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I like your new icon!

lol pfffbt thank you! It’s a part of my [un]elaborated plan to involve @bekadmfb and @jiminy-krispies to cater to my whims, the latter whom had always changed their icon ever since because of moi.

No but seriously I saw the set of faces and I thought that it had to be done. Edit: It was only a suggestion by me, and JIminy and Beka were more than happy to do it so haha

Day 25 of the Amethyst Deck Collector Challenge!

The only limited edition decks I own are the Idiosyncradeck and the Amethyst Oracle - both of them gorgeous and vibrantly enriched symbolism and world. I’m so happy that I got these decks, and I will probably buy whatever deck Jessica Botts comes out with next! 

Below the cut there are #73 gifs of Alexis Bledel in Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, Winter as requested.

All gifs were made by me, so please don’t claim as your own. I don’t mind if you use them in a gif hunt, but please like or reblog this first. Gifs are  250 x 140 px or 160 x 160 px

You may only edit these if you credit back to me.

Note: quality depends on video quality

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You will take this ship and Kat Morris’ poster from my cold dead hands.

Inspired by Kat Morris’ poster THE SHOW and featuring a shitty scan.