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A Love Poem For My Followers

With all this talk of love and marriage, I thought I’d share with you guys a love poem I wrote in college. This poem made it on the front page of our school newspaper–the Valentine’s Day edition. Because I’m a darn romantic.

Never mind that he did not even notice

the meal she cooked for him or the

new way she had done her hair (Up high, like

her hopes, spiral curls tumbling down)

Valentine’s Day is special, she had told

him.  Subtlety did not work with the

oversized excuse for a husband, yet

now she realized neither did the obvious.

A scarf, she had thought, would be perfect;

Colored like cream, and warm, each stitch had felt

the roughness of her overworked hands as

she toiled to make it perfect.  This white treasure

of time and care would hide his huge neck from

the stumbling wind which brought him home to her

every night.  Not even she knew why she

put so much thought into the gift, perhaps

she was hoping some of the warmth might stick

to him.  Yet it was at dinner, when he

chastised her for giving him such a feminine

gift, that she knew.  This man sitting across

from her could Never give her anything

other than his cold exterior.

Grabbing the knitting needles from the bedroom,

and without hesitation, she plunged them,

hard, into his heart and his head; the two

places he never let her in.  Calmly,

she slid back into her chair and finished

her dinner as the scarf slowly unfurled

red stains.

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