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1136 x 640 // chris kreider for anon


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Yeah… I did another Nick and Jess video.

This one is pretty sad (for Ness fans anyway), but the idea popped into my head a few days ago, so…here it is. Hope y’all like it.

The song is by Maria Mena.

💎 varchie: requested by an anon that didn’t spam, insult, or unfollow me. 💎

“you’re a little more dangerous than you look, aren’t you? all boynextdoor-ish?”
↳ “you have no idea.”

i hope you like this. at least someone has the decency to treat me with respect. for those of you anons who send me hate, and want me to do your request so badly you end up being rude, i delete those. i respond to only asks that are respectful, which is why there are so few on here. 

because this is my blog where i post what i want.

i have a life too. maybe not the most prevalent lively social life, but i work double overtime at school, have responsibilities at home, and sometimes i get really depressed and can’t bring myself to make anything. i know it sucks, but that’s just how it is. so i’m really at my wits end with anyone who wants to be rude.

and for those of you who are genuinely sweet and nice, thank you for supporting my blog. you’re the reason i run it. and if you want a request for an aesthetic or theory, 

you are more than welcome to ask. just do so nicely.

xoxo, v