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The One

request:  Can you do an imagine where you and shawn are hanging out with his family and you’re talking to his sister or someone and shawn just looks at you and realizes that you were the one for him. Thanks!!

a/n: the title doesn’t even relate i never say the words “the one” in this it’s just in the request. also it’s short but it’s pretty sweet

You and Aaliyah were sitting next to the pool, with your legs dipped in, talking about who-knows-what. Shawn had invited you over for some barbeque his dad wss throwing, and you can never deny a trip to your boyfriend’s house- especially since they had a pool and it was incredibly hot outside.

Shawn was with his dad at the grill, talking about nothing in particular, but he wasn’t really listening. He was watching you intereact with his sister, and his heart was pounding so hard he was sure his father could hear it. Shawn blinked and noticed his father was trying to get his attention. “Hmm?”

“Are you ok? Feelin’ good?” Manny asked, worried about his son. He had gotten back from Europe just a few days ago, but he seemed over the jet lag.

“Um, Dad? How did you know you were going to propose to Mom?” He asked, and Manny nearly dropped the tongs he was holding.

He cleared his throat, and looked at Shawn. “I-I just knew. I could see her being the perfect mother to my children, and always making me happy.” Manny looked to where his daughter was at the pool, and put two and two together. “What brought this on?” He asked, just to be sure.

Shawn chewed on his lip. “I think, I think I wanna marry her.” He said, looking at his dad. “I know I’m young, and I probably should wait but-”

“I don’t think you’re too young.”

“What?” Shawn looked at his dad. “You don’t? I’m 18?”

Manny shrugged. “Shawn, you’re so mature for someone your age. I see some of your friends at the store, and they’re just acting so much more childish than you. You’ve had to grow up so much faster, and if you think you want to propose, I think you should.” Manny said, flipping one of the burgers.

Shawn saw you stand up from the edge of the pool, and walk towards him. “Hey, babe.” He smiled, acting like he wasn’t just talking about proposing.

“What’re you guys talking about? Saw you looking over at me.” You smiled, adjusting the sunglasses your sister bought you for your birthday.

“Nothing, just said how I wanted to push you and Liyah into the pool.” Shawn smiled, laughing when you turned around and walked away.

“I think I’m gonna marry her.”

a/n: holy shit i actually did a request. omg. sorry it’s short but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (send me more requests pls and thx)

Haha Leggo!

Clingy Shawn

request: You should make one about Shawn coming home after a long day and he just comes and sits in between your legs with his back on your chest and you just releasing some of the tension he has by rubbing his shoulders and giving him kisses and playing with his hair.

request: A needy or clingy shawn? Like he wants to be held and the one taken care of

a/n: i couldn’t think of a title. i was staring at my computer for like, ten minutes just thinking (if anyone has a better title, tell me pls)

You were in the kitchen when you heard the door to your apartment close, and you turned around, smiling at your boyfriend. “Hey, hun.” He smiled, kissing you.

Frowning, you looked at him. “You look tired, go sit on the couch.” You shoved him out of the kitchen and put away the pasta salad you were making for your sister’s birthday party that weekend.

Shawn didn’t even hesitate, he fled to the couch before you even finished the sentence. You quickly followed him, and smiled when you saw Shawn sitting on the couch, flipping stations on the tv. He stopped it on some cooking show, and you snorted. “Cooking?”

“Yeah, these shows are growing on me.” He said, looking up at you. “Can you sit behind me?” He asked, smiling at you with puppy eyes.

Sighing, you nodded, climbin onto the couch and positioning yourself so your legs were on either side of Shawn, and he leaned back, smiling. “Your boobs are nice pillows.”

“I’m going to get up.”


You shook your head, and began massaging Shawn’s shoulders, and he sighed in content. You occasionally would comment something about the show you two were watching, but it was mostly quiet in the apartment, which meant Shawn was pretty beat from his day at the studio. You grew bored with massaging his shoulders, and moved to brush your fingers through his hair, elicting another sigh from your boyfriend. “Your amazing.”

“You’re not too bad yourself, sweets.” You replied, twirling a longer piece of hair he had. “You need a haircut.”

“Yeah,” Shawn agreed, playing with a loose string on your t-shirt. “Was this my shirt?” he asked, scooting down so his head was tucked in the space between your neck and collarbone. You thought he looked uncomfortable, but didn’t say that.

“Mhmm, stole it from you before you left for the last tour.” You murmured, enjoying this time.

“Looks better on you.” Shawn yawned. “‘M gonna take a nap.” He informed you, before falling asleep rather quickly.

You smiled to yourself, and continued to brush your fingers through Shawn’s hair. He wasn’t often in moods like this, when he wanted to be cuddled like this, but you loved it. It was a part of him only you saw, and you cherished each moment of times like those.

a/n: i’m not a fan of this but i’d still like feedback. (also i might open the requests up again soon, look for a post about that sometime this week- probably thursday because that’s the only day i don’t fucking work!!!)

Idiot (Shawn Mendes)

I hope ya’ll enjoy it x

Requests are open!

Request:  Can ypu write something where reader got ready mad, because she saw shawn ig story where he’s driving and using his phone, like, she’s mad and sad at the same time and they get into little fight?


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He did that again, even if he said he wouldn’t. Shawn driving while using his phone always scared me to death. Just one mistake and he could be gone. I knew I needed to talk to Shawn again about it.


I slowly open my eyes when I smell food. (Literally me). I shiver when my bare feet touch the cold ground. Quickly throwing Shawn’s hoodie on I tiptoe to the kitchen. He stands over the chicken, watching it cook. Ed Sheeran quietly playing in the backround. Silently I step closer to him and hug him from behind. A smile appears on his face. “Hey princess, did I wake you up?” He asks and kiss me. I nod my head and jump on the counter. “I see you stole my hoodie again?” Shawn asks looking up and down. “I know that you like it when I wear them” I smirk. “Yeah, I don’t mind, you look cute and hot” I pull him closer and quickly kiss him.


“Hey babe, I wanted to talk to you about something” I say looking at him. He looks up from his phone confused. “You were using your phone while driving. It’s not the first time” I sigh. Shawn rolls his eyes. “Not again, Y/N” Shawn groans “Shawn it’s important. What if..” before I can finish my sentence Shawn interrupts me “Don’t act like my mother” “I’m not acting like your mother” “Yes you are, if not my mother, then you acting like a bossy bitch” Shawn starts raising his voice. I gasp. “Well sorry if caring about you makes me a bossy bitch” blood starts to boil in my veins. “You know what? Actually no, I can’t deal with this right now” Shawn yelled grabbing his coat and slamming the back door.  I couldn’t hold back the tears anymore.

I had been leaning against the cold glass of window. Tears streaming down my face. Hearing the doors open and close I quickly try to wipe my face before Shawn says that I’m a crybaby too. I scoop away from him when his hands touch my shoulders. “No no no! You don’t get to call me a bossy bitch just half an hour ago and get back and make up this fast” I yell at him. Shawn  kept quiet. His eyebrows knit together as I continue. “All I want is for you to be safe! But you drive around while using your phone! Do you know how many car accidents happens because of idiots like you?! Shawn why don’t you get it?!” I turned around leaving Shawn alone. I knew he’s sorry and he’s hurt just as bad as I am but I can’t give it to him. Not yet. “Y/N, please, listen to me. I’m sorry!” Shawn yelled. “No you’re not” I mumbled as I walked down the stairs. Our shoulders brushing against each other. I felt his presence close to me. His fingers wrapping around my wrist, tugging me back to him. He wraps his hands around my waist. “I’m truly sorry. I promise I won’t drive using my phone” Shawn whispers looking at me. I quickly nod and pull away from his body.


“Y/N” Shawn whines when he sees that I’m still ignoring him. “Please talk to me” I look up to him before looking back at the tv screen. Big smile appears on his face. What the hell is he smiling at.  I shriek when he starts tickling. “Talk to me or I won’t stop” I try to keep my mouth shut before another shriek leaves my mouth. “Stop it! Oh god stop it!” I yell moving. Shawn quickly stops and leans closer. I feel his smile when our lips touch together. “I’m so sorry, Y/N” Shawn starts apologizing after he pulls away. I shut him up kissing him again “I know”