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i ship u n springledongle *-*

I’m not sure if you mean us, Springtraps, or the muns…


Yeah… I did another Nick and Jess video.

This one is pretty sad (for Ness fans anyway), but the idea popped into my head a few days ago, so…here it is. Hope y’all like it.

The song is by Maria Mena.


So one of my students wants to transfer to Columbia to be closer to his fam and asked if I would be willing to edit his application packet (they require 5 different essays, ridiculous). Of course I did, because he’s one of my favs and could definitely excel at Columbia.

Well he pops into my office today and was like, “Hey I’ve submitted all my stuff and I wanted to thank you for helping me, I really appreciate it. My family owns Ticketmaster, so if you ever want free tickets to a show let me know and I’ll get you whatever seats you want.”

And at first I was like, that is ridiculously generous but I’m not a concert person so no thanks but then I was like. Wait. Can you get hockey tickets from Ticketmaster? Yes. Indeed you can. Can you get…Stanley Cup tickets? Yes. Indeed you can.

“Just let me know when they go on sale.”

What even is my life. 


anyways here is my new sim Thallan Maier. They are a starving artist living in San Myshuno, with goals to one day be in a band and adopt a child.

i did all the (simple) editing for these shots myself with no actions from other people n i’m rlly proud of myself.

u probably won’t see too much of them, and if u do its not going to be a story or legacy or anything related, just screenshots i enjoy from the save.