edits mgp

New stuff added in overnight patch

New  Orchestrion Rolls:

  • Hyper Rainbow Z (Posing Rangers)
  • Answers - Reprise (the ‘ghostly’ version of Answers that plays in the background of the last couple of The Risings, and played at the end of 1.x)
  • Stormblood (2:07 onwards in the full SB trailer)
  • Navigator’s Glory - The theme of Limsa Lominsa (1.x limsa!)
  • Born of the Boughts - The Theme of Gridania (1.x gridania!)
  • The Twin Faces of Fate - The Theme of Ul'dah (1.x uldah!)

/iceheart emote:

Comes from a Ballroom Etiquette book. (So likely MGP.)  EDIT: Correction, from datamining: “There’s no merchant listing for the item. It is not purchased from the gold saucer. “

New minions:

  • Wind-up Lyse
  • Wind-up Gosetsu
  • Wind-up Namazu

And, you know, some gear upgrades and stuff.