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The Raven Cycle - Maggie Stiefvater

She felt one thousand years old. She also felt like maybe she was a condescending brat. She wanted her bike. She wanted her friends, who were also one-thousand-year-old condescending brats. She wanted to live in a world where she was surrounded by one-thousand-year-old condescending brats.



title:  in these moments, i give myself (my heart) to you

prompt:  day seven: endings, victor: promises

rating: not applicable (aka general audiences)

warnings: not applicable (aka not any)

summary: the grand prix final is over, yuri and victor have both come to their decisions about the future, and now victor has one more thing to ask of yuuri. 

link to ao3: link

“please promise me you’ll never do that to me again.”

yuuri turns around from where he’s changing out of his costume and into casual clothes, and looks at him.

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