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things I have yelled at myself

in the first five chapters of a book I wrote 12 years ago before I found my voice.

  • Why are there epithets?
  • What is she wearing?
  • What is he wearing?
  • Did you not care about anyone’s clothes?
  • why are there so many damn epithets??
  • why do angels have heartbeats?
  • come on, seal, tell us one more time about how amazing her eyes are?
  • is this a love triangle? did you write a fucking love triangle? you hate those!!! You’ve always hated those.
  • Is this Barrett’s classification of demons? 
  • why are you such a religious studies NERD?
  • Oh, look. ANOTHER EPITHET.
  • Where’s your voice? when did you find it? 

Star Wars + Heights*

edit: *heights were taken from wookieepedia and might not be the actors actual heights  except poe cause i couldnt find his