for just as long, and he doesn’t like Sebastian one bit, but his job is to keep the park running and the guests happy, not to question his boss’ dubious morals. This may have to change when he meets Magnus Bane, the cynical, slightly condescending and definitely unimpressed dinosaur expert and trainer who is called to evaluate the paddock of Sebastian’s newest creation, only to realize he has created a new hybrid dinosaur that even him has no idea how to control. Alec might be more willing to listen to the guy if he wasn’t a complete asshole and so sure of himself, but when they detect a breach in the dinosaur’s paddock, they have no choice but to team up to stop that beast before it is too late.
  • Alec and Magnus are both street artists, their names renowned in the streets of New York and slowly spreading across the globe. They both remain completely anonymous, but the press likes to pin them against each other, always wondering how one is going to answer to the other’s art. Mostly, they do their own things and if they broach the same subjects (with a common tendency at dragging in the mud their current bigoted president, Valentine Morgenstern), it’s simply because they share the same conviction that they shall not keep silent in the face of injustice and discrimination. In their private circles, they’ll willingly admit that they’re both fans of the other’s work, but they’ve never met each other. That is, until Jace/Izzy asks Alec to come to their girlfriend Clary’s exhibition in Brooklyn and he meets a sparkly man with a flirting smirk and the kindest eyes he’s ever seen. AU where Magnus is Banksy and Alec is Shepard Fairey or JR. They meet, fall in love, and revolutionize the street art scene in New York one tag at a time.
  • Alec jogs in the same park every day at 5pm and every day, no matter the weather, he sees the same guy sitting on the same bench by the pond, reading a book, writing on his tablet, talking on the phone. They share a smile every day. When he feels particularly bold, Alec even waves at him, and the man always waves back. He’s very pretty and he seems kind and smart if the books he reads are anything to go by, and Alec is slowly building the courage to ask him out to that cute little coffee shop right next to the park. So when the guy disappears for two weeks, he worries. It happened before that he disappeared for a day or two, but never two whole weeks. When he finally reappears, Alec’s legs work on their own. His body leads him right in front of the stranger and his mouth is opening before he can stop it, “Where the hell were you? I was worried!”
  • Alec and Magnus, both single dads, team up against their kids’ teacher, after they were punished for arguing with said teacher, a homophobic asshole. A power couple in the making.

anonymous asked:

How do I keep myself motivated when writing? I am the type of person who gets really into writing a story and suddenly gets a new idea, so I cease the previous one. What do I do about that? So far I just either watch the exact same think that inspired me or just force myself to write. It becomes sloppy after that though.

There are a few ways to try and combat this. Just figure out which one works best for you. Also, keep in mind that like with anything else in writing, there is no magical cure-all remedy. A lot of it is really going to come down to discipline and learning to follow through. Never an easy task, of course, but often necessary.

1. Deadlines/word counts: Set yourself goals. This can be anything from “write 200 words a day” to “finish three chapters by this date.” The good thing about this method is that it gets words onto the page and altogether, keeps you writing. The worst thing that can happen when you’re already having trouble writing is stagnating and not doing anything at all, because the longer you go without, the harder it is to get back into it.

As you noticed, however, forcing yourself to write comes out kinda sloppy sometimes. That’s okay, because there are a few things to remember about that:

- You can’t edit what doesn’t exist. Words that you write but don’t like is still a better place to be than nothing at all. Even if you end up with sloppy content that you cut most of later, it’s important to keep the project going until you can “get back into it”.

- Even when you are writing aimlessly or just to reach a word goal, you can still accidentally stumble upon a great idea or inspiration that gets the story moving on its own again just by messing around for a while. 

2. Warm-ups: You don’t have to focus on the one story for all of your designated writing time, however. It’s good to have a WIP that you make priority, but sometimes you actually need a little break before you can get back into it. One such way to get that lil break is to do warm ups. Warm ups can be writing from prompts or AUs, writing poetry, doing exercises, writing a different scene out of context, writing from a different perspective just for funsies, etc. Anything to get the creativity flowing again before jumping right back in- sometimes, we get caught up in the monotonous mindset of endlessly making progress, and doing warm ups and drabbles can bring a little more excitement back into your writing life.

3. Do something related: Another way you can still get something done but also take that little break at the same time is to work on a different part of the story, something that isn’t just word count or scenes. Do some character development, do some worldbuilding, whatever tickles your fancy. Make a chart depicting the eye colors of every character. Make aesthetic boards. Any fun or creative activity that keeps your mind on the story, but breaks that task-minded monotony again. 

4. Have an alternating system: When you come up with new ideas, don’t push them to the side entirely, but don’t jump ship right onto the new idea, either. Wait until you have hit writer’s block on the first story, and then go write on the second idea for a bit. As you may have heard in a more psychological context, we often solve problems when we are not even consciously thinking about them, and it can work the same way for writing. Dwelling on your stuck-ness isn’t going to help anything, so move on for a while until you are ready to come back with a fresh perspective.

Again, this takes a certain amount of discipline. You can’t distract yourself forever. At some point you do have to go back to your original story. You can generally start to get a sense for knowing when it’s time to go back as you practice it. 

5. Get re-inspired- remix: As you mentioned in your original ask, you already tried going back to your original inspirations, which is normally something I’d recommend. 

( Re-Connecting With Your Story

Therefore, I would in this case I would watch something other than the thing that inspired you to watch in the first place. Watch a really good scene or episode or show or read a really good or well written scene or chapter from something that is completely unrelated to your story. No ties at all, maybe not even the same genre. The reason for this is that changing up your influences can bring in entirely new inspirations and ideas that you never would have gotten otherwise.

A couple of final tips before I wrap up:

-When you get a new idea, definitely write it down, in full detail. You never want to lose that stroke of inspiration when you have it. Some writers will tell you that if it’s truly important, you’ll remember it for good, but let’s be real here, not everyone’s memories just work like that. I can barely remember my own age sometimes, and that’s kind of an important thing, too.

- Think of your attachment to your primary WIP as a long term relationship. After a while, the shine may seem to rub off a little. Then, new ideas become very seductive and pretty. When you hit that point, it’s important to reconnect, and bring a little excitement back into your original idea to revitalize the relationship. Also, keep in mind that the seductive new idea isn’t necessarily better than your old one- it’s just shinier and newer. Eventually, you’ll hit the same point with that one, too, and then get caught in an endless cycle.

And lastly, remember once again that sometimes it just takes some real self-discipline! Commit yourself! Stick to it! You’ve got this!


Robin’s Nest: Part 4

Prompt: Where the robin’s were Bruce’s and Batmom’s biological kids

Words: 1517

AN: This was edited by my wonderful team of beta’s who continue to plow through my stories.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

You’ve never actually planned for a baby before, so you’re kind of surprised when it takes you around six months to get pregnant. It’s not a terribly long time when things are put into perspective, but you’re kind of just used to waking up and finding yourself pregnant.

          This pregnancy is a little bit different from the other two. You’re not sure if it’s just because it’s been three years since the last time, or if it truly is different. All you know is that you feel a lot more tired this time round. Bruce does his best to take over a lot of your duties at home. He starts taking care of bath time, and story time, and even play time, and you can’t help but feel a little bit like a bad mother; as though you’re abandoning the two children you already have. Bruce assures you that isn’t the case.

          Of course, you’re much more hormonal this time round, and you have a total melt down. He takes it all in calmly before just picking you up and holding you. He places a hand on your slight little bump, and jokingly tells you that this little girl is going to be a handful. He seems so certain that it’s going to be a girl, something tells you otherwise.

          Dick is excited about the prospect of another younger sibling. As far as he’s concerned Jason is a great playmate, and tons of fun, which means another brother means that much more fun. Jason is on the other end of the spectrum. Just like with Dick, you tote out the life like baby doll, he takes one look at it before taking it and throwing it down on the floor. Before you can correct him, Dick is there, showing Jason how to hold the baby and love it.

          At the sight of his big brother being loving towards the baby doll, Jason seems more interested. You and Bruce just shrug, and maybe, kind of, sort of leave the issue with your four-year-old son. Over the next several days you see Dick teaching Jason everything he knows about babies, and it just warms your heart so much, and then you’re crying again.

          One again Bruce sweeps in and gets you out of the room before the boys can see. Even in your very hormonal state you know that a mommy’s tears would worry her children.

          When the baby starts moving, you find out that it takes after Bruce and is indeed nocturnal. The only time he seems to move is during the night. It’s safe to say that you’re not getting much sleep and naps have to become a regular part of your routine. When your boys go down for a nap, so do you.

          The baby ends up coming two weeks late. By that time, you’ve tried almost every trick in the book to induce labor, including a lot of “alone time” with Bruce. Your water finally breaks during a Saturday morning breakfast. Bruce just simply grabs the go bag, and with kisses and hugs to your children, you’re off.

          Your labor only lasts six hours, a big time difference from Dick and Jason. Timothy Harrison Wayne comes into the world rather quiet. He doesn’t cry straight away like his brothers did, but he’s healthy. He’s longer than his brothers were, and kind of skinny, he has that trademark dark hair that all of your sons seem to have.

          The hospital keeps you overnight before sending you home. Because of this Alfred never brings the boys up, which is a good thing considering the paparazzi seem to get crazier with each baby. You know the reason behind it of course, they never get unplanned shots of your boys. The only photos released of your children are planned ones. Typically, there’s one following a birthday, or a major Wayne Foundation event.

          Either way, this craziness is the norm, and Bruce just holds you a bit tighter as he and the police escort you to the car. The boys are jumping when you get home, both excited to see their new brother. Because you’re still a bit sore, Bruce takes care of introductions. He sits the boys down and gives them each a chance to hold him.

          Tim seems fine in Dick’s arms, still fast asleep, but when he reaches Jason’s arms he wakes up and begins screaming. Jason winces before demanding you return him to the hospital. When you tell him that’s not an option, he runs off. You take Tim while Bruce goes after Jason. Dick just sits there and stares at his new brother before informing you “I like him mommy, he looks smart.”

          You just smile and kiss Dick’s head, before continuing your efforts of quieting Tim. The next several months are stressful to say the least. With three kids you’re very much outnumbered, and there’s the little fact that Tim not only has colic, but doesn’t want to sleep during the night.

          It’s while Alfred is gone that you and Bruce have your first real fight. Both you and Bruce are sleep deprived, and more than a little cranky. So it shouldn’t be a very big surprise when the blow up happens. He has to head out as the Batman and you want him to stay. You both need sleep, Tim is still crying, and Dick and Jason still aren’t in bed despite it being past their bedtime.

          “Y/N, the Joker escaped he’s causing havoc.”

          Your teeth grind together as you continue to bounce Tim “If you haven’t noticed Bruce our family is in the middle of havoc. Neither of us have slept in more than forty-eight hours.”

          “I have a duty …”

          You stop him before he can finish, “To your family, Bruce. Your duty is to me and your children. Gotham comes second.”

          He takes a deep breath “People are dying Y/N, please try to understand.”

          The anger finally explodes. “Understand what Bruce? Understand that you’re about to get yourself killed. You’re not at the top of your game, you’re tired and stressed, and I refuse to become a widow. If you go out tonight, the boys and I won’t be here when you get back.”

          He looks at you shocked for a moment, then you realize what you’ve said and the tears come. He moves forward to hold you and you let him, while blubbering out an apology. He’s been so great ever since you found out about the pregnancy. Bruce has stepped up taking on so many of your responsibilities, and doing his best to manage family, work, and after hours’ activities. He’s just as sleep deprived as you are, but he never lets it show. You tell him as much, and he just laughs.

          “Trust me, I am just as tired as you are but . . “

          You straighten up a bit and he wipes the tears from your eyes, as you finish his sentence “But people need the Batman. Gotham needs the Batman. I know. Go. And please be safe.”

          He stares at you with love in his eyes and asks, “Are you sure? Because if it’s between the suit and my family, I pick my family every time.”

          You smile “And that means the world to me Bruce now go put the crazy clown back in the asylum. I’ll figure something out.” He nods and turns to leave and you stop him with one more phrase “And Bruce, the boys and I will be here when you get back. Always. For better or for worse.”

          Bruce just smiles, gives you a wink and disappears out the bedroom door. It’s in that moment that you realize Tim has not only stopped crying, but has fallen asleep. Doing your very best to stay quiet you lie him in his bassinet and go put your other two monkeys to bed.

          You wait up for Bruce, despite being exhausted. He comes in a little bruised and battered, but other than that he’s okay. You move to him, pulling him into the shower. Together you wash off the gunk of the day before going to bed. Despite the exhaustion, or perhaps in spite of it, you feel the need to be intimately close to one another. It’s the first time since Tim’s been born that it’s happened, and when you’re done you feel a little sore but otherwise amazing.

          You and Bruce snuggle together, and you sleep through the night. That’s also the night Tim sleeps through the night for the first time in the eight months since you’ve brought him home. The next day things seem to fall into place. Tim’s colic seems to be gone, and he turns into one of the happiest babies you’ve ever seen. Dick and Jason seem to be happier as well, although Jason still wants to return him on occasion.

          Eventually, things fall back into a routine. You and Bruce make sure to spend more time together, going as far as to designate a date night. Your life is complete chaos, but you love it.  

someone please recreate this conversation i just had as lance, pidge and keith

(edit: i said 11:30pm but twitter says 2:24pm because my twitter’s timezone thing is fucked up for some reason and i rounded it up to 30, before anyone goes all conspiracy theorist on my ass)

A Spy Can’t Love - Elriel


Characters: Elain Archeron,  Lucien, Azriel

Timeline: ACOWAR AU

Place: Spring Court

Wordcount: 1210

Note: Before ACOWAR comes out, let’s do some Elriel fics. Dedicated to @propshophannah for getting us all into this. Edited prompt: “You’re secretly a spy and to keep me safe when things go downhill you have to break up with me and hope I don’t try and follow you” by @toxixpumpkin . Elain is taken to the Spring Court by Lucien without anyone else but Feyre. Might have part 2.

Elain Archeron did not know much about her sister after Feyre had been Remade, but she knew enough to see that Feyre was pretending to love the High Fae - High Lord - of the Spring Court. She knew, because that was what she had been doing too, to Lucien.

She had almost screamed when Lucien had called her his ‘mate’. She had no idea what Faes and their mates were supposed to do, but Lucien seemed to think that Elain was now in love with him and she could not say no. She had seen Lucien, the empty shell beyond his mask, the flinch when she stared too had; she had seen his bleak past and broken soul, and she could not say no. Not even when there was someone else.

That someone else was the reason she steeled her nerves and smiled at the Faes, at the people who she had thought as monsters and still did, except for maybe Feyre and him. She did not know his name, for the time spent with him were so short she dared not ask, but the way his shadows called to her light, the way he was always silent because he knew Elain was tired to talking and pretending…the way he understood her so well, it was more than enough to make up for his anonymity.

The first time they had met, Elain saw him hiding behind a grove of trees - the grove that she used as her safety place. She had known that he was there for a reason, an ulterior motive that was not admiring the Spring Court’s flora. But she had not ask, maybe because she thought she recognized him, or maybe because he had not either when she shuddered when she smelled Lucien’s scent on her clothes and heaved up her breakfast.

Most days she would kiss Lucien lightly and briefly, swallowing her revulsion and stilling her trembling hands as she asked for permission to go out. That place - the Spring Court - was her home now, but still she had to ask for permission to leave because the High Lord said so and Lucien would never go against him. Disgusted was putting it lightly.

Then she would walk past rows and rows of exotic flowers she could not name, their sweet scents too cloying, until she reached a grove of trees. The trees were huge, towering above her and blocking out the sunlight when she walked into the centre. She would throw up there, heaving out her breakfast, shaking so hard from fear of those Faes.

He would be there, always close by but unseeing, giving her the privacy she fought so hard to maintain. And always after, he would stand by her, his shadows hugging her because neither dared touch each other, Elain more so. And as much as she hated spending time anywhere close to a Fae, he was different. He knew his limits, he knew Elain wanted to be herself, to own herself, not to be tied to someone else because to a stupid mating bond. Elain knew he understood, because he never brought the topic up, the topic she wanted to close her ears and eyes to.

Softly, so softly she sometimes could not hear herself, she would whisper her fears, her disgust of Lucien and the High Lord, and the Faes who thought they should have sex just because they were mates. She would whisper her hopes and dreams; whisper her need to protect Feyre but wanting to be protected. She knew the dark Fae was there to spy on the Spring Court and she was wasting his time, but he would still stand there, patient and always listening.

She would suddenly want to prove herself to him, to earn his trust and time, to repay him for his kindness by giving him something worth it. She would want to be worth something, to mean something more than just a broken doll hiding behind a fake remade body; she would want to be like those flowers she used to grow, standing strong despite the cold winter winds and the scorching summer heat. But she could not - could not think about what Lucien and Tamlin were up to, what schemes Feyre was planning.

Every time it would end with them awkwardly leaving, her carefully stepping over her puke, knowing that it would be magically cleaned, either by the Spring Court’s magic or - she tried not to think about it - Azriel’s shadows. And him, just disappearing in a silent puff of smoke leaving behind faint wisps of shadows that would disappear too, under the sunlight of the Spring Court.

It would happen every few days, whenever Elain felt like she needed some air or time. Until she slipped.

Lucien was following her, though she did not realized, too wrapped up in her excitement to meet the dark Fae. She did noticed actually, felt someone following her, but dismissed it as her paranoia of living in a Fae mansion.

But then the wind shifted, and she smelled the scent of fallen leaves and cool wind, smelled fire, and she nearly freaked out. She buried that feeling, that scream, deep deep down, and turned around innocently, eyes wandering over the flowers like that was what she was there for, then falling on Lucien like she just noticed him.

She forced her eyes to widen in surprise, forced her lips to tug at the corners, as unwilling as she was to smile at him. She lifted her skirts daintily, as she half-skipped towards him. Then because she could not bring herself any closer, smiled at him in greeting and cocked her head.

Lucien only shook his head and left, a smile ghosting on his lips. Elain just stood there, her heart beating loud enough that she knew Lucien could hear - not because she was so, so scared, but because of his Fae ears. She prayed, prayed to whatever forgotten Gods and to whatever deities or objects the Faes worshipped that Lucien did not know about the mysterious Fae male waiting just so close behind.

When she was sure Lucien was gone, she ran, tore off her slippers and ran back into the mansions, ignoring the thorns that ripped her gown and tore her feet. She stormed into her room and grabbed the first pen and paper she could find, praying that neither were magicked to record words as she scribbled down her apology, her explanation, her loss and her love. She scribbled down in the loopy cursive that her mother had taught her, asking for forgiveness and telling him that she had no choice, and that Lucien was suspicious but she still loved him anyway and I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry and please don’t follow me, please leave, leave, leave.

And at the last second, she asked for his name, knowing how foolish she was asking for his reply after all of that. She left that piece of paper in a hole of one of the trees, praying that the Fae got it before Lucien or the High Lord did.

Days later, she was sitting in her room, directly above the trees when a paper flew in.

Don’t be sorry, it’s not your fault.


Little Hyperfixation Things Part 2 (Annoying Edition)

Spending money on your HF because you convinced yourself that you would be this interested in This Thing forever.

When a package arrives and you open it and “crap I forgot I bought this I don’t even care about this anymore”.

When your family tries to buy you a gift that lined up with your HF but they’re 3 months late and you forgot all about the old Thing.

When you hyperfixate on a tv show with only one season and you have to WAIT?????

People teasing you for being obsessive and you’re just like “you have no idea.”

Have work to do? No you have to read the Wikipedia page for stone fruits. You need this information. Immediately.

Need to sleep? Oh, no. You’re hyperfixated on the French Revolution and are writing an AU Fic that will never be completed.

When someone calls your HF boring and you MUST PROVE THEM WRONG!

Or! When someone calls your HF boring and you’re like: “……….shit ur right.”

Trying to hyperfixate on your school work never seems to work.

When teachers say: “I can tell you’re smart but you have to focus on school work!!!” And you’re like:“BITCH HOW??”

Two words: Eye Strain.

Part one here: https://adhdstim.tumblr.com/post/159424238769/little-hyperfixation-things-positive-edition

anonymous asked:

who do you think will be produce 101 top 11 center?


I’m going to answer these asks together since they ask overlapping questions~

For the anon that asked who my ideal top 11 are, this post is already horribly long so I’m just gonna link you to a previous ask where I recently answered this here.  

A few weeks ago I would have said Park Jihoon would be center in a heartbeat, now things are more complicated. After episode 6 came out and Jonghyun was first, I went back and looked at the numbers to see how that could have happened. 

First, take a look at who the top 4 have been in the rankings. Note: the Ep.5 and Ep.8 were elimination rankings.

If you take this data at face value, it seems like Jihoon will be center in the end based on previous rankings. Now let’s take a look at the numbers for the 1st elimination rankings (Ep.5).

I have highlighted trainees that have been or are currently #1 or #2 and have not dropped below #4 (ex. Samuel dropped below #4 so he is not highlighted):

The “% of On.Votes” column refers to what percent of the total online votes the trainee received. It’s calculated by dividing a trainee’s online votes (which are the total votes minus onsite votes) by the total online votes cast. I got the idea from this post on /r/Broduce101 so all credit to /u/namhyung; I did, however calculate this data by myself so our numbers may differ by a teeny bit because of the way we rounded. 

Things to note:

  • It’s very evenly spread. Jihoon may have dominated for 4 rankings but the numbers show that it wasn’t a huge “wall” like some people put it. It’s still very very impressive, though.
  • There was an 8.08 percentage point difference between 1st and 2nd trainees but only a 0.72 percentage point difference between 2nd and 3rd <– so yes a small wall. 
  • Everything below Jihoon was even more evenly spread. This means rankings are very close and there aren’t any trainees that are insanely popular among all voters.
  • This really shows you that no one was safe in top 11, which was more or less confirmed with the shocking rankings in Ep.8

Now let’s look at the numbers for the 2nd elimination rankings (aka Ep.8):

Things to note:

  • The total number of online votes grew by 125.53%!!! Either more people started actually voting or people are finding ways to vote more than once per day. It could be a mixture of both, tbh.
  • Trainees who have been #1/#2 at some point are now clustered together- these are your locks for debut, I would say. 
  • Top 3 popularity increases: Youngmin’s popularity increased 25.87  percentage points, Jonghyun’s increased by 19.78 percentage points, Guanlin’s increased 11.39 percentage points.
  • An interesting note: Jaehwan’s popularity only increased 0.6 percentage pointsbut he jumped 7 ranks.
  • Jonghyun has managed to get the majority of online votes which is impressive considering how many people are voting.
  • The difference between #1 and #2 is 9.59 percentage points, that’s an increase of 1.51 percentage points from the first ranking difference. 
  • There was only a 0.42 percentage point difference between #2 and #3- compared to the 0.72 percentage pont difference of the 1st eliminations. This is interesting because it shows you how close Guanlin and Jihoon are in voting popularity.
  • We’re starting to see the top 11 (not counting #1) be a little more spread out but still very close. They rarely differ more than 2.7 percentage points.
  • This means that rankings are still not stable even though these trainees have a higher chance.
  • A really interesting note: Minhyun had more online votes and a higher percentage than Youngmin BUT Youngmin’s 10,651 onsite votes pushed him ahead. This is the only case in top 11 where the benefit actually helped someone. 

Some thoughts:

Keep in mind that votes reset after episode 5 (on May 5th) and closed after episode 7 (May 20th) so Jonghyun’s votes were gathered in a span of 2 weeks. In comparison, the first voting period lasted 3 weeks (from April 7 to May 29). So it’s INSANE how much voting grew in just 2 weeks. It’s also crazy to me how many votes Jonghyun gathered in just 2 weeks (im so proud, im sorry). Don’t misunderstand me though, I’m not using this to say “he’s better” or “he’s going to be #1 forever”- It just stood out to me and makes me happy. :)

That being said, I don’t think Jonghyun or Guanlin are locks for center. Either would need more than 60% for me to feel confident in their position as center. In season 1, by episode 8, Somi and Sejeong both had over 60% of the total online votes for both eliminations. Keep in mind that Mina was being carried in large part by Sejeong before the 1 pick so that’s why she’s so high up compared to Somi; Mina dropped to 15 after 1 pick started. 

This season is just too volatile. Voters aren’t voting based on companies and they’re being more strategic in voting. For example: some people filled their top 11 with low ranked trainees + their fave so that they kept the votes of “threat” people low.

We are, however, getting a loose sense of who might probably be top 11, unless they have a controversy so someone else gets a better edit. The percentages of the top 11 grew from an average of 36.02% in the first eliminations to 39.97% in the recent eliminations- which can be interpreted as: the current top 11 is more popular than the one in episode 5. 

Jihoon’s percentage of votes decreased by 3.32 percentage points. This makes sense because at the start most people probably chose him because he was the trainee that had the most exposure on SNS. What’s impressive is that he was still 1st despite little screen time. But now, people are solidifying their picks and are either seeing him as a threat or think he’s popular enough to make it without their votes. Now that we have 2-pick he might lose a little more because people aren’t going to use him to fill their top 11, but his overall fandom might be enough to propel him back to #1 (similar to how Somi’s fandom really rallied behind her after S1E8). 

Lastly, for fun, I decided to calculate Ep.10 votes based on the past 2 sets of data. Please keep in mind this was just done for fun and the actual rankings won’t look even close to this because 2 pick is really going to shake things up + you never know what may cause trainees to raise or fall:

In conclusion, I have no life so I went overboard with his answer. The simple way to put it: I have no idea who will be center, but it’s looking like it’ll be someone from the current top 4 UNLESS they don’t have a pairing for 2 pick (ex. Jonghyun has Minhyun, Jihoon has Baejin, etc).

Top 11 is also not stable- with the right/wrong edit or moment any trainee can fall or rise, but given the percentages I’d say that the for sure locks are: Jonghyun, Guanlin, Jihoon, and Daehwi because all have shown growth (sometimes despite controversy) and/or remained stable- they would need a big controversy (like poor Youngmin) to get them out of top 11. Everyone below them has a higher chance of making it, but it’s not a stable chance. Trainees that are not paired up might fall (Dongho, Youngmin, Jaehwan) and trainees that are paired up with popular trainees (like Baejin w/ Jihoon, Seonho w/ Guanlin) will rise. 

If anyone has any questions and or wants to yell at me for getting something wrong feel free to send me a private message~


What you don’t know about: The Pacey/Joey/Dawson Triangle.
Kevin Williamson:
“And then I kept thinking, one thing I’ve learned in my life is that my soulmate isn’t necessarily my romantic love. Joey chooses Pacey because her childish love for Dawson has given way to her grown-up love for Pacey.

10 Characters I want to.... kiss ;)

OMG this had been hiding out in my draft folder for like, FOREVER. Please enjoy Strumpet’s thirst from, like, 2016… 

Tagged by @regardstosoulandromance and @rumples-leather-emporium

Thank you both! This is an incredibly hard list to narrow down but I think I’m gonna follow Regards’ idea and only do one character per actor… 

In no particular order!

10. Nicholas Rush (If I HAD to choose, he’s the most delicious Bobby, to me. Second choice would be Lachlan. Yum.)

9. Clara Oswald (Pretty much my perfect girl. Not even kidding.)

8. Malcolm Tucker (I know, not the Doctor. But Malcolm needs kisses too!)

7. Everett from Mayday (Seriously, such a sexy mo-fo. My other fave Aidan is probably DI Bloom from Identity /drooool)

6. Lisa from Girl, Interrupted (My sexual awakening. I know, Jolie is a Bisexual cliche but it’s true)

5. Mark Darcy (Nice boys do kiss like that)

4. Greg House (sexy, older, and sarcastic af. CATNIP)

3.  Spike from BTVS (need I say more?)

2.  Jorah Mormont (fuck yeah Iain Glen)

1. Sidney Chambers from Grantchester (I mean, just look at him…)

Honorable mention to  P.L. O'Hara from An Awfully Big Adventure (fucked up story but he was HOT in this movie.)

and both Enid and Seymour from Ghost World (lookit these adorkable cuties!) 

Edit from 2017 because, I GOTTA add this hottie (Paul Weston from In Treatment): 

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I think I’ve seen a few of these already but tagging @rowofstars @maplesyrupao3 @rufeepeach @emospritelet @endangeredslug @petyrbaelish @alayne-stonecoldfox @elloette @marvella15 @theladyofthedarkcastle @prissyhalliwell @b-does-the-write-thing @thatravenclawbitch @bettercall-gameoftywinning @rbennetwrites @evilsnowswan @frenchroast007

Sorry if you did one and I missed it. Feel free to ignore, as always <333

Even if it’s just pretend

(Yes that is a Taylor Swift lyric, from Wildest Dreams)

For @carryon-countdown prompt: Angst

This is something that I wrote months and months ago, but I wasn’t happy with it so I didn’t post it. Lately I’ve started this fantastic new habit where if I don’t like something, I actually go back and make it better rather than pretending it doesn’t exist (very shocking much wow I know).

It’s based on this quote from page 382-383 of Carry On – ‘I came back because I was afraid of what might happen if I didn’t. Baz might just pretend that nothing had ever happened between us. He’d make me feel like I dreamt this whole thing – like I was a maniac and a moron for believing he’d ever felt something for me.’

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