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Our progress was slow and awkward through the mud, but we staggered forward, drifting into the rush of kids moving out, heading toward the gate that was blown wide open.

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Nurseydex where they're both trans please please please

hahaha okay!  So I been thinking about what to write for this for like a week now. but you know what I wanna right some fluffy stuff that isn’t about the “bad days”.  I have read enough “bad days” to last me a lifetime on top of actually living them. I am sorry if its not explicitly enough about them being trans. 

Thank you for the prompt!

He doesn’t want to open his eyes. Its the one freaking morning that he can sleep in. He buries himself further into the blankets and his pillow. The other side of the bed is cold. Dex must have gotten up early. He smells coffee and rolls over to the smell. He rolls over to squint at the “Dr. Cool” mug on the nightstand. He snorts. It was Dex’s Secret Santa Present to him a couple of years ago. 

“Well they didn’t have ‘Nurse Chill’ mug , so, this was the next best thing.”  It’s Nursey’s favorite mug. Dex’s buys him a new one every year to have spares for when Nursey eventually breaks one. Nursey is really careful with them to spite Dex. He likes to imagine that they will have a whole shelf of these obnoxious red 50′s diner mugs. 

Right now though, he debating the merits of moving from his side of the bed to get said coffee. Its like asking him to cross the Arctic Circle for a cup of Jo, yanno know? He snorts again. He should write that down… But, that would mean leaving the bed. Hmmm… Yeah, it wasn’t that good of line anyways.  His brow furrows at the mug until he rolls back over to look at the window.  He can see the birds working on their nest and chirping louder than necessary.  Yet, he still finally closes his eye for what must have been for a minute, maybe more than minute. Then, there is spreading icy chill spooning up to his back. He eyes snap open and he groans. 

“What the hell, Dex? Did you hang out in a freaking freezer this morning?” Nursey hisses over his shoulder.  He can feel the huff of a laugh against the joint of his shoulder and neck. 

“Hmmm… Maybe.” Dex presses the words into his bare shoulder with cool kisses. “It was definitely weirdly cold walking to and from the doctors.”  That’s right, Dex had his annual physical today.  Nursey turns in Dex’s arms to face him. 

“So, How did it go? Everything good under the hood?” Nursey wiggles his eyebrows and leers.  Dex rolls his eyes at Nursey’s ridiculousness. 

“Doctor had no complaints.  My levels still looked good.  None of my freckles are cancerous, yet.”  Dex chuckles at that before continuing, “ She gave me the “do not forget to wear sunscreen, try to minimize my stress, and, I should consider using birth control” speech, again.”  Nursey startles with a laugh.  Nursey was there the last time she gave that speech. She said it as more of a disclaimer than to actually lecture Dex, but, it was still funny to watch. 

“Did she do in that voice this year?” Nursey clears his throat.

”Now William, I can not stress the importance of sunscreen for someone of your complexion. Skin Cancer is no joke, mister.” Nursey mimicking the doctor’s very dry monotone voice. 

“OMG. did you have to remind her the whole ‘accidental pregnancy’ thing is impossible with us?”  Nursey beams at his realization. Dex face palms and groans. 

“Yes. I didn’t phrase it nearly as appropriately as you did last year. You would think that because she and her husband sees both of us that she would put two and two together. But, ugh, enough about my oblivious doctor, whats on your agenda for today?”  Nursey pretends to think it over, before, he pushes on Dex’s shoulder until he is laying on his back. Nursey swings a leg over to straddle Dex’s lap. 

“Well I didn’t have anything planned, but, I can think of a few things to do.”  Dex’s hands coming to grip at Nursey’s waist and ribs. 

“O. Really?” Nursey leaning down to give Dex a small kiss. 

“Yeah, maybe you should move your glasses out of harm’s way.”  Dex nods in agreement and takes off his glasses.  Nursey instantly pulls Dex into a searing kiss, which, Dex will later claim that was the reason why he was so distracted.  

Dex tries to place to glasses on the nightstand without breaking off his kiss with Nursey.  He is reaching and groping for the hard surface of the wood. He is tempted to just throw them in the direction of the nightstand, and, get back to more important matter at hand. No, he needs his glasses to see, but, he could get Nursey hunt for them later. Then, the edge of his glasses catch on something and he just pushes the glasses the rest of the way. The following shatter echoes through their apartment. Nursey breaks the kiss to look at the sound. He burst out laughing.  

“ What? Nursey? What fell over?”  Nursey is laughing so hard he can’t breathe.  

“I can’t believe,” He gasps, “ you just broke the mug.” Another gasp for oxygen,”Who knew, you, could be so accident prone?” Dex collapses back on the bed. He flushes in embarrassment, but, not before his hand are covering face. Nursey continues to fall into a giggling fit at Dex’s collarbone.  

“Jerk.” Dex says when moves his hands to  push at Nursey’s shoulder. 

“Yeah, but you love me, right?” Nursey lifting his head looking so sincere and vulnerable.  Both of them are staring at each other. The sunlight is catching their profiles.  It one of those moments. The one where they are reminded that love isn’t built on big grand moments, but, on small ridiculously silly domestic ones. Dex sighs happily, the answer is always the same. 

“Yeah, of course, I do.”  


Happy birthday, Kim Minseok!! 

I hope Minseok is having a great day full of love and happiness! 

i’m thinking of bringing back some old-school pins i did like…five years ago and then never actually sold in my shop haha

remember the breadvengers pins?? so if i did like…..a limited edition run for a fundraising type thing for getting a cintiq…would y’all buy them?

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tbh, my 1st + only real exposure to tgt was that one zoyalina edit u did with them kissing? and i got it into my head that they were canon, leading grisha gays? needless to say when i heard about the trilogy's heterosexuality my lil bisexual heart was broken

“leading grisha gays” asdjkas i suddenly want to rewrite tgt i don’t know 👀 but listen, there’s no way in hell any of the grisha mains was/is het… i’m pretty sure i’ve done this before (i honestly don’t remember) but these are my headcanons:

alina - 10000000000000001% bi. the bi-est. bi bi bi
darkles - there’s NO WAY IN HELL he’s het. he’s literally?? ancient?? i can’t even imagine the number of pretty princes and kings he must have seduced over the years (esp in his teenage years lmao can you imagine the hormonal war waging in his dark bi heart)
nikolai - i’m ready to bet on my life he’s pan tbqh
genya - pan as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she appreciates beauty in all its shapes and forms
zoya - no offense but zoya is a closeted lesbian and no one can convince me otherwise
tolya - probably ace tbh? i just can’t see him indulging in… the desires of the flesh or whatever, he’s just above these things imo
nadia - LESBIAN
harshaw - mMMMMMmmm i’m on the fence with him but he’s probably bi (but maybe demisexual? def not ace but i can see him in that spectrum)
adrik - my bi son who deserves a soft foreign bf (i’m not saying kuwei but i’m saying it)
heck even baghra was probably an aroace lesbian i mean she LITERALLY only used the darkling’s dad so she could have a child?? she really doesn’t care about men tbh

Whelp I’ve already written more in March than I wrote in December, January and February combined (though I did much more editing those months) and if I keep going at the rate I have been, I’ll have written more this month than any other month since the potato was born AND I might break 100k words in a month for the first time since January 2016. That’d be nice…