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Abby Sciuto ,  Ziva David ,  Kensi Blye ,  Nell Jones,  Henrietta “Hetty” Lange , 

Jennifer “Jenny” Shepard ,  Caitlin “Kate” Todd , Emily Bishop ,  Meredith Brody ,  Loretta Wade 

Ncis , Ncis Los Angeles , Ncis New Orleans 

Bishop: [catches Tony and McGee reading a men’s magazine] You don’t have to change the subject. I’m not the sex police.
Tony: How kind you are.
Bishop: Um, hello? I’m married. I have more sex than the two of you combined.
Tony: From what I hear, that’s not how that works.
—  NCIS: Ellie Bishop and Anthony DiNozzo - 12x04 Choke Hold
McGee: Ziva, what’s going on?
Ziva: Tony has been selected to be on the cover of the new NCIS recruiting brochure.
McGee: Oh, you’ve got to be kidding me.
Tony: Hey, check it out. Who’s the new face of NCIS? You’re looking at it, McEnvy. Get used to it.
McGee: There will be no living with him now.
Ziva: Now??
—  NCIS: Timothy McGee and Anthony DiNozzo and Ziva David - 08x03 Short Fuse
Ziva: Apologize.
Tony: For what?
Ziva: For being you.
Tony: Sweetheart, if I had a dollar for every time I’d done that, I’d be loaded.
—  NCIS: Ziva David and Anthony DiNozzo - 08x04 Royals and Loyals
Tony: You missed a shot there sidekick.
McGee: I’m not your sidekick, Tony.
Tony: And yet, you are.
McGee: No I am not because you’re not the boss.
Tony: When Gibbs isn’t here I’m the boss.
Gibbs: [walks in] Gibbs is here.
—  NCIS: Anthony DiNozzo, Timothy McGee and Leroy Gibbs - 07x02 Reunion