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a day in the nature with yoongi for @metamorphxgus ♡


Best Advice?

Don’t compromise one for the other and you can do both fantastically, and some days you’ll do both horribly. As long as you’re happy and give your family the love and attention they need, it all sort of falls into place. 


Saahore Baahubali Song Promo - Part 2

மலையென தொட்டுப்பார்த்தோர் சொல்வாரே!
புயலென கண்டோர் திகைப்பரே!
இடியென காதில் கேட்டோர் சொல்வாரே!
அறிந்தவர் பாகுபலி என்பாரே!
Madhan Karky

Baahubali: The Conclusion on April 28th

I’ve been super unmotivated in pretty much every aspect of my life lately and I realized I haven’t written a fic or made any manips/edits/gifsets in forever. Does anyone have any fic prompts? Any pic they’d like to see made into a manip? Gifset ideas (preferably Sterek here cause they’re what I have the most video footage of)? No guarantees it’ll happen but I’m hoping it might help re-motivate me. You guys know my fandoms and otps. Go wild!

all this new short haired ladybug art has got me like *heart eyes*