edits for this will be later

I’ve been giving myself the feels all day by thinking about someone just starting to get close to Tom. Usually when Thomas notices he’s starting to really, really care for another person in a capacity that’s even a hint more than platonic… He starts to pull away.

He does this for a multitude of reasons but the most glaringly obvious reason would be his crippling self hatred and doubt. Most of that directly starts from the grotesque scarring on his face/body, and I just… Briefly wondered what would happen if someone had feelings that were mutual, and that person just cupped his face and gently kissed at his scars. How would he react?

So far the only thing he’s giving me is he would most likely have a bit of a meltdown. Here I am, making dying whale noises at the thought of lil Tom crying over someone being that gentle with him. PUT ME OUTTA MY MISERY.